Thursday, October 25, 2007


Looking out the window from my side of the seat row, I could very well see the incredible beauty of clouds up close – billows of cotton-like pillows, layers, carpet and maze -- some clouds white as snow and others threatening darkly foreboding of rain. The pilot had a quick solution to the latter as he steered the plane up way above the clouds. Well and good but then that gave me nothing else to look at but an endless stretch of blue. And that became quite boring after awhile.

So I turned my attention inside the plane. What did I see? -- Passengers dozing off, others trying to, a few reading a pocketbook, two munching on packed snacks, and most just staring out the window. I don’t think they see anything there because I am sure that their minds are somewhere else (one could read that on their faces) – maybe back on the ground thinking of someone or something left behind. Or maybe racing up ahead at the destination and wondering what things might be with their plans, business ventures, transactions, contacts, hopes and dreams. The question looming in their minds would probably be ‘how would things shape up or turn out?’

Well, I had that thought too but fleetingly because I was bent on enjoying the jaunt and the stay more than the purpose of my trip. So having brushed that aside I leaned back comfortably on my seat, looked out the window briefly and closed my eyes.

The thing about writing is you never get your mind to rest. Always something glides in and sets your brain cells to working. And this time mine was pushed up to high gear. Oh yes, there goes my nap. J Thoughts took me back to the blog to the varied and interesting comments posted in there. Each one of them made for a worthy read and I take great pleasure in doing so each time I come to it. Amazing, isn’t it? --So many diverse minds crossing the same path – agreeing and disagreeing yet so much a fantastic and exhilarating exchange. It never fails to amaze me.

This came to mind…..

“No one is wrong. At most someone is uninformed.”

We all are similar and different both in many diverse ways. Sometimes we disagree and then again we don’t. But it doesn’t make our disagreements wrong. Do you know why this is so? --Because you may be looking at a different reason and me also another one although we both are looking at the same thing. It’s like looking at a lovely rose – I see the flower but you see its thorns. But both are not at all wrong, just simply looking at the same thing differently.

Something like this ---you talk about dysfunctional families and heap the blame on the father. Then I forward the idea that it’s the mother’s responsibility to keep the family together. But then a third one presents his opinion that it is the pressures of the modern age that wrecks havoc on homes and families. Wow! A bombshell of a disagreeing conversation and it can explode right in our faces if we are not careful. What to do? Instead of pressing with our own views to be the right one, we should --- listen. Because the other person’s point of view may be something we haven’t really thought much about or have simply ignored as we are so much closed and entrenched in our own beliefs and opinions. So why then don’t we take a different stance on the matter -- try learning to open our minds to this idea that -- a person can’t be wrong just because his or her views are differing clashing or poles apart from ours? Try putting twenty minds in the same room, what is the probability of having all twenty thinking the way you do all of the time on every subject presented? Truly improbable! What could be sure though is this ---which is that all twenty may or could be genuinely uninformed, separately or collectively, on certain other aspect or aspects of any subject that would be forwarded to them.

But do we really have the capacity or ability to own up to a perfect understanding of all things this life offers up to us? Nope, I don’t think so. What we do is learn all that we can in everything we see or experience through this long journey of our respective lives. Everyday lies a new lesson for us to learn and this adds up to our resident understanding of life people and things around us. We grow with this learning. We grow up to wisdom.


No one is wrong. At most someone is uninformed. If I think an individual is wrong, either I am unaware of something, or the other person is. So unless I want to play a superiority game I had best find out what he or she is looking at. (Hugh Prather)

One more thing we should learn well……

Once we realize that imperfect understanding is the human condition, there is no shame in being wrong, only in failing to correct our mistakes. (George Soros)

And ….

Be humble, if thou would attain to Wisdom. Be humbler still, when Wisdom thou hast mastered. (Helena Petrova Blavatsky)

This too would be some good food for thought….

That God created diversity for a good purpose. No two people or things are alike. It is in this beautiful diversity that we flourish and enjoy our lives. So then let’s value and cherish this beauty. It too is God’s gift to us. :-)

Take care, everyone. God bless you!

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