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(May I take this opportunity to extend a heartfelt thanks to those who expressed appreciation for the preceding posts 'Mistakes - Are They Necessary' and 'My Alone Time'. It seemed somehow to have struck a familiar note in their hearts proving we all stand connected in our basic feelings and thoughts despite our apparent differences in culture, tradition, and creed. Thank you for your warm messages.) And now to our new post lolz!! :-)

WORDS --- They can build you up, take you down, disappoint, make you happy, hurt, sad or wonder, and too scare you --- in short, words are powerful. I’ve heard this said before though I can’t quote the exact lines but in essence it says – ‘Be wary of what comes out of the mouth as it would always spring from the heart. The content of the heart determines the genuine quality of words spoken.’ Putting it to the test, I paid attention and listened intently when people talk to me. And sure enough, through their words I almost always can determine intent good or bad. Words have no life of their own and what makes it do what you want it to do rises from what you feel in your heart. Goodness emanating from the heart is reflected in the choice of words one uses -- these words fly out on virtual wings of compassion and truth. On the other hand, bad intent makes even the sweetest word ring untrue --- because behind these words lie underlying venom spewed out from the bad nestled in the heart– it stings deep and hard.

Be careful the words you use with young children. What you say will determine the attitudes they will be carrying with them unto their adult lives. It will influence their perception of the world and the people in it, mold their beliefs right or wrong, shape their relationships, work habits, ambitions and dreams, and how they would relate to their God. It will definitely define their personality and character. So do be careful the words you use with them – it makes a big difference in their lives. And will redound to yours, too.

I’ve had my share of good words and bad words just like everybody else. The first one set me up on my feet and helped me move ahead with bright hope and confidence. It gave me that ‘feel good’ feeling which I carried with me everywhere I go whatever I do. It guaranteed to a good measure and extent the success I was aiming for. It made me feel strong and brave to hurdle difficult grounds I was sure to walk on. It energized me in my low moments when all else seemed to fail. It put me back on track again with my dreams and with my faith. It made me see my God when I was in danger of losing Him. Such were the wonderful words which came from a good friend – a beautiful person with a beautiful mind and a beautiful heart!

…And the other one? It tore me up to pieces, shattered my feelings of worthiness, numbed me with fear, poured down on me tons of insecurities, made me feel inadequate, lost and confused, made me feel bitter, angry, and resentful of other people’s successes, gave me the spirit of vengeance and war. Of such were the words coming out from a person who claimed to be my ‘good friend’. Apparently he also was wrestling with his own internal demons. My mistake, I didn’t look hard enough nor paid attention to the true beatings of his heart. Fortunately, my one true friend stole me away from this evil person’s clutches and set me back on track again. Bless his kind soul! :-)

Be careful what you speak. It can mean the world to another person. It can make or break him. Be careful what you write. It can influence great minds and poor minds alike. Both lives will be affected in some way you'll never know as their minds 'wrestle' with the words - the beatings of your heart - which you've put down on paper.

Here's a golden thought from Lord Byron.....

“But words are things, and a small drop of ink,
Falling, like dew, upon a thought, produces
That which makes thousands, perhaps millions, think.”

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