Wednesday, October 24, 2007



My buddy, Buddy!

Not too long ago I stood out in the garage one bleak afternoon with nothing much going on in my mind. The garage was big enough for one car and a pathway from the front gate to the door of the house. Where I stood close to my right that it almost brushed my leg was an off-white colored bench. My daughters and I spent many lazy afternoons just sitting there. Alternately, our dogs Lucky and Buddy use it, too, for the same purpose of lounging lazily on a nothing-to-do day--- Everyday for them, as far as I’m concerned.  Anyway, something furry brushed my side, so I looked down to see what it was. Buddy --standing atop the bench close to my side, looked up at me, then sat on his hind legs and too looked out to the street mimicking me, I suppose.  After awhile, he leaned towards me (I felt his weight pressed against my side), nudged his head against me, and then returned to gazing out to the street once more. I know my dogs and have acquired an understanding of their moves and behavior. Buddy, sitting so close beside me with his gentle nudge to my side, was simply expressing his oneness with me – sharing my solitude in that solitary moment. He kept me company; he stayed close. How could Buddy ever know it was just what I needed?! He did so well where often humans fail. Buddy gave me love and comfort expressed in so simple and self-effacing way. Would that people learn how to be a pal the Buddy-way! :-)

My pal, Lucky!

Tell you another story. ----- Lucky was sitting just outside the front door, quiet and serene while gazing out to the tiny world she sees on the street outside our gate. I stepped out the door and sat beside her. She gazed up at me briefly yet unperturbed, didn’t consider me an intrusion to her ‘private world’. If only I could read a dog’s mind. I wonder how does Lucky see us humans and the world in which we live-work-play in? How does she see me?! I wonder. Without changing her position, Lucky raised her nose in the air, sniffed, held that pose a second and then settled back to how she was beside me visibly at peace and content. Intrigued by her action, I looked up, too, wondering what it was that she saw. Not that I would really see what dogs ‘see’. But then……the sky – Ohhh! the prettiest of blue and the clearest with not a speck of cloud anywhere that I’ve ever seen! Then a soft gentle breeze tumbled down brushing my hair, face, cheek…… and nothing else but --- peace, calm, tranquility. I sat there transfixed by the magic of the moment ……then slowly turned my gaze back at Lucky who looked up to me with tender knowing brown eyes. I smiled back to her eyes and said “Thanks, Lucky!“ :-) I saw, felt, and understood what she wanted me to know -- To appreciate - savor the moment! Yes, because we so easily get distracted by the many cares in our day that we often miss to see, appreciate, or much less experience real priceless beauty which are simply there before our very eyes.

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