Wednesday, October 24, 2007


'All of life must work together, not just the part you see.' I saw this line in a not-so-famous book one lazy afternoon. And do you know what first struck my mind? It’s this--- How in heaven’s name do we get to do that? You see, things were somewhat going awry in my life these few months. I feel am losing control over things.

So what do we have here – that all of life is a mosaic of tiny squares representing the many areas of a person’s life? Okay, I get that but how is one going to orchestrate these many incongruent parts into one great symphonic piece?! Getting just one thing to move in the direction you want it to is such a feat which eats you all up trying. Now this writer I-forgot-his-name wants everything working together and moving in the same direction, too. Duh!

Oh okay, let’s check that out. Agreed that the parts in my so-called mosaic are like teeny-weeny headstrong puppies each clamoring for attention and too would venture out separately on their own in many different directions all over the place. To try to contain them in one area-- their sleeping basket-- would be akin to asking for the sun to shine on a rainy day – impossible indeed! What I’m saying is-- everything going on now is a mess. One area leaves me so frustrated because the issue therein seems to have no answers. And another bowls me over with impatience because the other person can’t see the answers right there before his very eyes. And then another has set me in angry mode because I feel am not getting what is right in the truest sense of the word. So all these are pulling me out in different directions turning my mosaic definitely askew up on the wall….. That is, if it hasn’t already been unhinged by it all.

Well, there is this tiny exception though, one that sets it apart from the rest. It’s my piece of sunshine – joy personified. Not one but three. I guess no more need to be said bout that because you’ll get it right in the previous line. Lol But you think that would make up for the rest? Not always, because those demons still bug me.

So then, what is one to do to get them all ‘together’? Stop and think – that’s what. And I did just that. Shut out the world, searched inward into my soul, tossed-and-turned questions, dug out and reviewed past events, reconnected with wisdom left gathering dust on the shelf. And what did I get for spilling my brains out on the floor? This --- ‘KEEPIING PRIORITIES IN LINE IS PART OF THE EXCELLENT LIFE’. I forgot about my priorities, I had cast aside the things I valued most in life --- patience, flexibility, perseverance, focus --- the very things which were my pillars of strength on several difficult occasions. Armed with these I would simply cruise down any bumpy road any day. But things suddenly changed. I then realized that I had allowed entry the many distractions of the day and life which then slowly bit-by-bit gnawed at the foundations of my calm and good judgment thereby weakened my resolve and spirit. Gee, the price to pay for --- forgetting !!!

“Get up, mom, time for your morning walk!” boomed my daughter’s voice pulling away at the covers. Huh!! That was a dream!?? :-) :-) So it was, but it sure packed-in truth in one big wham!! I sure won't mind having those kind of dreams at all. :- ) And my priority for the day is to start off with the morning walk. Health is wealth, so they say. Be back in a bit.

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