Thursday, October 25, 2007


One of the reasons I make reading blogs a regular fare in my day is that almost always I come across a blog on which I see myself reflected in it at one point in my life or several. One blog writes about the confusion of unrequited love, another writes on the travails of a first job, another tells of exciting experiences in a foreign country, another narrates experiences of a working wife and mother, and one particular blog I liked so much was about the struggles of a young girl away from home and trying to make it on her own. Each tale or story holds a lesson or two from which I could learn from or a gem of wisdom which helps me understand life better. Its a privilege to be able to read these blogs each one important in a distinctive way. Far more do I respect and admire the writers for their candidness and transparency in their work.

Cruising down the blogs enables me a tiny glimpse into the moods of people different from each other. The whole length of the spectrum of emotions displays itself in the blogs of every person man or woman -- Happy, sad, humorous, angry, frustrated, disappointed, fearful, anxious, and many others more. It never fails to remind me that as different we are from each other in culture and beliefs, we still think and behave similarly basically on some or several topics or issues. And that even in our differences we are still so much the same.

The blog, although in essence is a personal journal wherein one can pen down everything he or she so likes, is still an online public place open for anyones viewing. In this regard I appreciate bloggers who are careful in their choice of language and seriously regard the sensibility of their readers. Freedom of expression does not mean being insensitive to others. Freedom of any kind is not something you deserve but should worthily earn. You do that by being responsible to yourself, to others, to life. With freedom is attached responsibility -- the responsibility to be correct, honest, trustworthy, proper, respectful, and compassionate. Aiming to be 'entertaining' in the blog shouldn't be at the expense of being insensitive to others. We all stand connected, what one does will undoubtedly affect the next guy, like it or not. Irresponsible writing may or can negatively influence somebody else's thoughts or feelings towards odd false confused or muddled-up issues or beliefs. Why aim for this when it is more satisfying and fulfilling building up lives instead of tearing them down. Yes, tearing down people is when by our negative thought processes other people become less good, less better, less nice, less positive, less confident than what they ought to be. Building up people is by constant affirmation of their worthiness, their inner beauty, their potential, their positive can-do attitudes towards life, their goodness of heart, the beauty of their minds, and in their abiding faith in themselves - in people - in the world - and in God.

Since I started blogging I have gathered memorable experiences and several wonderful friendships which made the experience even more treasured. Friends in real time have reminded me that blog friends are fleeting and that it cant be solid ground for building friendships on. Consider that one doesn't even know their real names (some prefer to remain incognito), or see their faces (like putting up comic icons in lieu of their picture), and never will get to meet them in person (wide distances and far-away countries). That may be true but so are friendships up close just as fleeting in nature. One can never tell when fickle life would suddenly make friends part ways for some reason or another. It will be truly sad when partings should come but why dwell on that? People will leave, they cant always be with us -- same thing that I wont be here in the blog for always (frankly, I must admit that it is becoming so frustrating dealing with the SERVER GLITCHES in o3. The response quotient, if any, has slowed down tremendously to a drag).

Change is inevitable. But what matters is finding these friendships. Lets hope to keep it a little while longer - for as long as it may or can.

By the way, thanks to everyone for coming to my page each time. The pleasure is all mine. God bless you all! :-)

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