Thursday, October 25, 2007


In every winter's heart is a quivering spring and behind the veil of each night is a smiling dawn. (Kahlil Gibran)

Nature reflects life. Its four seasons no doubt signify some bit of relevance, if not wholly, to the things we go through in our days spring, summer, autumn and winter. I am here now in the winter of my soul.

I took the usual early morning walk the other day trod through the same old paths round the neighborhood settled by the side of a mountain range. The walk started off glumly I must admit. Fresh from the hospital episode concerning a member of the family I was still left in a daze and hadnt quite got back my sense of equilibrium. As usual I had my ear phones stuck in my ear with the same morning-walk-music playing while I followed the paved roads up and down the mountain side. I felt relieved that there were no friendly faces met along the way because I wasnt too sure what face I could show to them. There was so much to think about and so much to do that I felt I didnt have anything left to spare for other things besides. Apart from feeling drained by the past weeks event (thats the understatement of the year lols!), I was now trying hard to recoup new strength for difficulties lined up ahead. Anyway in that early hour of the morning always the whole neighborhood would have their hands full busy with their respective morning chores which apparently worked well to my favor then.

The music didnt appeal to me this time although it was the same one which always enthralled me in my other walks. In fact I wasnt listening to it. I was looking down not up as if counting my steps to nowhere. The looking-down stance was on purpose as I didnt want to meet eyes peering at me with questions no matter how well-meaning they may be. I just wasnt in the mood for it. Some other times perhaps but not this time.

I reached an incline so had to look up as I heard a vehicle coming towards me I moved to the shoulder of the road for it to pass. On looking up in that split second I felt a strong tug in my heart. And suddenly everything seemed to be so clear and real to me right there---

the tall trees greener, the flowers by the side of the road brighter, the cloudless skies bluer, the rising sun warmer, the morning breeze cooler, and the birds singing cheerfully louder. And even the music in my ear seemed sweeter and pleasant. All seemed to bear down on me with a hug. .. a huge bear hug.

I felt a smile on my lips knew something or someone was at work that very moment. :-)I walked back home with these thoughts.......

Can you imagine having the universe come down to you for a bear hug?

Or envision how God can use ordinary things for an extraordinary moment just for you?

Or sense a Mighty God speaking to you saying that all is well and not to fear because He is in control?

Can you think of a better reason not to say that God held my hand that morning and walked with me?

Can you truly say to me that God did not touch my heart and talked to me right then and there?

Can you honestly tell me that God didnt say that He loves me miserable unworthy bloke that I am?

God just did to me. In my darkest winter God surprised me with spring! :-) New life, new growth, new hopes, new tomorrows.

And thats what God can do to you too and many times over as you may need. Believe this. I believe.

With great pleasure I would like to put down here a lovely poem sent by Rekha who meant to help ease me out of worries and give my soul some rest. It's a beautiful poem -- inspiring and warm. So much like Rekha, a wonderful person and friend.

Dear Rekha,
thank you with all of my heart. God bless you.

Here it is.

In your darkest hour
When loneliness and despair overtake you
I’ll be there
In your darkest hour
As the fear and the doubt overwhelm you
I’ll be there
I am The Light shining in your soul
And the hope living in your heart
I am the dream you cling to
When your life seems torn apart
I am the friend walking by your side
And the family who loves you
On this long and bumpy ride
You are not alone
And you are not forsaken
Even in your darkest hour
When you feel your heart is breaking....I'll be there
I am with you in the good times
And when laughter turns to tears
I’ll be there in the days…and weeks…and as the months turn into years
You are not abandoned
Your spirit…strong and true
And even in your darkest hour
There are friends and loved ones…..and My strength to see you through.

By Mike Hall

posted on Saturday, September 08, 2007 10:05 AM

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