Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Ah dear friend, if I were to count the many times you lighted up my life, there wouldn’t be enough moments in a day to hold it. And the times you understood more than I could, there wouldn’t be enough favorite songs to sing it. Yet all will soon be gone now like our favorite sand castles swept away by the waves of change and time --- Thus leaving nothing behind it but sandy shores empty and forlorn.

I clutch my grief the remaining thoughts of you holding it so close to my heart -- Fiercely hanging on not wanting it to depart. Yet pathetic I sense it slipping away just the same --- a moth foolishly flitting to the fire which ultimately might burn it one sad day.

I love these thoughts, strangely now, but even this I must let go. I love the pain of remembering you immortalizing every piece of memory fashioned out from nonsense and scrap, too. But like it or not, I now must watch you walk away and out that door -- and be gone from me – from us – forevermore!

But wait…............ Aww shucks! So go!! :-)

(Picks up the phone, dials a number – “Hi, Paul, did you say dinner at eight?”)
- - - - - - - -

Oh don’t let that deceive you. Nobody throws away precious things, friendships, and memories easily just like that --- Because if you do throw it away, then you simply throw away a part of you, too. Friendships don’t die, they just perhaps ‘retreat’ back, far back --and maybe forgotten sometimes with the passing of fickle time. But one day it'll come back to the fore again when the time and the reason is right for it once more.

No friendship is insignificant, maybe passing momentary short-lived but still it will manage to leave its footprints in the heart. Because friendships are people and people are never insignificant. People make our lives what it is – happy, sad, eventful, ecstatic, memorable, or sometimes maybe even damn shit. Ooops! Pardon the language :-) but we do get jerks at certain points in our life, too. Well, everything adds up to make life one colorful bag of goodies, don’t you think so too?

Well, I’m happy with my allotted bag; it may not be perfect absolutely but --- it’s made up of several precious things ------ wonderful friendships; some odds and ends of bad relationships, too; the warts of bad and trying times; the joys and satisfaction of pleasant experiences; some sadness, hurt and pain; and much more. All these helped to shape who I am. All these gave me my life. And everything in it is a gift from God --- the good for my happiness and joy; the bad for my learning and growth. It’s a beautiful life! And don’t we feel it even more with wonderful friendships all around us?! :-)

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