Sunday, February 20, 2011


(This was written in the other blog and brought here to share with you. This was born out of a lunch date I had with my best friend.)

------- My best friend said this to me --- "The nicest thing about getting older is that you begin to see what truly matters... the things that do and the things that don't."

She's right as she does things so differently now as compared to those early days of youth. So what are those? Eat food that are more healthier and nutritious. No to junk food. Go to the movies with or without company and enjoy it just as much. Simple pleasures, simple tastes, simple needs. Spend time with people you would consider treasures. You waste no time with jerks. Not just pray only when problems assail you... but rather talk to God all the time... small things, big things, happy, sad, everything. And always with a grateful heart. Try not to dwell on misery disappointment frustration failure cos it's all passing. Life is short so why waste it living in misery. These unpleasant things when finally understood so well, you realize, don't define you. But what you do with it WILL define you.


ofttimes age is not appreciated nor given its due credit. So many of us can't quite see beyond the exterior - failing eyes, weak gait, sag or bulge where there wasn't before, white hair, failed hearing, clothes that no longer fit, or perceived slowness of the mind.

Sadder that some families would rather move their old folks to homes for the elderly or leave them to fend for themselves old and alone.. or rant and rage that it costs them a fortune minding their health issues and care... or laugh at them for their perceived uselessness stupidity and weakness. It's appalling to see and hear that from the very children who were nurtured from birth to independence by their mothers and fathers... parents who gave their lives so that their children could have theirs.

But I'd like to think that this is more the exception rather than the rule. We love our families, we love our parents, we appreciate them and we keep them with us for as long as we can through thick and thin, through highs and lows, through all the seasons of life.

As my good friend further says from the standpoint of age.... "You see all and learn to count your blessings."

God bless you.