Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I will not write on the issue or defense of a man or woman. That thing can never be settled satisfactorily for both sides. The issue or issues contained in it are centuries old and many learned men and women have spoken or written about it and been quoted over and over. Nothing is either correct or wrong because every argument presented unravels undeniable truths and facts inherent in both genders.

Rather let me engage you into a brief glimpse into a perception forwarded by my mother long ago. She often would say…. “Behind every successful person is another man or woman who understands the meaning of love.” Mom was aware that the original phrase coined then was made by someone who meant to praise and credit the woman— to honor a mother, sweetheart, wife, friend– or whatever role a woman takes on in life side by side the male and providing his inspiration and support. But Mom never bothered about the ‘gender’ issue because she knew that this could apply both ways. Well-meaning quarters have indeed switched sides to honor the man who also inspires a woman to higher grounds of achievement and success.

But in essence, however or whatever way it is said or written, it’s all about loving someone wonderfully. Love is the only thing I know which can lead a person to be – unselfish, giving, understanding beyond reason, devoted through unfair battles, to believe despite what other else may say, to trust the truth when it is muddled by issues, to share in the pain and sorrows, to see the good through faithful eyes, to push and cheer when needed, to be a steady pillar of strength where strength isn’t there. This is the kind of love that makes heroes out of ordinary mortals I think--- the kind of love that moves another soul to soar up towards his dreams and even beyond it.

Familiar with these lines?.....

Behind a successful man or woman, is a woman or man.
The wind beneath my wings—
You build me up and never let me down---
You put me up upon a pedestal,
So high that I could almost see eternity—

These eloquently illustrate what real love does to a person. And to see this love by your side is all you need to make it in this world.

posted on Saturday, January 14, 2006 9:37 AM

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