Friday, August 19, 2011


An empty canvass, a blank page in the sketchpad, an empty garden pot, or an empty day. They all have one thing in common..... nothing! Yet in a few minutes or an hour perhaps something will be there. On an empty canvass is soon painted a landscape with a paint brush and tubes of water colors. On the blank page a designer gown is sketched or drawn, or a face of a stranger. A tiny seedling goes into a garden pot now filled with fertilized garden soil. An empty day becomes visited with joy, fun, surprises, blessings and plenty more that comes to an open heart. I believe that there is nothing which you cannot fill with something if you try hard enough. Or if you can't --- God will.

It all started when God created the world and the universe from nothing. From there everything else followed. So did we. In our own tiny places or corners of the world we too create our something out of nothing. The pattern of our lives --- in our dreams, goals, adventures, in our tiny or big pursuits, relationships, and in the everyday of our mundane existence.

Isn't that simply marvelous that we have been empowered as His beloved children to create and build the good in our lives.. within our tiny personal worlds and out there to the bigger world waiting to be blessed by its creative power.

Friday, August 12, 2011


It is not what we leave FOR our children,
but it is what we leave IN our children
that is going to make a difference.
Let us leave in them VALUES.
----Voice of Love--Frozen Thoughts

We should mind what we teach our young children. Careful that they get the right tools from us to help them develop into individuals worthy of respect and of life. Their sense of right and wrong come from our own understanding of it. Their attitudes towards life, people, the world are images of how we ourselves have embraced in our beliefs and attitudes. Until they are set to fly with their own pair of wings, like a mother bird does to her brood we do all we can to make sure that they are equipped properly and ready to be on their own.

Remember when you see your child there is something of you in her.... your good and your bad, unfortunately. It is not enough to simply cross your fingers and hope that she will turn out alright. There's no guarantee. But you can help her battle her wars by instilling in her the steady values that would hold her up in any trial or strife. Nourish her strengths, play down her weaknesses... but also tell her that weaknesses can be turned into strengths too if she puts her mind and heart to the change. And help her grow into a faith as steady as a rock -- the kind God so requires for miracles to happen.

But the best method of teaching I know of .... is to teach by the way we live our lives. Live your values. You may not know it but your children are watching.