Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Behind every person and success is a man or a woman. That could be anyone who feeds the wind beneath your wings. It's one special person with huge capacity to love beautifully and wonderfully well. A person who can see you better than you can see yourself. One who sees your good when you think none exists-- who understands and shares your drams and helps you get there-- who cheers you along and rejoices in your triumphs-- who stays by your side when everyone else flees because he believes in you-- who lends his eyes for you to see clearly in the dark and who helps you understand when issues are muddled up and unsure. He knocks at your door at 3AM in the morning just to tell you how much of a fool you've been. He does also kick you in the butt when others wouldn't even dare. And sure enough he would laugh and brush aside your blunders and foul-ups and would tell you to try again!

Sometimes I wonder to myself how such a lovely soul can exist in a world of fierce jealousies and competition, of frantic scramble for fortune and fame, position and honor, of intense back-stabbing and character insult, of deliberate ridicule and snobbery, and more. How can this wonderful person navigate in its midst untouched by it all? Why would he be content to be in the background or on the sidelines, so to speak, of another person’s fame and success?

Is this person perhaps a freak?—Nope! In fact, this person has a face. You may see him or her in your family, in your friends, a priest or sometimes in a stranger who may briefly touch your life-- or…maybe in that one special person who has touched your heart. No, not a freak—rather it’s just this—that this person loves so well. This love within his beautiful soul --- is the love that powers the wind beneath your wings. Cherish that person when you see him or her!

posted on Saturday, January 14, 2006 9:57 AM

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