Thursday, October 25, 2007


I've got two for you this time, friends. :-)



the little things i need most in,family n friends.
the big things i need least in life....empire (Bobby)

THE LITTLE THINGS I NEED MOST IN LIFE...Love, Trust,Peace of mind.

Little things I need most in life...
none that I can think of... They are big things for me... just because i need them the most...
A little affection,
a bit of space,
a pinch of sadness,
a dash of smiles to make my day,
a ray of sun in between the rains,
a moment to giggle, when i am in pain,
my dear ones around me,
to give meaning to my life's journey
... they all mean a lot. :)

Big things I need least... LOL I can think of loads of these...
Fancy dresses to feel beautiful. I have my thoughts to wear...:)
Big Baubles to feel rich... I have my friends around me.:)
Big Awards to feel honoured... I have the appreciation of my loved ones.:)
An annual appraisal to feel promoted... My kids give me a promotion every now and then...:))))))))
Just to name a few... :) (Jitu)

THE LITTLE THINGS I NEED MOST IN LIFE... smiling faces, growing trees and beautiful animals...
the big cars and the palace... (AmitMakwana)

little things that I need most in life is happiness and comfort n well being of my loved ones..
Big things that I need least would be all the luxuries..which I def love but can easily do without. (Savy)

little things i need: Diamonds!
large things i dont need: tiger whales (even the blue ones are not welcome) (Awesome)

The little things i need most in life ... Peace
The big things i need least in life.... wealth. (Jerry)

theres no power above the power of Love and affection, the Powwer of a Caring Heart, which can help us move ahead in Life. Love makes us a true Human Being ..vot more can v seek from Life. (Rohit)

The little things i need most in life ... Knowledge, Peace & Happiness, Health & wealth
The big things i need least in life.... All that the wealth can buy :D (Busybee)

Little things? How about a trip to the moon?
Big things? How about Chinese territory in my name? (LP53)

The little things I need most in life - a complete normal family (which I never had),peace of mind(which is a rarity),freedom to live life the way I want to, instead of the way people around me dictate(alas!) Since they are all denied me, they really do seem BIG to me!
The little things that aren't denied me in this life, are the ones which make my life worth living;such as a sweet friend and a good book.
The big things I need least in life - A car,a bungalow,social status. (Samyukta)

The little things I need most in life are smiles of pleasure from young and old. The big things I need least in life are the glitters of diamonds and gold! (Phoenix)

Little things I need the most ... coffee breaks with friends.
Big things I need the least ... Driving my own Ferrari :D (Sumit)

the little things i need most in my life are :
1. family and friends!! no 1 can live without them and im no exception!! i say they are lil things because most of th time, knowingly or unknowingly we take em for granted!
2. a smile on everyone's faces around me.
3. njoying the First rains by getting wet in them.
4. bringing a smile on someones face
5. a bit of love and less of hatred amongst all
6. junk food on the streets:D:D cant live without that.
7. my Freedom!! (TD23)

The Little things that I need …………There are sooooooooo many little things that actually make me the person I am and its kind of difficult to list all of them … yet I have managed to do so only a few ones but in no case it should be thought that these are the only ones…..
1) little prayers…………that keeps my goodness alive
2) little pampering …..from my parents that makes the little kid in me active
3) little scolding…..from my brother that keeps me on my toes …(hehehe)
4) little encouragement…..from my sister that brings my energy back into flow
5) little gossiping …….with my bhabhi(sister in law) that keeps me aware about the latest happening around(hehehe)
6) little masti……with my nephew (who’s 1 yr old )that brings back the memories of my childhood (mind u he is as naughty as I was in my childhood)
7) little naughtiness….with my friends that allows absolute freedom of my sense of humour
8) little pat on my shoulder…..from my senior at office which is very rare….
9) little praise ……from my boss which I hope should come as often as possible
10) little enjoyment…..with a funfilled cassette on ...aahaa….that sets me rocking n moving.
11)little introspection……with myself to become a better person from being a good person
12) little observation …….on nature which makes me learn that harmony or synchronization is the only way of “LIVE N LET LIVE”
13) little criticism ……of me that allows me to keep a check on myself .

The big things that I need least in life……

1) Big Ego ……as it would destroy all my little things that I need most in life
2) Big Luck……as it would not allow me to work hard n stretch my limits. (Rekha)

posted on Monday, August 13, 2007 9:19 PM


  1. man...!!! you are retired...and verbose...

  2. Lols! I hope that was meant in a nice way. I'll take that as a compliment... thank you. :-)

    Hope that your week is good. May God bless you and your family. And... have a Merry and Blessed Christmas!! :-)

  3. yes it was very positive.
    I try to write but it takes me lot of time to write very little...
    I dont seem to get the thought process flowing...may be I will learn it here from u....

  4. Hello Abhishek,

    Lovely to see you again here. :-)

    :-)I am sure that you will find a way that will serve you best in writing. Your subject can come from many things --- Observe life, your surroundings, and the people in it --- and from that you will surely get ideas for writing. And always Write from the heart -- cos it's the best way to write...any writer will tell you that. Good luck and I'll be looking forward to your work.

    Again, wish you a Merry Christmas!