Friday, January 4, 2013


(I'm bringing this here from the other blog.. for a special friend. God bless you.)

Today is January 4, 2013, Friday...........

The overcast skies above failed to dampen my resolve to get on with my usual early morning walk. Glad that I did because just about a few minutes into my walk I saw this lovely rainbow.... not a full one, not even half of it, but just one-fourth of a rainbow! But it was enough to bring a song to my heart. Because that's what a rainbow does, at least to me. It tells you so much what life is all about.... colorful, vibrant, diverse... it reminds me of newness, potential, possibilities, hope, dreams, and of God's promise that the best is yet to come.

No, it doesn't say that troubles are over or no more. What it says is that troubles will come as it always will in life but it will pass as surely as the night turns into day. And that we can breeze through the transition armed with courage, determination, perseverance, confidence in self, and a steadfast belief and faith in GOD. Rainbows come to seal that glorious promise of rebirth... of hope... of a fresh new beginning.

We should learn from the past and learn well that always at some point or other in our lives we go through --- change, transition, progress, creation and recreation. And always the movement should be forward. FORWARD. No turning back, no dwelling in the past, no looking back except to pluck out the lessons essential to our present journey.

Well, the rainbow disappeared with the rising of the glorious sun. But it succeeded what it had set out to do.... bring the song back to my heart.

I hope the first week of 2013 gave you a glimpse of the best waiting for you up ahead. If there's none yet, create it. Or just wait a wee bit more. God is definitely working on it. Believe.

Blessings to you all!