Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I was browsing inside my favorite book store yesterday hopping from one shelf to another. Not really intending to buy anything but was just waiting for my daughters to finish with their purchases. I was finished with my shopping a couple of days ago. The store was swarming with people shoulder to shoulder. Apparently everybody was looking out for fitting gifts for their family and friends. Nice thoughts in those bobbing heads I see. Christmas does this to us, doesn’t it? We become kinder, selfless, generous, giving, forgiving, gentler, softer, and more loving. Love -- the spirit and essence of Christmas. Well, don’t you wish that it was Christmas everyday all year? It’s just a thought crossing my mind, but it would make for a nice wish for the New Year.

Anyway, back to my waltz with books. Oh boy, hundreds of titles and subjects and authors to choose from. I wonder how anyone could pick out the book he truly wants, unless of course he saw the best seller list in the papers. I saw several of those on the shelves but this time was merely being ignored by everybody. Yup, that's not the priority this time. So I hopped on to the next shelf. Oh my, it was in big disarray. I just can’t imagine how people could take out a book from the neat line-up and not put it back properly when through with it. I’m truly appalled by that. Just then a book fell down to the floor. Oh no, couldn’t just let it stay down there and be trampled on by unmindful persons passing by. So I stooped to pick it up and was about to put it back on the shelf when the title caught my eye – “Always Believe In Yourself And Your Dreams”. It was sealed in plastic, unfortunately, so I couldn’t peer inside it. The book was about only a half-inch thick, lightweight, just a little bigger than a regular pocketbook. But the title was something else. It struck me hard like a lightning bolt and something popped in my brain. J Right, when something 'pops' in my brain, you can bet your bottom dollar that a new piece of writing is going to be born . :-)

I have a dream; you have yours; everybody has a dream. I’ve hugged mine for years and nurtured it in my heart. Even if life packs in other things for me to do and takes me in other directions and pursuits, that one dream remains in my heart like a spark that won’t be snuffed out ever. A close friend would tease me often bout this -- that it was like hanging on to flimsy straw, like chasing hopes in the wind, and that I should let go of my dream because it was never going to happen -- Never!

Maybe she’s right, but neither am I wrong. I remember Mom telling me that if there was anything she was so sure of – it is that life and this world is teeming with possibilities. Possibilities that could make dreams come true. And that we could make it happen to us if we believe that we can and we believe in our dreams.

My dream is out there as it is in my heart too. And someday --- someday… my dream will come true.

Believe in what makes you feel good.
Believe in what makes you happy.
Believe in the dreams
you’ve always wanted to come true,
And give them every chance to.
- Dena Delaconi

Believe in yours, my friends. It will come now, tomorrow, or maybe next year. It may be a short wait or a long wait, but it doesn’t matter when. Really! The possibility is there for you to claim for your own. All that matters is how you feel and how potentially happy you can be with it. So then give yourself the chance to have it all come true. Believe!

With this, let’s face the New Year with hope, faith, and courage to make our dreams come true.

A HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYONE! May it bring you blessings overflowing through the wondrous love of a magnificent God of all. GOD BLESSES YOU NOW AS YOU READ THIS! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

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