Wednesday, October 24, 2007


A medium sized cockroach fell into the tub from where I don’t know. It must have been there for quite awhile cause it didn’t seemed bothered by my presence or didn’t notice at all. And you’d think that my first instinct would be to zap it to kingdom come. Well, maybe but not yet. You see, I was glued to the little thing’s dilemma -- Further amused by the situation. Running helter-skelter blindly it seemed. Even tried up the smooth sides of the tub but slid down almost quickly. It carried on that way until finally exhausted simply stood so still. Okay, this fella needs some help, I thought to myself. So pulling out a handled brush from the cleaning tool set in the corner, I carefully made to coax the weary bug into the bristles of the brush so that I could lift it out of there. Quietly I inched the brush closer to where it was; believe me, there was nary an evil inch of intent in my soul to squash the thing at all. Oh no! But it would have garnered the full approval of the other members of the family if I did -- thumbs up or thumbs down whatever! Lol! But the silly thing won’t take my bait. Instead it ran frantically away from the brush and dodged every move I made in chase. Can you imagine that?! There it was the chance to get out of the quicksand, so to speak, but the stupid thing won’t – it just wouldn’t! Ugh!

Well, it reminds me of some friends I know. (Yeah, pal, if you’re reading this, this is all bout you.) You know, you got yourself into a huge fix. You say that you see no way out of it – down on your resources, important friends strangely out of sight, and your confidence dangerously tittering at the edge of a cliff. But the worst part is – you won’t let anyone near you. You hastily and bluntly put up barriers between yourself and your would-be savior. Is that good? --- Refusing somebody’s help when it’s just the one thing which you sorely need now.

All you can see and feel is your pain. C’mon, we’re all the same in our pain – we suffer. And we’re also all the same in wanting relief from it. You know deep inside that hard shell of yours that you want it too. So what is it which holds you back in taking that outstretched hand? Is it pride? --Ego? --Bitterness? --Anger? --Resentment? Gosh, so what else is new?! That’s as normal as my cup of cappuccino, apple pie, and pasta (of course, can’t leave that out!) Oh almost forgot, the chocolate mousse and lemonade. Yeah, tops on my list!

C’mon, don’t be stupid as that bug in my tub. Reach out to that helping hand. Grab it, by all means. Hang on to it as it tries valiantly to pull you out of there. But you have to help out too by pulling yourself up with everything you’ve got left inside of you. Oh yes, it’s still there. Gosh, a lot of things in life can be broken, knocked down and out, but not ‘it’! Because, buddy, it’s the only thing in this crazy world of ours which can stand up to the fiercest of storms. God so wisely put it there to help lift us up to safer ground. Know what its name is? H-O-P-E. Have hope, my friend, come what may. Receive hope when it’s offered you. Take it. Live it. Enjoy it. And when the opportunity comes, share it too!

Oh yeah, that silly bug in my tub? – I stunned it a wee bit just long enough to get him out of there. Last time I looked, he was scampering away to safety. lol! :-)

posted on Tuesday, November 28, 2006 8:48 AM

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