Thursday, October 25, 2007


(I created this story for a special friend for a special reason.)

One day God was holding court dispensing miracles where He saw needed. Then He had a surprise visitor -- the Bad One (BO).

'So what brings you here?' asked the Magnificent One, not that He didn't know already.

'Oh Holy One (HO), I am going to bring misfortune to Morrison the town baker' replied BO.

'Morrison already has his fortunes floundering. His wife has left him. His only son is into battle and will be killed. What bigger misfortune could beat all that?' tested the HO.

BO countered 'I will make him very sick'.

HO with brows knitted in deep thought replied 'You do know that will make him die'.

“Exactly! -- And I will have his soul' retorted BO with a gleeful snicker.

There was a deep holy silence. The angels around dared not cough or speak. 'Go! Do it.' spoke the HO finally.

'You won't stop me?' queried BO with suspicion.

'No. Now leave. The angels will show you the door out.' Then HO turned His Holy Face towards the next miracle case.

So Morrison became sick, very sick, that even the whole village was concerned for him. Word spread around that Morrison the town baker was going to die. The news reached his wife in the next town. And she wrote a long letter to her son in that battlefield afar. Then she packed her bags and traveled to his bedside. Greatly surprised as he was to see her, still he welcomed her with a weak faint smile and sad eyes. She stayed and tended to his needs, nursed him with food and medicines, nourished him back to health.

Five days after, a letter arrived from their son expressing his love and deep concern for the father. He wrote that the night he received the letter from his mom he cried so deeply and hard that his officer had to send him off to the forest nearby so that the rest of the soldiers wouldn't hear him. As he poured out his sorrow and prayed in the deep forest, the enemy attacked their camp sparing no one. He alone survived the massacre. Now he is being sent back home by his superiors and will arrive back in town in two days.

That day arrived and tears of joy flowed out from every eye. Reunited the family became closer than ever, hurts forgiven. Weeks rolled into months. On the fourth month on the second day, Morrison’s condition worsened and lay dying. Calling his tearful wife and son to his bedside he said to them....

'I have never been so happy than these past months you're here with me. I thank God for this precious gift. I shall die and be glad that I have lived long enough to love you and be loved by you.'

Morrison died with a peaceful smile etched on his calm wrinkled face.

Down in the smoldering fiery courts of BO could be heard….

'What th....??!!! Where is Morrison's soul?? What's happening??' fumed the BO at the gates of hell as his voice boomed through the walls of the fiery halls.

'Who made the wife come back to him?? Why did the son come home? He was supposed to die in battle?? How in hea..... hell's name were they reunited??!!!' fumed BO.

The Holy One heard and looked down from heaven...

'So you think you could have him?! You can do your bad to my children --- but I never lose my sons and daughters, not a single one of them. No one can take them from me. They are mine -- and always will be.'

And holy laughter was heard like a thousand bells and cymbals ringing all throughout the heavenly space and throng ---and pierced the dark blazing corridors of hell below blasting BO from his fiery throne.


P.S. When this post had served its purpose, I thought it best to delete it ---and I did the other day. But....... My friend asked me to put this post back in here. He says it has work to do and that its work must not be hampered. :-) So why you are seeing it again now. Thank you for bearing up with the inconvenience.

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