Thursday, October 25, 2007

ANGEL LOVE 2 - Updates

I think I've filled up the first post to capacity, so I needed to open another post for added space. :-) We're getting closer to the finish line - Saturday, but the heat is still on and Angels flexing their glorious wings doggedly get busy with their Love Deeds.

If there is anything which this Angel Love game has revealed -- it is this that we all have the huge capacity to love well and good. Our Love Angels have displayed to us that this can be done in small or great measure wherever we are-whatever we do with no thought of reward or preferences i.e. race, color, creed, rich, poor, and if I may add - the 'unlovable'. Wonderful people - Wonderful world!!

June 6 -

It's a tight race - Angel wings flappin' in the same frequency from both frenchita and lostpatrol53!! And we got Zombie delivering four good Angel Love deeds. You know, often it's love for family that puts us to the true test. Imagine lostpatrol53 sitting there listening to his wife's 'gossip' (to quote him) lolz. Ain't he just sweet?!! Zombie showing loving patience with her dad over a computer issue and on the phone yet! Simply grand! If you review the comment box (previous post), you will see how the others earlier have poured out their loving hearts in their homes with their families, respectively. It doesn't take much to make another person or persons happy. All it takes is the willingness to do it wrapped with love.

Remarkable feedback we're getting with these. Imagine how much love fills up a person's day and often we don't even notice. Let's open our eyes, minds, and hearts to the tremendous presence of love in our lives. And let's move this LOVE forward. C'mon, folks, there's room for more -- come flex your angel wings and spread blessings to waiting people - there's plenty. Yup, more Angles needed. :-)

June 7 -

Good morning! lostpatrol53 takes the lead now sowing a lot of Angel Love seeds in the home, at work, and with friends. From the growing list in my sheet, I can see a very common denominator -- an unselfish and giving heart! And the giving is made easier with humor packed-in, too! LP, if the triple 6 denotes the bad guy.. as your wife teased you with (she was kidding, pal!) -- you certainly did prove her wrong! And -- you certainly blasted 'him' off to where he belongs with your Angel love. Tra-la-la!! :-)

You know what, whenever I feel the 'blues' coming to me... I make haste to come in here and read all the Angel Love deeds posted by wonderful people -- actually Angels in disguise. It makes me feel better again. The love they spread all around impacts me with the realization that this life and world can be better -- so much better. All that it needs are people who care enough to give love -- who open up their hearts and unselfishly share this love with others friend or foe, near or far.

This is what we're celebrating with this game. Frankly, this has turned-out into something so grand and beautiful. Birthday or not, my cup of joy gushes out over the brim in torrents! It may be too soon to say this but --- my heartfelt thanks and appreciation to everyone who came, be counted, and shared your hearts. Know this that you have not only loved so well but you have opened up yourselves to the most wonderful love of all - GOD'S LOVE. "Whatsoever you shall sow, so shall you reap." May God pour down upon you His boundless love and blessings where you need it most. :-) Love yah all!

JUNE 8 -

I was reviewing through the AL deeds early this morning and it struck me impressively seeing the diverse personalities going through the same ‘mission’--- Each one injecting his or her own unique and distinct character in carrying out the activity. To my mind and impression: Frenchita– sympathetic and a lover of animals; Mini– sweet devotion to family; Vrij– considerate and helpful; Rpramod and Sumit– solicitous and responsive; DecentMonkey - thoughtful and caring; Vani– gentle and compassionate; Zombie– sweet and responsive; LP53 – selfless with a fine sense of humor. You know, one doesn’t always get this out in the usual interaction in the blog. Whatever is written in the comments box by them and others more don’t always show their total persona or character. Sometimes it leaves one guessing – are they real? What are their real thoughts? Who are they? I have done a lot of cruising in the many blogs here, read through long lines of comments or chats, and seen such a diverse gathering of character and personality. This as many will agree, in essence, is what makes blogging a dynamic and exhilarating experience and activity. But that is all there is to it – unless…… something manages to nudge out to the fore the real person behind the often made-up bloggers' id or name. Then you’re in for a very pleasant surprise, to put it mildly--- Because finally you get to see the person in pure essence of character and not merely in form. More often than not, you will be pleased to see– beautiful people in minds, hearts, and souls.

This short week which is soon coming to its close, we have had the rare chance to take a glimpse of the faces behind several popular names in o3. There are more of them but have become shy to show themselves. lolz. :-) This early with great pleasure and pride I say – it’s such an honor and distinct privilege to know you all better. May God continue to pour down His bountiful blessings upon you, your families, and loved ones. May the light of God's love and grace shine upon you for the rest of your lives. :-)

June 9 -

Good morning! It's a lovely day outside my window I can see. What lovely surprise I got checking my blog today. This is addressed to Zombie -- you see, nobody in the past months have ever made me teary-eyed with warm affection and pleasure. I say you did just that to me with your warm message today. I don't know but it certainly hit a chord so deep in my heart. Maybe .... maybe I have had a visit from my own Angel Love --- Zombie!! :-) Thank you, my sweet dear friend.

This is what, I suppose, all those people on receiving their Angel Love deliveries must have felt-- a warm-tender feeling that wraps all over you! with your heart beating in gentle rhythm to the beautiful experience. And then it makes you want to gush all over the place praising the name of that special person-- thankful, grateful, & appreciating the blessing-- and finally... it ends up in a deep silent intense prayer lifted up to heaven--to please, dear Father, bless this wonderful human being! She just made my day! :-)

And you know what else on this fine Friday morning? Truly as Mom used to say to me 'when it rains, it pours!' --LP53 had me laughing so hard in my seat I was bursting all over.. lolz, to quote him -- “Target: Ellen AL: Prayer for fortitude to bear my ALs one more day.“ :-))) Yup, Zombie, this guy is amazing!

Evening: Ah what do we have now-- Mini! the sweet doting wife and mother...chalking up more Angel Love deliveries. :-) and.... sent our friend, Vani, a nice birthday greeting card! Happy Birthday, too, Vani! :-)

I think I'll need to open another post (Angel Love 3) to cover the last day of feedback - Saturday - which ends at midnight. This one's down to its space limit. So then.... see you there! :-) God bless you!

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