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(Firstly, I extend sincere thanks to friends who were so encouraging as this rookie lady here struggled with posting sketches in the previous blog - RUN HARD TOWARDS YOUR DREAM. Thanks so much! :-)

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What can affect me so much and I suppose others would agree too is, in its spoken term and essence, a promise -- A word or words which contain a pledge to do something at an appointed time regardless. Promise! I remember an uncle say that when someone promises something to him – correspondingly he pours out to that person a bag of expectations, anticipation, trust, hope, and zeal too. A promise he pointed out is a guarantee, an assurance, or a pledge of truth – genuineness – goodness - integrity and honor. Well, don’t we actually lean heavily on such things in our day-to-day encounter with people? Isn’t it part and parcel of a two-way human traffic built on a desire to keep things moving along? We promise loosely, tightly, falsely, or truthfully just to get things done or undone, don’t we?

Unfortunately though, a promise can end up or swing in two diverse directions, if one is not careful – one is pleasure and the other is hurt. The funny thing is many of us think that a promise is a head activity. Actually, it isn’t. Well, not in essence I believe. For instance, when you promise to come back on Tuesday to return the book you borrowed as you very well know that that book is a treasured one for its owner – you tend to act on the concern and thoughtful consideration contained in your heart. That’s where such gentle feelings come from as we know. Although your brain may tell you that you can do it another day as you’re very busy (just when are you ever not busy?) and that it won’t be missed anyway (are you sure of that every time you delay or put it off?) or that your friend would understand (stretching it again for the __nth time?). Well, maybe or maybe not. So then right there before you stand the potential or prospect of causing either happiness or hurt. Which one would you rather do?

Let’s go over a life scenario or two, real ones.

“Billy, we’ll go to the carnival on Saturday night…..and ride on your favorite carousel for as long as you want.” a beaming father tells his young 5-yr-old kid whose eyes sparkle with glee over the prospect of getting on his favorite carnival ride.

Come the promised day, the father stayed at the office till 9pm on overtime work. He forgot about his promise. Do you think that it crossed his mind at all while working at his desk that his child was waiting back home expectantly trustingly? Can you imagine the fragile thoughts and feelings of a little child who must have hoped so hard for that promised thrill only to have it blown away just like that?

Drawing 1 - Will attach image later.

“Darling, I’ll be away for only a year to work there and save up for our wedding. When I return, you’ll be my Mrs. Hart.”… He sweetly promised as he gently wiped away the tears from his sweetheart’s eyes.

A year and several months after, a relative who saw him there told her that he was with another girl. Distraught and shocked by the news she broke down and cried her heart out pitifully for days -- one broken dream, one broken heart. Soon a gentle child will be born too---fatherless. How many lives do you think will a broken promise hurt this time?

Drawing 2 - Will attach image later.

I could rattle up more stories like that. There are a thousand-and-one real life episodes in every corner of the world which tell the same old story of shallow and phony promises. None is spared, young or old, rich or poor, man or woman, families, and relationships in diverse circumstances unthinkable. Definitely heartbreaking to see how empty or failed promises can shatter lives and cause so much hurt and pain. Especially that we (you and me) and others too could very well be hurting the people we love most. Do we want that? I don’t think so. Thus shouldn’t we be more careful in making or giving out promises --- and not treat it simply like candy passed around unrestrained without thought or feeling?

That brings to mind another of my favorite uncle’s wise sayings -----


A dear close friend long ago told me this, referring to her suitor --- “I don’t really care what he says, he can promise or not promise the entire world to me; but what he DOES or DOES NOT DO --- will tell me all I need to know ‘bout him.”

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