Wednesday, October 24, 2007


When we grow up, do we leave the child in us behind? From what I have seen ‘round me through life, I must say yes we do. How do I know that? Oh but it’s simple. Look at me, look at you, and look at the next guy down the street --- see the cynical eyes and the negative body language? When he talks, hear him express pessimistic views on the world, on people, and things? It’s stamped all over him ---and us --- as clear as daylight. We’ve got a name, too – we’re called ‘adults’.

What’s a child like? We can see our children and others around us. Don’t we enjoy their spontaneous and innocent laughter; their obedience to our rules in the home, their unabashed enjoyment of new things, experience and adventure; their honest opinions spoken in a straightforward manner (when a child says that she saw mommy kissing Santa Claus next door is telling it like it is – an affair); and the absence of falsehood in their dealings with others? Furthermore, they marvel and stand in innocent yet magical awe of everything beautiful and exciting. They love, trust and believe without reservations.

We outgrew all that and other things more associated with a child because we think that we don’t need those as responsible, serious, civilized, dignified, dependable, and hard-working adults. We can’t be like children anymore, or so we think and believe. But are we sure about that? Isn’t it that we have messed up lots of things as adults? Governments fight, wars ensue, crimes occur, families break up, relationships of all kinds flounder, wealth are stolen, racism wrecks lives, religions quarrel, laws are broken, and lives are lost because of lies and deceit. And we call ourselves intelligent, responsible, and smart adults. Like when your son asks you why you gave the cop money after he caught you passing a red light and you reply “Shut up, Dave, I’m your Dad!”

Do you think we were right to have cast off all those childlike qualities which, as we see the world we are in now, are the very ones that could better the world and our lives? Yes, maybe kick off childish behavior which is immature, juvenile and counter-productive in adulthood. But to be childlike in our honesty, sincerity, trust, faith, love and belief, and the ability to see life with fresh eyes of wonder and awe every time– aren’t these the things we need now when all our fundamental beliefs and values are weakening and crumbling? If the world has turned bad, we only have ourselves to blame. We made those rules; we gave it those attitudes and beliefs which shattered its intrinsic good. We don’t trust each other anymore. We have created the very things which we now fear.

Have you thought why it’s been said that hope for a better future for mankind belongs to the young? Or something said to that effect. Well, I’ve been thinking, I guess what they who said that meant is --that the young haven’t yet began to lose their childlike quality of pure unadulterated untainted thoughts --feelings – hopes and dreams, and we’re hoping that they might perhaps correct the effects of the wrong we have created by our opinionated obstinate and biased adult attitudes and behaviors. But c'mon, why should we heap that unto their shoulders --- shouldn’t we be doing it ourselves? So how do we begin? How ‘bout starting with this-- how bout rekindling the childlike qualities within? We lost it before; now let’s try getting it back. It can start with each person and move it forward and farther forward and maybe reach out to ten, a hundred, and a thousand. Numbers though don’t count here; just move it forward please. :-)

posted on Sunday, January 15, 2006 7:48 PM


  1. This is a beautiful view (The above picture, and your perspective)

  2. Hi Anonymous,

    Dear Anonymous,

    Wish that I knew your name... :-) still thank you for coming by and appreciating the piece.

    Warms the heart so that an old post done in 2006 would 5 years later get a nice comment and attention such as yours. Thank you.

    Take care and God bless you & your family.