Wednesday, October 24, 2007


In lieu of the usual morning walk as heavy rains kept me indoors this time, I decided to take out pen and paper and let my thoughts wander. Just some bits here and there. :-)

NO ONE IS WRONG, JUST UNINFORMED - When someone accuses me of being wrong, I get pissed off. Because I know that I am right. Well, as far as the knowledge I have in my mind is concerned. The thing is, he could be right too. Because he may know something I don’t know. Now that certainly stops me in my track realizing that there is some information I don’t know which could smash to smithereens the store of information I have so staunchly held and defended. Gosh! Would it hurt if we held back our tongues, ego, and pride for a moment and get to the facts first?

LIFE’S HITS AND MISSES - We rejoice over our good times, grand opportunities, extraordinary fortunes, excellent careers, and brilliant success. And, on the other hand, bewail the loss of business deals, contracts, jobs, bank accounts, and relationships. Would that we could backtrack and stay at those moments when we were happiest? Or halt motion leading us to apparent dire consequences? Would that be just perfect? Then life would truly and literally be a bed of roses. But we know it isn’t like that at all. No, because things happen to us for a definite reason. Good times come for our joy and happiness. Bad times come for our growth and learning. That’s the entire package!

BUT EVERYBODY’S DOING IT - My friend’s words every time I ask her why this frenzy of always being ‘in’. So what if everybody does it? Did she mean that if everybody eats bananas with skin on, I’d do the same? Or if the ladies wore their sleep wear to gala nights, I’d jump into mine too? Or if the trend is to send kids to expensive schools with below standard education, I’d rush to enroll my child there? C’mon, just because everybody’s doing it doesn’t mean it’s right or good. What’s wrong with being different and in exchange for that I get to choose the good schools, eat sensibly, or dress decently? Different is also okay, maybe even better.

I WANT THIS, I WANT THAT - I can see three ways to look at this.

I want this. - Emphasis on ‘I’. That’s okay. We have needs and desires to fulfill. That’s what we are and what spurs us on to create hopes and dreams. Isn’t it so nice to see people striving and not just being content sitting on the sidelines watching the world go by?

I WANT this. - Emphasis on ‘want’ -- A bit dangerous there if taken to extremes. That has to be tamed to a sensible and reasonable level wherein you don’t get to harm or hurt others in pursuit of what you WANT. How bout we send our ‘wants’ to school for some bit of education? lol

And last but not least.....

I want THIS. - Emphasis on ‘this’. Be careful in choosing the object (people or things) of your want or desire. Choose what will build you up and not what could tear youdown in the end. We are bombarded daily with glossed-over things, people, objects, and ideas which aren’t really worth a cent if you crack through that cover. Learn to sift through the mire and pluck out what is genuine and true.

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