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I've got two for you this time, friends. :-)



the little things i need most in,family n friends.
the big things i need least in life....empire (Bobby)

THE LITTLE THINGS I NEED MOST IN LIFE...Love, Trust,Peace of mind.

Little things I need most in life...
none that I can think of... They are big things for me... just because i need them the most...
A little affection,
a bit of space,
a pinch of sadness,
a dash of smiles to make my day,
a ray of sun in between the rains,
a moment to giggle, when i am in pain,
my dear ones around me,
to give meaning to my life's journey
... they all mean a lot. :)

Big things I need least... LOL I can think of loads of these...
Fancy dresses to feel beautiful. I have my thoughts to wear...:)
Big Baubles to feel rich... I have my friends around me.:)
Big Awards to feel honoured... I have the appreciation of my loved ones.:)
An annual appraisal to feel promoted... My kids give me a promotion every now and then...:))))))))
Just to name a few... :) (Jitu)

THE LITTLE THINGS I NEED MOST IN LIFE... smiling faces, growing trees and beautiful animals...
the big cars and the palace... (AmitMakwana)

little things that I need most in life is happiness and comfort n well being of my loved ones..
Big things that I need least would be all the luxuries..which I def love but can easily do without. (Savy)

little things i need: Diamonds!
large things i dont need: tiger whales (even the blue ones are not welcome) (Awesome)

The little things i need most in life ... Peace
The big things i need least in life.... wealth. (Jerry)

theres no power above the power of Love and affection, the Powwer of a Caring Heart, which can help us move ahead in Life. Love makes us a true Human Being ..vot more can v seek from Life. (Rohit)

The little things i need most in life ... Knowledge, Peace & Happiness, Health & wealth
The big things i need least in life.... All that the wealth can buy :D (Busybee)

Little things? How about a trip to the moon?
Big things? How about Chinese territory in my name? (LP53)

The little things I need most in life - a complete normal family (which I never had),peace of mind(which is a rarity),freedom to live life the way I want to, instead of the way people around me dictate(alas!) Since they are all denied me, they really do seem BIG to me!
The little things that aren't denied me in this life, are the ones which make my life worth living;such as a sweet friend and a good book.
The big things I need least in life - A car,a bungalow,social status. (Samyukta)

The little things I need most in life are smiles of pleasure from young and old. The big things I need least in life are the glitters of diamonds and gold! (Phoenix)

Little things I need the most ... coffee breaks with friends.
Big things I need the least ... Driving my own Ferrari :D (Sumit)

the little things i need most in my life are :
1. family and friends!! no 1 can live without them and im no exception!! i say they are lil things because most of th time, knowingly or unknowingly we take em for granted!
2. a smile on everyone's faces around me.
3. njoying the First rains by getting wet in them.
4. bringing a smile on someones face
5. a bit of love and less of hatred amongst all
6. junk food on the streets:D:D cant live without that.
7. my Freedom!! (TD23)

The Little things that I need …………There are sooooooooo many little things that actually make me the person I am and its kind of difficult to list all of them … yet I have managed to do so only a few ones but in no case it should be thought that these are the only ones…..
1) little prayers…………that keeps my goodness alive
2) little pampering …..from my parents that makes the little kid in me active
3) little scolding…..from my brother that keeps me on my toes …(hehehe)
4) little encouragement…..from my sister that brings my energy back into flow
5) little gossiping …….with my bhabhi(sister in law) that keeps me aware about the latest happening around(hehehe)
6) little masti……with my nephew (who’s 1 yr old )that brings back the memories of my childhood (mind u he is as naughty as I was in my childhood)
7) little naughtiness….with my friends that allows absolute freedom of my sense of humour
8) little pat on my shoulder…..from my senior at office which is very rare….
9) little praise ……from my boss which I hope should come as often as possible
10) little enjoyment…..with a funfilled cassette on ...aahaa….that sets me rocking n moving.
11)little introspection……with myself to become a better person from being a good person
12) little observation …….on nature which makes me learn that harmony or synchronization is the only way of “LIVE N LET LIVE”
13) little criticism ……of me that allows me to keep a check on myself .

The big things that I need least in life……

1) Big Ego ……as it would destroy all my little things that I need most in life
2) Big Luck……as it would not allow me to work hard n stretch my limits. (Rekha)

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The entries in the previous editions (from the very first one last June) were such a wonderful steady source of inspiration, wisdom, precious insights, and fun. We have achieved far more than we have sought or expected with this writing game. Kudos and thanks to everyone who contributed to its immense pleasure, delight, and fun.

Here's another one to nudge your minds with. :-)

when I look into the mirror I see..A happy reflection :) (Savy) time when I will look into the mirror I will remember you...:)) (Shrawan)

When I look into the mirror, I wonder, how much of the truth does it speak. Does it show me all my faults or does it hide? Does it appreciate my good and magnify? (Phoenix)

... a FOOL! (LP53)

myself.. (Busybee)

When I look into the mirror, I see the chocotale marks left on it by my kiddeos... and go looking for the rag... LOLOLOLOL... (Jitu)

I look at that beautiful back ground :D (Naveen)

...god grace..n thank him for hu n wht i am :) (Bobby)

When I look in the mirror I see a mischevious ,intelligent and good looking girl staring right back at me !! (Frenchita)

When I look into the mirror I see that I AM THE CUTEST OF THEM ALL ;) Love. (Divya)

WHEN I LOOK INTO THE MIRROR I SEE..... Me & My Dreams :-) (Envisage)

when i look into the mirror,i see...
a small me
a poor me
a silent me
but an enthu me
above all,
a fighter me. (Manini)

When i look into the mirror ... i see a happier Sumit. (Sumit)

I see myself and wonder if it was the same person who was a lot thinner and was even lighter than now.. but then i say to myself.. "Not bad, after all!!!" (Kamesh)

when i look into the mirror...i see.." RAMBO -minus the machine gun and ofcourse....the muscles..."...:D :D :D (Imran)

When I take a fleeting look at the mirror and decide to give it a skip... I remember your post and take a second peek just to have a look... and i see someone with a twinkle in her eyes looking straight back... I smile and tell her... "Ok. Next time I am at ellen's I'll tell her about you." And she smiles back at me.:) (Jitu)

a person who needs to slim down a little more, increase her sense of style a little more & improve the frills here & there a little more :D :D :D :D :D (Sindhu)

I see a very capable person who does not live up to expectations and capabilities due to laziness and procrastination ! (Vrij)

When i look into a mirror.... "I have to be revived with smelling salts and splashings of water." (Khalid)

WHEN I LOOK INTO THE MIRROR I SEE ... nothing but 'the virtual me'... as no one even me also} can see 'the real me'... (AmitMakwana)

when i look into the mirror i see.....a person who i know very well. (Rekha)

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THE GREAT VICTORIES OF LIFE ARE OFTEN.... just around the corner. :):):)
- Great Victories of life are - just those small ones. Our desire for them and our endeaver to achieve, make them great.:) (Jitu)

.....are the small everyday ones!!! (Morpheus)

...often forgotten... (LP53)

..the stepping stones of greater victories. (Naveen)

The Great Victories of life are often
- those that are won against the great evil called TEMPTATION. They are 'great' because you have exerted your will power over it. They are victories because you end up making the right choice.They are most worthy of notice because they are fought with the enemy within yourself, i.e. your own temptation. (Samyukta)


The Great victories in life are often ... achieved alone (or leave you alone). (Sumit)

The great victories of life are the ones we fight within ..such as hate , greed , lust and fear .. no victory is sweeter ... (Frenchita)

The Great Victories of life are often.....unspoken...only felt...such as LOVE. (Bobby)

THE GREAT VICTORIES OF LIFE ARE OFTEN.... happens, while u r busy enjoying the hardwork it takes!
done by common man.... with common things.... and people think afterwards...He is an extraordinary ONE!!! (Chakoli)


The great victories of life are often, the earliest ones. The time we started to walk upright on two legs, when we started to use voice to communicate, when we started to use our thumbs and hands,like no other creation of God does. After that all the victories are mere extensions of what we learnt in the first 6 to 7 years of life. (Phoenix)

great victories of life are often ...small ones apparently but potentially big :) (Savy)


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Friends have asked me if the Writing Game we had last June could make a come-back stint someway and sometime soon. I thought bout it and realized that having such a game where people come together to play and share is indeed an enriching experience. So in honor of those who have posed that question and for us to see each other again here, I'll make a Special Edition with this writing.

The same guidelines work in this edition but this time no restrictions on the number of lines. The only concern will be the o3 server..... I hope it does not dampen our enjoyment of the game with its uncooperative nature.

By Vani's request, here are the Guidelines:

- I will be posting a particular yet an
- When you see this, REWRITE IT in a way you want it
to show or be read.
- No limits to its length. Let the creative juices flow.
- No quotes or famous lines but just YOUR own thoughts.
- Your messages will then be POSTED IN THE BLOG.
After you have placed it in the Comment Section.

Here it goes, folks.....


If only... I had a trailer, I'd go on a road trip round the country with buddies...cross the islands to Boracay. :-)) Lots of sun, sea, and sand! (Sunshine)

If only , we could live life for more than once, we could make our lives better! (Phoenix)

If only... I had a trailer...I would not be sleeping at one place, called home...would be another Gadhafi! (LP53)

If only i had a re-wind mecha-nism in life like VCR i wud be able to set right my past b-lun-ders :) (The Bard)

If only...I had you the world could finally stop spinning ... and my dead end road would finally have a new beginning. love kkrushna

"If 0nly, I knew what exactly I want in Life instead of Everything" ;) (Lust4Life)

IF ONLY the determined attempt + favor of destiny I will be CEO of Honeywell ( Big Dreams of a small kid :P :P ) [ Vani :) ]

if only i knew what happiness is i wouldnt have traded my "time" in persuit of it.........time to go to work........ (Vish)

if only i knew when my glass would be full n spilling n I shall be doing all that I should.... (Savy)

If only... I wud be fair to life rather than expect life to be fair. (Navin)

IF ONLY..... I had known,what life had to offer before I came into this world. (On uncle's letter) - If Only..... I can understand the meaning behind it n Implement it n make make my life fruitful/joyful. (Mini)

If only I was more focussed , I would have achieved much more in my life! (Frenchita)

IF ONLY - I had tons of money to indulge in a cruise to Alaska - book a suite at the Al Burj, go on a trip of the Palace on Wheels and take up a villa in switzerland. That's all i want! :) (Jojo)

May be i can add...:)
If only... O3 works without a hitch... our lives would have been a bit different at least.:D:D:D:D NO retyping comments, No reposting posts, No invisible posts, No exchange of commenters' ids. :D:D:D My journey at o3 would indeed have been smoother.:) (Jitu)

Lols! This got me laughing, Jitu. :-D ---But, folks, let me put this on record -- Jitu helped me restore my missing blog. This wonderful person does not only write beautifully but has a big heart. :-)

posted on Sunday, August 05, 2007 12:50 PM

WRITING GAME - Edition 10 The Last Edition I REMEMBER..

THOUGHT #10 (Last Edition) - I REMEMBER..

So here we are at the end of the line. I feel so fortunate and privileged to have enjoyed such an enriching experience with you in the game. Neither can it be ignored all the wonderful and inspiring messages received from you. Everything was simply magnificent. Thank you, my friends, for making this birthday month of June very special. This shall always be remembered for a long time in my heart. God bless you all!

And for the __nth time ---


Have learnt in recent times to thank God rather than question Him as to the reasons behind a situation :D (Sindhu)

..that GOD is always with me...regardless if I acknowledged him or not. (LP)

This is the one with most answers....I will take the liberty to list out everything that comes to my mind and not just 4-5 lines...this being the last edition,I hope the liberty is granted. so here goes:

I remember ..
1)my first crush
2)my first Nancy Drew book
3)my first Sherlock Holmes mystery
4)the first time I completed a Crossword Puzzle
5)the first song I played on the Guitar
6)my first kiss
7)the time I felt God's presence all around me
8)the first time I shed a tear for somebody else other than me
9)every kind word/gesture I came across like it happened yesterday

the person i truely love even though she is not wif me.
the first raindrops falling on my cheecks
the frnds I grew up with (Bronel)

I remember ..........the beauty of nature. (abx)

" I Remember Not To Give Up When That is The Only Thing I Wanted To Do " (Lust4Life)

I REMEMBER..nothing! abosultely nothing! i don't look back and don't strain my memory much! (AmitMakwana)

...nothing. (Jay)

Well Ellen,
Whenever i m on o3 i remember to visit your blog and pen down all the appreciation i have for u. These days its difficult for me to have a better appreciation for your writing skills or picturing skills. twnmplu! (Pearl)

I remember the happy moments I spend with my family. I remember God for everything He has given me. (Perfect Guy)

...and i still remeember the fist time i came to you page.... (Vish)

I remember...
those moments when I felt HIM so close to me.... AND...the day when you started this fabulous game that stimulated penning skills for many O3ians :-) (Blogesh)

i remember to thank god for all the little and the big things i have been bestowed with..thank him unfailingly for it all :-) (Thisisme)

I remember myself...very faintly... (Sridhar)

I REMEMBER... the days i spent in my hostel wid my lovely roommates n ya ofcourse college days... (Janu)

I remember to forget the things I don't like, I wished they never had happened... (Sharad)

I remember....good times, and not so good one's too :D:D (Navin)

i remember ..that i was an insecure kid ..needed more love than i got. (Frenchita)

I remember what I want to......and also what I don't want to :)) (Lavina)

I remember how each time, the smallest of creations humbled me, so have rendered the cloak of my ego, into the cover of humility.

kudrat kay har ek goshay mien kayanaat nazar, aayee hai
issliye apnee aukaat ko hayaa say dhaknay mien samajhdaree hai. (Khalid)

i remember... what i had to go thru to become a person what i m now!! (Rups)


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Birthdays lead us to think about life – what has gone past, what is in the present, and what is hoped for in the future. What we truly have though is the present. It is here that we build our tomorrows armed with the lessons of our yesterdays. So maybe now we have formed our own impressions about life – of what it is and what it isn’t. Your take, my friends.

Life is not to be measured but lived, good and bad times will make way for each other so we should try to enjoy and look to learn from both. (Sumit)

LIFE IS NOT terms of size and personal achievements, but LIFE is measured in terms of efforts to perform and to excel! (AmitMakwana)

Life is not measured but Experienced . (Amita)

Who says. life is measured in birthdays, anniversaries, boyfriends,...:D (LostPatrol)

life is not measured but lived to the hilt..thats what true life is about :-) (Thisisme)

Life is not measured but lived by understaning and realising the importance of evolution at each and every front of life be it mental or otherwise----. (Mann)

not by the years in life......but by the life in your years
:D not mine...somene else's...I liked it a lot :) (Sindhu)

ife is not measured...
across its Breadth, but its Depth is more important. (Sharad)

life is to be measured and savoured ..bit by bit. (Frenchita)

Life is not measured.. in the number of years gone by, it is measured in moments of self realization. (Samyukta)

...because it's infinite. (Jay)

life is not measured by the breaths you take but by the moments that take your breath away :) Divya)

Life is not measured by riches, success, trophies, titles......
but by the times you smiled and felt joy
do a tap dance in your heart! (s)

I will be coming up with the final edition of thoughts (#10). I hope that everyone who came since DAY ONE will come for the FINAL GAME to close it with me. Thank you. -ellen :-)

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The subject is courtesy of a dear friend, Morpheus. He thinks that this could be a good thought to nudge our minds with. I think it's a very good idea. In fact, there are a couple of things I myself would prefer to have 'changed' right now, if I could. :-) Okay, dear people, let's do this!

And I'm not going to forget to greet (repeatedly Lol!) all birthday celebrants for this month of JUNE! A HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! MAY GOD BLESS YOU! :-) May joy and gladness be yours not only this month but all of your lives.

(Thisisme): my temper and my too much of a giving attitude.. should learn to b a taker at times too.. :-)

(Saaya): IF I COULD CHANGE ONE THING - THAT WOULD BE ....My perfectionist, tempermental , neat freak , choosy attitude ....People find it difficult to cope with :) )

oder Peoples attitude...bcoz I m perfect..well almost....
....on a more serious note...I guess my take it easy policy :D:D:D

(Sharad): My temper and my fluctuating state of mind like Pal mein tola, pal mein masha. :-)

(Phoenix): If I could change one thing...that would be human tendencies for hatred.

(Taira): everything is destined by the almighty and whatever happens was supposed to happen. Nevertheless, I would like to change few things about myself..... am more of a trusting person and get taken for granted always.... wish i cud at times enjoy being a reciever and get pampered always, instead of being a giver all the times.....and my blunt attitude, which causes wrath at times shudnt be so bcos i say things as i see them.....beyond the actual picture; which people mistake it for being totally rude.... a negative but i feel its a positive for me bcos my conscience is clear about myself and my thoughts....
cheers :))

(abx): that would be .........destiny.

double standard n hypocrisy from the ppl.

(AmitMakwana): IF I COULD CHANGE ONE THING -- THAT WOULD BE... terrorism, by converting it into simply love!

(Lust4Life): If I Could Change One Thing - That Would Be "Not To Let Go The People Who Love Me"


(Decentmonkey): If I could change one thing.. it would be removal of discrimination of any kind..

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket (Osho): If I could change one thing it would be my wife.Any takers.She feels the same about me.

(Sur): my always-so-confused-MIND!



(Sunshine): Hi! Yup, a few things could need some changing, not just one. Like -- superiority, inferiority, jaded minds, weakness of character, fearful hearts, etc. The list would be too long. To sum up, I guess it would fall into the criteria of NEGATIVISM. I can't stand negative people, they snuff out the joy of living.


(Zaina): if i were to change one thing..then it'd be our world..for the better.

(Samyukta): If I could change one thing - that would be my famous temper. I lose it at least once a year!!I wish I could reduce the frequency and then one day totally control it so that I don't lose it ever!

I will not change my CAT! ( you stole it?) (LostPatrol)

For June 22....
Thought #9

posted on Tuesday, June 19, 2007 3:22 PM


We tend to overlook important things in our life. We behave so utterly oblivious of everything else but our own comfort and needs. Sadly we often skim through the fact that our behavior or misbehavior does affect people around us. Until one day when the consequences hit us hard and bad we face up to our wake up call and say ---


nt spend more on my CC :P
add less sugar to my tea :)))
be more regular to gym :O :O
Control my shopping list :D :D :d
spend less time in parlour :p :p :p
..........Make sure not to repeat the mistakes of past !!
add more goodeness to my deeds !! (Saaya)

Next time I will, not wait for next time.:) (Jitu)

Next time I will….
Call home when I’ll be late for dinner
Not chew gum in meetings
Tidy up my room
Read the book I bought last week
Control my temper
Can’t believe this – the list is long! But I am serious! (Mack)


Next time I will......
care for those ppl who left me desserted when I really needed them. (Bronel)

Next time I will...
shhhhhhhhhhhh....Badi Bill around...quiet...:D (LostPatrol)

next time i will...
do exactly the same thing that i did last time. Repeat all the mistakes.. i learnt so much from them. (Morpheus)

not repeat the behaviour and words that hurts someone' sentiments, instead i will encourage and appreciate people around, for the better. (AmitMakwana)

try not to repeat any of the mistakes, commited so far!! (Anil Kumar)

Next time I will......think better ;):D:D:
Next time I will think of a better sentence :P:P:P (Navin)

I'll kiss that a** who is taking me for granted all the time. (Sharad)

Next time I will....
Make a resolution that I can stand for :-) (Blogesh)

..look behind & analyse. :D :p (Jay)

1. be thankful for the second chance and try to utilise it well..
2. never visit the coffee shop that i went today.. their coffee tasted like shampoo :( :D (Decentmonkey)

Next time i wud keep my head and mind straight wont let it wander off here and there....!!! (Firefly Aka Sur)

Next time I will ............. Learn to let go with a smile. (Amita)

'll try to control my temper and moods and my tongue!! (Thisisme)

Next time I will.....
not let the situations and circumstances win over what i really wanna do.
Next time I will......
give my all effort and attention to my priorities. (Bronel)

Next Time i will make sure i will not hurt anybody and also not worry unnecessarily and enjoy life :) (Deeps)


posted on Friday, June 15, 2007 12:56 PM



Happiness is not elsewhere its in self.. we just have to uncover it. Happiness cannot be gained.. it can only be realised. (Morpheus)

HAPPINESS IS when you believe you are beautiful.
HAPPINESS IS also Relative like Work done is accomplishment.
Accomplishment is happiness. (Mini)

.. but still happiness is in my control to a extent.. first I need to choose to be happy.. then count the blessings and be grateful for what I have instead of being miserable for my desires.. (Decentmonkey)

.. always around the corner waiting for the green signal from me, moment i am through the pain, i will welcome HAPPINESS! Amit Makwana)

I know that life is flawed, but still i say that happiness .............
shall be the satisfaction, before i sleep, that i improved upon the legacy given unto me, even if it be by a very small bit
and while doing so:
was able to share whatever i could
had compassion for the fellow being
felt empathy for the deprived
spread even an ounce of laughter everyday
was able to reciprocate the affection rendered unto me
Gave it my best shot, howsoever hard the going. (Khalid)

STILL I SAY THAT HAPPINESS IS ....... what makes the ride worth pursuing. (Amita)

finding pleasure during this journey of life and learning to enjoy it and accept it & be a part of it - even with its flaws :) (Divya)

"...playing with your dogs by the lakeside".
"...what you experience from fulfilling your needs as well as of others." (Jay)

Life doesn't always hand us a bowl of roses, true. It is flawed and we are surrounded by imperfections. But we can always aspire for happiness in small doses despite being in the midst of trials. For me, happiness can be a quiet moment by the foot of the stairs just watching my little niece play with the puppy. (Dierdre)

Happiness is how u feel when u get something u desired and u've worked for :) (Sharad)

I know that life is flawed, but still i say that happiness.....
is accepting as it is :D:D:D (Navin)

I know that life is quite flawed but still I say that happiness is ......
in knowing...
that you gave your best shot every time.
in realizing...
that you can bring a few smiles no matter what.
in the satisfaction...
that you did your best to leave the world, a little better than you found it.
in doing your part ...
in the mighty circle of life... with all your heart.
in living each moment...
and reveling in the company of his creations.
in feeling...
his love. (Jitu)

I know that life is flawed but still i think that happiness is .......
something that can found in small tiny things... its not something that can be searched at the Perfect places or situations...anything which is perfect is actually an illusion.. So Happiness lies in living this falwed life with a Happydent smile and a Ifectious optimism and Love!...
Happiness lies when u can proudy accept that inspite of the flaws that life has ... u were ..and are able to enjoy and utilise it to its fullest.. by living every nano second without complaining! (Firefly)

when you get to know what life is, and being optimistic for what the life gives you. (Anil Kumar)

Happiness is like a bright rainbow in the cloudy sky. (Abx)

I Know That Life Is Quite Flawed But I Still Say That Happiness Is “ Consistently a ConsCious ChoiCe” !! (Lust4Life)

These are our own inbilities depending on our surroundings while we grow up, that make us to percieve life as flawed---. (Mann)

Happiness is a feeling inside, doesnt have to wait for a moment to happen...
a famous quote that I remeber...
Happiness is nothing more than good health and a bad memory. (Chakoli)

finding satisfaction & contentment with whats available on hand! Not easy...but not impossible too! Sindhu)

Knowing that tommorrow will be better. (Sumit) much happiness here..let me take some, plz..:D LostPatrol)

Happiness is knowing that I belong here – in my world, life, and to myself! That no matter how I may seem to others, it is what I think of myself which truly matters and what moves me forward to my fate or destiny. (TomorrowsChild)

Happiness is in the simple things in life.
The cool breeze on a hot sweaty day. A beaming smile on a crowded train. The first smell of the monsoon rains.
Happiness.. aha.. how we all desire it.
And right now happiness is in hearing my mobile beep with my special one's text message.. Aha.. happiness... (Aj)

STILL I SAY THAT HAPPINESS IS............Getting that valuable peace of mind and effortless sleep in the night and doing those small pleasure things for my NDOs !! (Saaya)

happiness is something which can be only found within oneself!! try it.... its always there!! (rups)


The individuals perception. It is all around in nature, the deeds you do,
the self-realisation, those million dollar smiles you can create by your presence. (Blogesh)

End of all Sorrows and Problems.... (Bronel)


posted on Tuesday, June 12, 2007 8:10 PM



:-) Oh yes indeed, the objective has been achieved surprisingly and beautifully as the month progresses. I see you writing down your genuine and magnificent thoughts in the blog one after the other in quick succession. It is a huge privilege and pleasure that you have unselfishly agreed to share it with me and everybody here.You are everything I thought you would be, fellas. This even goes far beyond expectations. Truly and worthily a fitting celebration of friends and friendships.

:-)A Happy Birthday wish to everyone celebrating his/her birthday this month of JUNE. May God bless you with everything good for a happy and blessed life.



One thing has become quite clear to me.....that if I don't live my life on my own terms it would simply wash away and leave me with regrets but then I'll cope. Secondly, if I trust people to be good, they will be. There might be exceptions and these could hurt me but that too is one of life's lessons. You have a good idea in the blog. Thank you too for your wishes, I celebrated my birthday this week. (MeThink)

ONE THING HAS BECOME QUITE CLEAR TO ME….. that life is going to be unpredicatble and i have to live with the uncertainty, but i am confident enough to live my dreams... (AmitMakwana)

ONE THING HAS BECOME QUITE CLEAR TO ME...I can get anything I dream of, what all required is - just the Honest efforts (dedication, hard work etc all would come for free along with these honest efforts)!! (Anil Kumar)

ONE THING HAS BECOME QUITE CLEAR TO ME...that you get the pie when it is destined. aspiration & perspiration do stand with lots of undisputed importance - but fate, "timing", surrounding circumstances, play a vital role. So move on, keep on putting sincere efforts, be loyal to what your soul says ! (Blogesh)

.. that 'This can never sink' Titanic can sink !.. and miracles do happen ! (Decentmonkey)

One thing has become quite clear to me...
whether i want or not life won't wait for me.
it moves with it's own pace
it has it's own mind.
if i can't find beauty in the way it is,
i might as well be blind.
as this fog clears,
and shows me the way,
let me resolve to love life every day. (Jitu...feelings)

one thing is clear to me and that is that i am the best.
i desperately look for competition...sometimes i feel i have found some...but then the fellow proves he/shez as dumb as the others!! (Idiot)


One thing has become quite clear to me...that....
ppl dont stop for me even if i really care for them today tomorrow and always. (Bronel) that my spectacles have to be cleaned. (Jay)


...that birth and death are not of my choice; but between them, I have.. (Lostpatrol)


ONE THING HAS BECOME QUITE CLEAR TO ME…....when the going gets tough,the tough get going....never be bogged down by difficulties in life....there's always the hope of seeing light at the end of the tunnel :) (Deeps)

one thing has become clear to me ...that Life throws the biggest of surprises ur way..when u least expect them.. :) (China)

One thing has become quite clear to me....its always my choice and my decision. (Navin)

what has to happen will happen....all you can do is do your best and leave to God the rest! And once done....stop worrying about it....because the events after it aren't in your hands anymore! :)
And I agree with DM too...Miracles happen! & How!
So maybe...I can also say...its become clear that God exists! :) Just a matter of you recognising him around1 :) (Sindhu)

One thing has become quite clear to me, the world is at its end. Because nobody cares anymore for the humanity. One thing has become quite clear to me, we can't blame our governments for attrocities, when we do not care to stop them from doing these attrocities in the first place!
One thing has become quite clear to me, that saying this doesn't make me a pessimist, it makes me a realist. (Phoenix)

That there is no constant in life.. but one.. change!! (Morpheus)

Coming up next…..

posted on Saturday, June 09, 2007 9:37 PM



Tomorrow is promised no one...
in that case I do my best in my Todays.
And if I take care of my todays in that
manner, perhaps it would take care of
my tomorrows? :-) (Sunshine)

..and yesterday is history.. today is what we have on hand to use as we choose to.. (Decentmonkey)

TOMORROW IS PROMISED NO ONE… can imagine and can rely on, rather concentrating on today is the best way to create the better tomorrow. (AmitMakwana)

Tomorrow is promised no one and yet people are so hang up on it letting the present go slip through their fingers. Must be because we have been told that by our mothers and their mothers before them...a thought handed down generations. (Mack)

2mrw is promised no do what u can do best today :-) (China)

Tomorrow is promised to the extent I can put efforts today, yet HE is the one who graces my efforts. (Blogesh)

TOMORROW IS PROMISED NO ONE… so be kind and be nice as you can be!! tomorrow is always there for such people :) (Anil Kumar)

Tommorrow is a promised no one ... but tommorrow is a dream that hangs on and drives you today to realise that dream ...
i love my tommorrow :)) (Sumit)

Tomorrow is promised to none
so don't hassle urself n have good fun
smile ur way thru with song n pun
if u feel low pep up
looking at the smiling sun
seeing this sad attempt at rhyming
elle is gonna shoot me with a gun :P (The Bard)

Is it really hard to see?
foolish it is to put future in false hope.
life is a single drop or a whole sea.
adversity is today , and therein lie reasons to cope.
and from past,a futile attempt to run
and tomorrow is promised to no one. (Phoenix)

Tommorow is promised no one and neither eternal is today
Hopes are aplenty, but our fears keep them at bay
With the yarn of time, is the fabric of life woven
Giving it your best shot, is the path to be chosen
In efforts are the seeds from the tree of heaven
Which, the sweat of endurance, definitely shall enliven.



TOMORROW IS PROMISED NO ONE ....hence do everything as if you are not gonna get another chance. It means today lottssssss of shopping ....and again next today goes on !! I wish my comapny also thinks in the same way ; give me sa.lary for every TODAY :d :D :D (Saaya)

tomorow is promised no one :
i ll tell my mom n dad.. how they made my life the very best i could have had.. and i will hope i get them as my parents all over again if m reborn again!!! :) (Rups)

Tomorrow is promised no one...
live life in this moment. (Jitu...feelings)

TOMORROW IS PROMISED NO ONE… So dont miss a chance to share laughs with those you love. (Mini)

Tomorrow is not here.. would it be here i don't know.. but what i have is my today.. and i want to make the most of it... take care of today and tomorrow will take care of itself.. (Morpheus)

For Monday.......

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I BUILD 'BRIDGES'... so that our minds stay connected without looking down ever... (Sridhar)

I BUILD 'BRIDGES' that they can sail safely to their destination while circumstances are not very favourable !! (Saaya)

to discover new opportunities in waiting.......(AmitMakwana)

because i am an engineer (because i have no other work to do....he he) (Abx)

so that i can meet my frens wen our roads dont cross.. (Rups)

I build Bridges... coz apart from my own self, its a real pleasure to see others sailing through my creations. (Rohit)

i feel i cross the bridges build by others but consciously i may not have been creating much or many of them. (Pearl)


I build bridges ...
because I have burnt off the previous ones! (Camelot_999)

Because I like to build them.. but only the strong ones stay.. (Decentmonkey)

so anyone can at anytime come across the bridge & talk to me, when they need a friend! Now wasn't that too melodramatic! :D :D :D On a serious note...I would people stay connected! (Sindhu)

I build bridge so that I can drive my bike over the bridge while my GF is watching me from the ship under the bridge :D (Sharad)

I build bridges...
would like to build one, as people around me are going to love me for this constructive idea ;) (Anil Kumar)

I build bridges bcz
I lyk seeing ppl crossing the deep river without any fear... (Bronel)

I build bridges...
of friendship connecting you and me and everybody. I hope to build quickly as some people break them down fast. (Sunshine)

I build 'bridges' that i can meet my close ones and share my views and can enjoy the life.. (Mahima)

I build 'bridges' because I want to spend more time with my loved ones. (Sumit)

i built bridges among my conscious, my dreamworld and my subconscious,so that i explore myself... (Pingu)

...'cos no genie is willing to build it for me. (Jay)

I build bridges...
1. So that i connect one country to another to make the world one unity meet my love ones as fast as i can.. (Sk)

I build bridges out of curiosity.
I build bridges to make my life more enriching.
I build bridges and try not to break them ever in future ... because I've broken a few earlier and I don't want it to repeat.
I build bridges (a second time) when I see I have a chance at mending the ones I broke earlier. (Samyukta)

I build bridges to last a lifetime. I build them to get to you.
I build them strong, and I build them long, only for you and that is true.
Why don't you understand, why don't you see my point of view?
I build bridges, but so do you. In your blindness , you build them away from me, into the mist , into the blue. (Phoenix)

i build bridges with cement and concrete!!!!!!!!! so that vehicles and people can pass ..they can walk on my bridges without fearing about the dangers lurking beneath..............
i build bridges to save you...your loved ones and provide a safe passage! (Idiot)

For tomorrow, June 08, Friday ----
(It's okay if you wish to do it now. :-) See you next post!)

posted on Tuesday, June 05, 2007 7:53 AM



--- Honest
--- Understanding
--- True to their selves and to others :D (Sindhu)

I trust people to be :
Loyal to me.
Loyal to the relationship that we have.
Return the Loyalty that I show towards them. (Samyukta)

-caring and loving (Bronel)

Majority to be a reflection of our attitude towards them.. baring few exceptions, of course.. (Decentmonkey)

...atleast true to themselves if not others! (Mausmi)

I trust people to be....without any pretence, being THEMSELVES! (TD23)

i trust ppl ..when they are authentic :-) (China)

I trust people to be :
- Respectful
- Ethical
- Loving if they are being loved !! (Saaya)

ah!! everyone has said everything here :)
hmm may be simple and considerate-not only towards fellow beings but towards the environment and nature as well?? (Lavina)

unpredictable, as they have always been... (AmitMakwana)

Authentic and true to oneself! (Pearl)


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucketi trust people to be :
in love with themselves.. as they have always been!! (Rups)

I Trust People To Be What They Are.......everyone is an ordinary individual with abilities that make each one of them unique and far from the ordinary!! (Divya)

I trust people to be :
Loyal to the relationship that we have and authentic :-) (SK)

..untrustworthy. (Jay)

I trust people to be: honest and kind :) (Anil Kumar)

i trust people not to wear mask to hide their real self and to have the self belief that they are special no matter who tells them otherwise. (Morpheus)

I trust people to be kind and true to themselves and me. (Sumit)

i trust people to be people. (Idiot)

Coming up for Wednesday, June 6... It's perfectly alright if you want to do #3 today too. THOUGHT #3 I BUILD 'BRIDGES' ...

posted on Sunday, June 03, 2007 8:15 PM


Hi! You know what, I want to do something different this time this month – my birthday month. It’ll be a writing game and will engage anyone who drops by my blog, friends and the invisible ones too. It’ll be easy, nothing fancy, but who knows something might come out of it – something which could create new wonderful surprises for you and me.

It goes this way.

- Every MONDAY – WEDNESDAY – FRIDAY for the whole
month of JUNE,
- I will be posting a particular yet an
- When you see this, REWRITE IT in a way you want it
to show or be read.
- Your piece should only be 5 – 6 lines or even shorter.
- No quotes or famous lines but just YOUR own thoughts.
- Your messages will then be POSTED IN THE BLOG.
After you have placed it in the Comment Section.

The reason behind this writing game is that I want to gather you-my friends here in the blog with me and doing what we all enjoy doing – writing! Further, I want to celebrate “friendships – friends – people” everyday, every week in the blog this month of June. Blogging, as we all know, is always about people. That is what makes blogs and blogging special….and what I hope will make my birthday month truly special for me.

So how ‘bout it, folks ---- care to join me? :-)
Come on over. Bring a friend. The more the merrier. :-)


i see any celebrated artist' work, as i see my dreams come true, through the artist. it inspires me to rise in my field of designing. (AmitMakwana)

I see someone getting SUCCESS after putting all those 100% genuine efforts...I really feel great and get emotional for those who gets SOMETHING when they really DESERVE it. (Anil Kumar)

I GO CRAZY WHEN...I GO FOR SHOPPING... Lolz... :D (Downtoearth)

1. I see wonderful games like this :)
2. I read about our infinite universe.. and realise how tiny we are :D
3. A stranger infant smiles to me.. (Decentmonkey)

It really is not that difficult for me - am CRAZINESS Personified :P :P
And I am not really crazy - it's just that I am out of the ordinary ;) (Divya)

I am always crazy!
for me it should be : I go sane when........
so i go sane when i sleep (my roomies tell me that!!) (Idiot)

i go crazy when .....
the first drop of rain, kisses the parched earth,
when the rain god smiles, and decides to play with water,
drenching me, u and all of us
and then i reach out for the unread newspaper and make paper boats
and put them out on the small puddle just outside home...
or on the side of the pavements...and watch it travel far....
i go crazy,almost all the time:-) (Maya)

1. I literally go crazy when I suxessfully accomplish the task I am doing...Oh Man.... what a feeling it is...

2. I literally go crazy, when, daily, while reaching back home at night, I pass through a fleet of florists...fragrating flowers all around...with lights glittering onto them... those bouquets..those bunches...those baskets.. what a beauty..

3. I go crazy when on a hot sunday afternoon, I walk out of my house welcomed by dark thundering clouds on the sky..ready for a downpour....with cool breeze waving the trees in front of my house.. (Rohit)

I go CRAZY wen
--I see the birds n sqirrells gather on a rock to eat bread crumbs early morning
--I see a baby smiling at me with those beautiful eyes.
--I Smell the mud after it rains..
--I Acheive the goal I've set out myself to.. (Mini)

- Words spur in my mind and I keep on searching pen and paper :))
- When my 3 year old niece pulls out everything in her reach and troubles me !!
- When I get something I long for !! :)) (Saaya)

i go crazy wen :
1. i have nothing to do.. just like nowadays!!
2. wen i have something creatv to do n people are relying on me! i give my 200%.. i forget sleeping eating doing anything else till m satisfied wid myself!!
3. well i go crazy wen m with nature.. riverside.. mountains.. etc etc.. just love being a part of it!! :) (Rups)

I go crazy when
-- am with friends.
-- am left loose in a library/bookshop. (Samyukta)

I get crazy - Amidst sea / sea waves beaches during sunrize and sunset! (Pearl)

In the next post.......

posted on Saturday, June 02, 2007 2:09 PM


I think it's just right that I dedicate a special post now to thank my wonderful o3 friends for their birthday greetings today, the 22nd of June. In fact, I got early greetings since the start of the month. And it's all so wonderful! Thank you, guys, for making my stay in o3 pleasant and memorable. The nicest thing that has come out of blogging is ---the friendships that were born and formed with wonderful good people around -so kind and warm, supportive - encouraging - inspiring. I feel so honored and priviledged to have met your acquaintance. Names need no longer be mentioned here cause I know that in your hearts you feel the connection and you know what I mean. :-)

And to the nameless and 'invisible' readers of my blog wherever you are, thank you for dropping by. I hope that your stay, no matter how brief, had been pleasant and enjoyable for you. :-)

I pray the our good Lord, whose Great Love covers the whole world, give each of you a wonderful Divine Hug today. And by that may your life be even more blessed a hundredfold.

Once more, from my heart to yours - Thank You! God bless you all.

Ellen :-)

posted on Thursday, June 22, 2006 11:54 AM

ANGEL LOVE 3 - The Last Stretch

Readying this page for the last stretch. :-) Will be back here very soon. Bye for a bit!

June 10 --

Good evening. I'm watching the clock while I'm here at the computer. It's close to ending the game. But I got a wonderful surprise tonight. I welcome SmilingMe, a new friend and visitor in the blog...who took on a long journey at night to deliver Angel Love to a friend on her wedding day. :-)That's amazing! Also not to be left behind, Decentmonkey came and posted his AL. You know, I am sure that his visit to the home for the aged is noted down in the hearts of the old folks there. They are not too old to feel love and care. Nobody is ever too old to miss that when they see it.

Honestly, I am viewing the hands of the clock ticking away the minutes with sadness. The past one week we were privy to generous acts of good from various friends here in o3. They stood as Angels in disguise ministering Angel Love to-- family - friends - officemates - neighbors - strangers - even animals! Maybe the week alloted was insufficient because I feel that there were more that could have been part of this, if only given enough time. But what started out as a simple 'game' has turned out to be a fitting tribute to the goodness inherent in men and women in our midst. Some of my friends (jaded unfortunately) tell me that all good is lost in our modern material greedy selfish and cold world. Well, they're eating their words now because they have read all these Angel Love deeds accomplished by a gathering of people of diverse personalities near and far. :-)

I remember these words from somewhere long ago although I may not quote it exactly but in essence it says: “Don't hold back in doing good. Don't hide the light within you -- let your light shine through and out to a needy soul or souls.” That's right cause you'll never know just how much it would mean to them. You could in a very special way help restore their faith in mankind, in themselves, and in GOD.

June 11 --

Allow me to quote these several beautiful lines penned by J.E. Javelosa, to wit:

---We look around and see many things breaking down, disintegrating. Our mindsets about ourselves, relationships, government and institutions. There is a negative force that breeds upon itself, often coming from the great virus of the ego where only greed, self-centeredness and power become the keystones upon which lives are played out in the game of survival. This is the primal energy that surrounds us today...

---Values are forgotten or thrown to the wind....or values allow themselves to be compromised in giving the selfish ego its supremacy.

---It is a negative energy which, imploding upon itself, destroys the very fabric & nature of what the Spirit is about---goodness-generosity-integrity-understanding-compassion.

---Wasn't it Ghandi, the great leader of peace, who said that for change to happen, we must be the change. or the Zen saying that goes 'start at the place where your own feet stand'.

---When the interior becomes steadier, our center becomes grounded in gifts of the spirit such as peace and love. Then something magical happens-- we act towards the outside world, not react, but act positively, consciously and purposefully. Suddenly we are awake. Suddenly we are in the Light, with the Light and we become lighter. Further fruits of the Spirit will be expressed ---- generosity integrity and compassion. When we touch another person's life with these, they too will be moved to change. When all of us strive and aspire towards this, a deeper revolution happens and true transformation begins; in our (families), communities, in our government and country, and with Mother Earth too. WE ARE, AFTER ALL, TOTALLY CONNECTED AS ONE.

With that I take my leave for a bit. I shall be back to post my part of the game. Take care, everyone. God bless you all! :-)

posted on Friday, June 09, 2006 6:08 PM

ANGEL LOVE 2 - Updates

I think I've filled up the first post to capacity, so I needed to open another post for added space. :-) We're getting closer to the finish line - Saturday, but the heat is still on and Angels flexing their glorious wings doggedly get busy with their Love Deeds.

If there is anything which this Angel Love game has revealed -- it is this that we all have the huge capacity to love well and good. Our Love Angels have displayed to us that this can be done in small or great measure wherever we are-whatever we do with no thought of reward or preferences i.e. race, color, creed, rich, poor, and if I may add - the 'unlovable'. Wonderful people - Wonderful world!!

June 6 -

It's a tight race - Angel wings flappin' in the same frequency from both frenchita and lostpatrol53!! And we got Zombie delivering four good Angel Love deeds. You know, often it's love for family that puts us to the true test. Imagine lostpatrol53 sitting there listening to his wife's 'gossip' (to quote him) lolz. Ain't he just sweet?!! Zombie showing loving patience with her dad over a computer issue and on the phone yet! Simply grand! If you review the comment box (previous post), you will see how the others earlier have poured out their loving hearts in their homes with their families, respectively. It doesn't take much to make another person or persons happy. All it takes is the willingness to do it wrapped with love.

Remarkable feedback we're getting with these. Imagine how much love fills up a person's day and often we don't even notice. Let's open our eyes, minds, and hearts to the tremendous presence of love in our lives. And let's move this LOVE forward. C'mon, folks, there's room for more -- come flex your angel wings and spread blessings to waiting people - there's plenty. Yup, more Angles needed. :-)

June 7 -

Good morning! lostpatrol53 takes the lead now sowing a lot of Angel Love seeds in the home, at work, and with friends. From the growing list in my sheet, I can see a very common denominator -- an unselfish and giving heart! And the giving is made easier with humor packed-in, too! LP, if the triple 6 denotes the bad guy.. as your wife teased you with (she was kidding, pal!) -- you certainly did prove her wrong! And -- you certainly blasted 'him' off to where he belongs with your Angel love. Tra-la-la!! :-)

You know what, whenever I feel the 'blues' coming to me... I make haste to come in here and read all the Angel Love deeds posted by wonderful people -- actually Angels in disguise. It makes me feel better again. The love they spread all around impacts me with the realization that this life and world can be better -- so much better. All that it needs are people who care enough to give love -- who open up their hearts and unselfishly share this love with others friend or foe, near or far.

This is what we're celebrating with this game. Frankly, this has turned-out into something so grand and beautiful. Birthday or not, my cup of joy gushes out over the brim in torrents! It may be too soon to say this but --- my heartfelt thanks and appreciation to everyone who came, be counted, and shared your hearts. Know this that you have not only loved so well but you have opened up yourselves to the most wonderful love of all - GOD'S LOVE. "Whatsoever you shall sow, so shall you reap." May God pour down upon you His boundless love and blessings where you need it most. :-) Love yah all!

JUNE 8 -

I was reviewing through the AL deeds early this morning and it struck me impressively seeing the diverse personalities going through the same ‘mission’--- Each one injecting his or her own unique and distinct character in carrying out the activity. To my mind and impression: Frenchita– sympathetic and a lover of animals; Mini– sweet devotion to family; Vrij– considerate and helpful; Rpramod and Sumit– solicitous and responsive; DecentMonkey - thoughtful and caring; Vani– gentle and compassionate; Zombie– sweet and responsive; LP53 – selfless with a fine sense of humor. You know, one doesn’t always get this out in the usual interaction in the blog. Whatever is written in the comments box by them and others more don’t always show their total persona or character. Sometimes it leaves one guessing – are they real? What are their real thoughts? Who are they? I have done a lot of cruising in the many blogs here, read through long lines of comments or chats, and seen such a diverse gathering of character and personality. This as many will agree, in essence, is what makes blogging a dynamic and exhilarating experience and activity. But that is all there is to it – unless…… something manages to nudge out to the fore the real person behind the often made-up bloggers' id or name. Then you’re in for a very pleasant surprise, to put it mildly--- Because finally you get to see the person in pure essence of character and not merely in form. More often than not, you will be pleased to see– beautiful people in minds, hearts, and souls.

This short week which is soon coming to its close, we have had the rare chance to take a glimpse of the faces behind several popular names in o3. There are more of them but have become shy to show themselves. lolz. :-) This early with great pleasure and pride I say – it’s such an honor and distinct privilege to know you all better. May God continue to pour down His bountiful blessings upon you, your families, and loved ones. May the light of God's love and grace shine upon you for the rest of your lives. :-)

June 9 -

Good morning! It's a lovely day outside my window I can see. What lovely surprise I got checking my blog today. This is addressed to Zombie -- you see, nobody in the past months have ever made me teary-eyed with warm affection and pleasure. I say you did just that to me with your warm message today. I don't know but it certainly hit a chord so deep in my heart. Maybe .... maybe I have had a visit from my own Angel Love --- Zombie!! :-) Thank you, my sweet dear friend.

This is what, I suppose, all those people on receiving their Angel Love deliveries must have felt-- a warm-tender feeling that wraps all over you! with your heart beating in gentle rhythm to the beautiful experience. And then it makes you want to gush all over the place praising the name of that special person-- thankful, grateful, & appreciating the blessing-- and finally... it ends up in a deep silent intense prayer lifted up to heaven--to please, dear Father, bless this wonderful human being! She just made my day! :-)

And you know what else on this fine Friday morning? Truly as Mom used to say to me 'when it rains, it pours!' --LP53 had me laughing so hard in my seat I was bursting all over.. lolz, to quote him -- “Target: Ellen AL: Prayer for fortitude to bear my ALs one more day.“ :-))) Yup, Zombie, this guy is amazing!

Evening: Ah what do we have now-- Mini! the sweet doting wife and mother...chalking up more Angel Love deliveries. :-) and.... sent our friend, Vani, a nice birthday greeting card! Happy Birthday, too, Vani! :-)

I think I'll need to open another post (Angel Love 3) to cover the last day of feedback - Saturday - which ends at midnight. This one's down to its space limit. So then.... see you there! :-) God bless you!

posted on Tuesday, June 06, 2006 9:51 AM


JUNE is the 6th month of the year and this year is 2006. I like to remember this. It’s a special milestone in my life— it’s my birthday month. It’s not a perfect life, but good. ‘Been through the long stretch, lived the good and the bad times life threw my way, gathered baskets of pearls and still ‘gathering’. :-)

I’m in a celebrating mood and mode lolz. Let’s have some fun! I would like to engage friends, or anyone who would be interested, to invest a teeny-weeny bit of his or her heart, time, and effort in this game --- to be ‘LOVE ANGELS’ for this first week of June (June 2 – 10).

The goal: To deliver ANGEL LOVE to someone each day for 1 week

What: Angel Love –-- expressions of kindness,
generosity, loyalty, comfort, empathy,
compassion, forgiveness, joy, good cheer,
understanding, devotion, support, etc.

How to: 1. Zero-in on your target person.
2. Appraise where he/she needs love.
3. Decide how best to express Angel Love.
4. Deliver.
5. Return to this post and record your
accomplishment in the Comment Box, like so:

By: (Your name. First names only)

Target: Mary
Angel Love: Comfort in her sorrow

Target: Neal
Angel Love: Helped with his sales pitch.

Target: Sachin
Angel Love: Found him a place to stay.

Target: Mom
Angel Love: Surprised her with a bouquet of flowers
today. No occasion.


The game ends at the stroke of midnight of June 10, Saturday. The record of accomplishments will be reviewed and tallied here in my post to determine the highest record of Angel Love deeds committed by one person. The winner will be the inspiration and his deed or deeds the topic of a new post in his or her honor penned by yours truly. Okay, the game begins NOW! :-) Good luck.

One more thing before I go, I know that a few may draw back shy of joining this, but please don't. Don't lose the opportunity to make another person's day burst with sunshine, love, and good cheer. It takes only a tiny-little-sometimes insignificant-often ignored bit of love to make another person's day. Remember how you felt when somebody wonderfully made your day, too? It's something like it -- perhaps even more. You can make it even better - much better. So let me know you will. Just say “COUNT ME IN!” :-) God bless you!


June 3 - lostpatrol, frenchita, and Mini zeroed-in on family, neighbor, friends, strangers, and pets! DecentMonkey first to report an ALD has yet to post it in here. We're waiting, DM!

June 4 - Template Guru' Vrij chalked-up four AL deliveries. Am sure o3 friends will appreciate the template thing he just did.

June 5 - Good morning! These quotes tell about YOU - o3 Love Angels. Read on. :-)

- Give of yourself as the Angels do and wonderful things will come to

- An Angel is a kind and lovable person; one who manifests goodness,
purity of intention, and selflessness.

- An Angel's art is his HEART.

- Angels have a hidden agenda - LOVE.

- Sometimes your best friend is actually an Angel in disguise.

- Strangers may enter your life for a short time but the healing they
bring can last a lifetime.

- Angels around us, angels beside us, angels within us.
Angels are watching over you when times are good or stressed.
Their wings wrap gently around you, whispering you are loved and

May God bless you all! :-)

Here they are! More Angel Love deliveries from Frenchita, rpramod, and DecentMonkey. Frenchita appears to be taking the lead now. Hey, guys, read up (comment box) on what they did -- warms the heart so. :-)

Vani posted her Angel Love Deeds. I would like to include here her comment which I think is so typical of Vani - humble and sweet. To quote --“ :) honestly, it seems very strange to talk about your deeds. feels like you are blowing your own trumpet“. It may sound so to some, but it's not done in that context; we're doing this to celebrate the innate goodness of men and women everywhere-- and to share this goodness with a greater number of people near or far. And you know what, folks? It's Vani's birthday week, too. Let's wish her a Happy Birthday! Another birthday is coming up on the 4th week -- Mamsi's! who's also in our game now. :-)

Yup, more Angel wings flappin'! More blessings on its way.

posted on Friday, June 02, 2006 9:15 AM


I’ve met a lot of geniuses in my life – real honest to goodness brilliant people. Okay, genius per se is a big word to use everyday. But intelligence– they’re everywhere. I have so much respect for intelligence – clever brainpower. Am not speaking of the intelligence of books or mathematical acumen but rather of the kind which leads a person to do what is right and correct at the right given time and place with real understanding, zeal and compassion. One that cuts through the mumbo-jumbo of complex fa├žade, veneer, or pretense which people oftentimes put up in many situations but for a certain reason.

Are we getting confused there?

Okay, I sort out intelligence into two kinds – the CC (cold cerebral) and the WI (warm intellect).

The first one is behind all the brilliant inventions or creations of our times then and now and in the future yet. It establishes principles, theories, formulas, systems, doctrines, ideologies, and space flights to outer space. It writes outstanding essays, books, manuscripts, and reaps oodles of recognition which our society could ever invent for them. And they deserve it all. I won’t argue over that. They have my respect and admiration.

The second one is where I would put my last money on, if I were to choose who I’d want to be marooned with on a deserted island somewhere-nowhere on the map. And I wouldn’t even care to be found or rescued or miss the companionship of my three lovely dogs…and a lazy but cuddly cat.

Hmmm, I sense a question forming in your mind now. :-)

Let's try this.

Marooned on an island with CC may assure me of an effective make-shift shelter or a regular supply of fish caught with an intelligent contraption made out of coconut trees would probably be a creative comfy and secure stay on the island until help comes along. But I’m such a big nervous wreck when things go amiss. I cope in extremes by either nagging on the issue or shutting up keeping it all inside. Now I wonder how CC would cope with something like that.

Maybe he’s going to quote me the emotional principles contained in psychology books to explain my fears, or the possibility percentage of being found and rescued, or at worst be so angry or flare up with my irregular behavior, or scoff at my efforts to want to contribute to his plans for a rescue. Duh! he's as cold as the icy wind blowing over the island.

Let’s try WI.

The shelter would still be made though but maybe not as sophisticated as the other one and the fish will still be on our menu but sometimes we may have to do with fruits if there would be some on the island or just have to go to bed without it at all.

When at times my fears get the best of me, he would be right there beside me and be such a comforting presence, explain things in a gentle genuine manner, or engage in a story to take my mind off my fears. Or if I opt to be a recluse instead, he would try to draw me out of it with gentle coaxing or maybe even with playful humor. He’s be so much in control of himself, the situation, and even of me (which I certainly wouldn’t mind lols with a genuine fella like that).

Such an environment of down-to-earth concern (which I would think is both his brains and heart working together) would succeed to calm down my fears and effectively draw me out to reciprocate in like manner towards him too. That would certainly earn my trust and confidence in his leadership in the situation to which I’d give my full support. So the situation now becomes an ‘us’ situation – where not one or the other would serve as the protector or the one being protected – but of two people working together intelligently to solve the problem.

Now isn’t that a show of good sound healthy intelligence of the right kind?! Something that warms the heart so.

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against brilliant minds, nope. I admire intelligence or brilliance in any person. It’s a God-given gift. But it would help if such brilliance is tempered with a more humane approach towards life and the people around you. Genius may take you to the big time, fat paychecks, top scale jobs, and the adulation of your peers – true. But what worth is all that when there is so much lack in the other areas of your life.

- When your kids see you only on birthdays, sometimes not (why can’t you find time for that but always keep tab of your boss’s anniversary?)

- When your wife can’t even discuss some important event in the family without you muttering an obviously lame excuse and leave (are things of the home so mundane for your precious time and mind?)

- When close friends can’t do lighthearted banter around you without you brushing it all off as a waste of time (do you know that some worthwhile things are not found inside the boardroom at all?)

- When your small kid comes to you with a broken toy and you instead opt to buy him an expensive intricate brand new one as replacement (do you really think that’s what he wants from you?)

Know where you should put your brilliance. Put your genius to better use with people who mean the world to you. Okay, be the brilliant person that you are to the world, but be even a better one to your family and close friends.

A man may be a genius but he can still do things that practically break your heart.
–James Q. Du Pont

posted on Wednesday, October 10, 2007 3:14 PM


I know what it’s like at times when you feel that nothing seems to work or happen, that everything you’ve done feels like all going down the drain. I know what impatience is like. It’s like tying your shoe lace but your fingers won’t cooperate…like it has a life of its own. That feeling can be so frustrating when pursuing a dream. Feeling that way restricts your vision to seeing potential and curbs it down to feeling ‘I’ve lost it’. Wearisome thought. How it can gnaw at our reserves of courage, strength, determination, energy. It eats it all up wholesale.

In many instances in life, we often find ourselves stuck in a situation like that. The first thing that comes to mind is to hide in your room, sit on the bed, and stare down at your feet - Nope, no clues to be found there whatsoever. I guess a dejected person always looks down, hangs down his head or bows down – a message of complete surrender to whatever it is that confronts him and has won over him.

We have our dreams big and small cuddled close in our hearts. All we want and hope for is to do something great for ourselves or for the people we love. Just like a hopeful and excited fresh graduate who would head off to the big city to try his luck there. But the big city, as often it does, can be like an ugly ogre who can and will rip up weak hearts to pieces dashing dreams to the ground.

Then eventually we lose the will to fight as courage drains out of us like a broken faucet its water running wildly out. Sure enough the next thing that we do is we take down our bags, pack our things, and take the first plane home -- Defeated.

But wait and listen.

‘This is just one day of the many more days you will be having in your journey towards your goal. So do what you must do-- today. Whatever it is, big or small, do it and when you’re through at the end of this day, rest!. When the morning comes, you will do it again. And in every day that follows it – over and over and over till your eyes drop.

A carpenter hammers at a nail several times with sure firm strokes before the nail finally sinks into the wood, right? That’s how you follow a dream – you doggedly follow it one day at a time for many days, weeks, months, or years until you finally get there. See yourself as bubbling waters running through both calm and rugged terrain and river beds stopping for no one or nothing – just rolling along happily until it gets home to the sea.

Time isn’t the main thing here; it is your effort that goes into building your dream which counts. Work at it with sure deliberate steps one piece at a time, one step at a time --day by day. Just hammer at it with everything you’ve got and take it one day to the next. You’ll get there maybe even sooner than you think. Oh by the way, trust God too cause He’s right there hammering with you. ’

"You will achieve a grand dream, a day at a time, so set goals for each day -- not long and difficult projects, but chores that will take you, step by step, toward your rainbow. Write them down, if you must, but limit your list so that you won't have to drag today's undone matters into tomorrow. Remember that you cannot build your pyramid in twenty-four hours. Be patient. Never allow your day to become so cluttered that you neglect your most important goal -- to do the best you can, enjoy this day, and rest satisfied with what you have accomplished." (Og Mandino)

posted on Friday, October 05, 2007 8:05 AM


We know that life is always fraught with concerns, issues, troubles, problems and that it certainly spares no one. Being people of microscopic patience, anxious minds, and weak hearts we tend to seek out immediate relief from all of our troubles. A problem is what it’s always known to be – a difficulty, trial, test, struggle, mess, ordeal, predicament, a snag or a dilemma. It’s very inconvenient, stressful, heart rending, mind boggling, catastrophic and life shattering, disastrous, and tragic. Nobody wants that ever. So then whenever such a situation hits unexpectedly, the quickest and immediate solution out of there would be a person’s natural choice. To achieve this -- he would turn his radar on to possible conventional ways and means available to him. Or if none is seen, he will undoubtedly create it notwithstanding its unusual mode. So we hear of stories of people who steal, embezzle, cheat, deceive, swindle, or become prey to loan sharks and the like, and in extremes kill -- All for the purpose of finding a definite or final solution to a problem. But this action doesn’t solve anything at all, unfortunately. In fact, it simply compounds further the issue or issues at hand. What was thought of as the solution -- is now the new problem to contend with – without having even solved the previous one.

Let’s try another view.

Not a popular one at all, if you ask me, because it’s not comfortable, fashionable, easy, effortless, or painless. So then why bother telling bout this, you would say. Well, I bother because I believe it to be – good and true.

If one is to travel to some place and given a choice between two roads to travel on – a smooth highway and the other an untried rough road, which would be chosen? Apparently the choice would be the first one – the easy one. Nobody would go by way of the rugged road. Same thing when confronted with life’s troubles.


Because pursuing the less traveled rough road of life exposes one to unimaginable inconvenience and doubles up the difficulty…

-- it is hard to stay consistently strong

-- it is tough to be unwavering in faith and hope

-- it is rough trying not to be afraid

-- it is tiring and wearying to the mind, body, and soul

I agree it is all of that yet it is the only path I can see which would get you there in a much better state than when you started. That entire thing bout being hard, tough, rough, and wearying is part of this so-called lesser path. It’s there for the purpose of bringing out the right stuff in you to enable you to cope and deal with life’s bad turns. Notice how we get better after winning over every difficulty strewn our way? -- A victorious and triumphant moment undeniably. You see it’s meant, actually, to bring out the best in you. Those rough times of your life collectively or separately work to transform you each time into the person you were originally meant to be – by God’s design – a brave, stronger, sturdy, wiser version of your old self. It just gets better every time.

Tough choice but a winning one. Believe this.

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I –
I took the one less traveled by,
and that has made all the difference.
---Robert Frost / The Road Not Taken

posted on Tuesday, October 02, 2007 9:58 AM


Different people would look at it differently but what I would be interested to know is– from what outlook or stance is a person looking at the world from.

It’s important to know that. It is important to see how or what your outlook towards life people or things is. When one of my daughters whine away or complain of something awful happening in her life, I would stop her dead on her track with a particular look. Then she would know and shift gear in her line of thinking. And the conversation would turn towards more positive ideas or impressions. It’s not easy because there is so much happening in life, in people, in the world, and most of it is what people would call bad or tough luck. I guess that is enough to drive a person into a corner to sit and growl. Often would feel scared – frustrated – helpless – hopeless - confused, and sometimes embark on a rampage of blame – blaming unfair office practices, an erring spouse, inefficient policies and people, nosey neighbors, flights delayed for hours, corrupt government officials, scheming relatives, false friends, rebellious children, or the cat whose tail you have accidentally stepped on and got a scratch from which needed an anti-rabies shot.

A friend countered with this --- ‘don’t we all react in that manner?’ Again true, but is that the only way that our reactions should move towards – a negative outburst? Can’t we exercise control over our responses to something bad? Well, can we?? His face went blank, mumbled an excuse and left me to deal with my own question.

I used to be all spit and fire when faced with anything that didn’t run according to my expectations. And if my fiery temper didn’t work on it, I would go to my room and sulk, cry and blame, typically. My mom (a small woman of wisdom and courage 10-feet-tall) would then come in and say to me….

‘You’ve already lost the battle without a fight. If you want to win it, then learn to see it through positive eyes. See that behind the inconvenience discomfort or obstacle is something God wants you to learn and grasp. It’s a nudge telling you that something needs correcting or review. Or maybe a blessing lies within but you have to strip the unpleasant layers off.’

I really didn’t know where mom got that but I always thought that when things happened that way – it was never my fault but somebody else’s or something. And how could a blessing ever be all wrapped up in a negative circumstance as that?!

‘You must learn and learn well to see life, on the whole, with a positive outlook. This enables you to see issues better, analyze situations well without emotions getting in the way, discern truth, and cut through the cover of falsehood. A positive outlook towards life gives us better control when things go bad. People would often mistake this type of control as weak because you will appear to them as – calm and perhaps slow. But there lies your strength and power – in being calm in the midst of a storm.’

It's not an easy task - never has been, never will be; rather more of a struggle -- to be positive -- but anything is worth trying if it would take a person away from being rooted in awful situations and mind sets. Maybe I can't change situations... but I can change the way I think about it or look at it.

To make a long story short, I was a different person from that day on. Although the learning still continues and bad things continue to storm my life, but I simply look back to that day and Mom’s words… -gets me back on track again. That’s enough to make me change gears in my thoughts – from negative to positive -- thereby making the driving down life’s road with better chances for a winning challenge.

Life is what we make it, Always has been, always will be.
-Grandma Moses

posted on Saturday, September 22, 2007 1:23 PM


What I can say is simply my perception or view of what destiny is like. It runs parallel to the idea of a bridge in the picture posted here. A bridge that’s there before you… ready for you to cross… no other way ‘round it for you to get to the other side but through it. That’s destiny… a predetermined route to somewhere or something.

Is everything in our life predetermined? Perhaps --- to a certain extent. Preset by birth as white, brown, or black race or color… or tall short thin fat… those things are predetermined by a Supreme Being – our Creator. It stops where one begins to exercise God’s gift of free will and choice. Being rich, poor, ignorant, educated, catholic, protestant, successful, failure, popular, outcast, smuggler, philanthropist, etc. are things which we become by pure choice and free will, ours or that of another person, far from being predetermined by so-called fate or destiny. It’s all about the choices we make in life. "Within each of us lies the power of our consent to health and sickness, to riches and poverty, to freedom and to slavery. It is we who control these, and not another. " --- Richard Bach (Illusions)

If we suffer as in… losing our wealth, businesses flounder, marriage failure, a child is born a handicap, relocate to a foreign country and regretting it later, abuse life situations, murder, accidents, etc. … those are not found in the stars. They are caused by us making the wrong choices and decisions or by others making their own mistakes which in turn affect our lives. It’s a small world and we all stand connected (like it or not), so whatever one does, well or bad, could affect other people’s lives and vice versa, directly or indirectly.

Well then we could pretty well ask ourselves this --- is it my destiny to suffer illness? As I understand it, illness is the result of a person’s poor attention to health or the proper style of living. Undisciplined abuse of food choices, in laziness to exercise, in wrong attitudes, or negligence in doing the right thing, etc. bring about a cumulative effect on one’s body through the years. Diabetes (or some other disease) may be waiting just round the corner for such a person. I don’t look at illness as destiny. Always there is a reason behind something happening for good or bad. It still boils down to somebody making choices or decisions running contrarily to goodness or well-being. One holds the choice to be healthy or not.

Destiny may be that ‘bridge’ laid out for one to cross head-on. But WAIT before you cross it, there is something you should know…. that right there is the option NOT to cross it… because you CAN seek other ways to get to the other side or to another location perhaps, categorically speaking. Meaning create your own dream – your own goal – or build your own bridge to the future. The act of ‘seeking other ways’ is that act of carving out your own destiny. When you do that, then the idea of destiny transforms itself into ‘choice’ - The active use of free will. And the definition of destiny then immediately loses itself in it vanishing into thin air. You have taken control. Your life truly becomes yours.

Destiny – what then do you want to make of it? -An in the stars thing or… your own thing and creation. The choice is yours.

I am doing this post for a dear friend. The original content was a reply to his email. I didnt seek his permission though to print his name so I won't, but he did want me to post this. That's why it's here now with a few editing to suit the overall text. I know that we all have differing views on the subject and no one is wrong. My experiences are different from everybody else's and vice versa. So take this as perhaps an addition to what you already know. Thank you. Take care and God bless! :-)

posted on Tuesday, September 18, 2007 1:57 PM


If there is anything that one gets to do a lot in a hospital --- it’s waiting. One waits for lab results to come in, for medicines to take effect, for bodily functions to restore to normal, for the doctor who’s doing her rounds seven floors above you, for the bathroom to be cleaned when you called the utility an hour ago, for your turn at the long queue at the cafeteria jam-packed with people (fortunately hospital meals for the patient are punctual), and wait for your number to be called at the cashier’s lounge. It’s a long list of waiting for something or someone. It’s also waiting for days to zoom past and for time to fly with haste, if only.

I’ve got patience famous in the family for its ability to stretch itself to Africa. Mom, who wouldn’t miss the chance to bonk my head with lessons, would always remind me that ‘patience is a virtue’. But in a hospital situation where it’s put to the acid test, it fails miserably -- Because to my mind their sense of urgency seems NOT to jive with mine. Never does. Theirs are always off. Well, I guess that’s how relatives of patients must feel anywhere everywhere.

There’s one other kind of waiting though that’s an integral part of a situation such as this. It’s --- waiting on God.

This is the battle that rages in the spiritual realm of faith. One wrestles with the question – will I or will I not trust God? Will he answer my prayer …or not? We live in a physical and material world where to understand things we must see it – hear it – touch it – or talk with it. So what doesn’t fit into the criteria boggles our minds and gives us a hard time believing. And because we are a culture of ‘instant coffee’ and Mr. Fix-It-ASAP, anything that makes us wait indefinitely or grope in the dark goes against the grain and rattles our brains, not discounting the super ego too.

But if one leans on prayer in one’s darkest hour, then one will learn soon enough that in prayer one gets to do a lot of waiting. In fact, prayer is waiting too.

Waiting on God is different --- It’s not the dry lazy do-nothing wasted time of waiting as most perceive it to be. Because there’s so much that really goes into the waiting --- Things which one can’t easily rouse up in normal times and sometimes not even in extraordinary times. So it’s a hard battle between the opposing camps of “Will I” or “Will I not” trust God. Yet despite the fierce battle raging within, one does ultimately win the joust even before the waiting is over --- Hard to believe that? By God’s magnificent grace, the waiting bears fruit in the waiting itself. God uses whatever you can give him, big or small faith, to create something you will absolutely need in your circumstance.

Strange as it may seem something happens as one waits – it’s like something inexplicable pushes aside the curtain of doubt and uncertainty which veils across the mind and heart. A sense of boldness and clarity of thought takes its place. A fresh surge of confidence and understanding shoots up and out allowing one to see one’s place in the scheme of things. And hope becomes the light that carries one bravely through. Now where does that all come from, you might ask?

All these things happen in waiting on God. With an open and trusting heart you will see that He responds quickly in ways beyond an ordinary man’s understanding. Though He may not create the miracle you want in the way you may want it (He has His ways) but He will definitely create a special miracle inside you. What seems like a slump or setback in your life is actually God’s way of creating a better you -- like a product is refined through a certain process to make it better. Now why should this be important to us? It’s simple, we know that life is not easy… never was meant to be easy and we undoubtedly need something to carry us through the long arduous journey. Having prestige, influence, power, resources, and money may not be enough sometimes although it has its uses too. BUT... Of what use are those material perks when we cringe or flinch at the slightest prick or crumble at the tiniest of bad news? So much more is needed and that can’t be found outside of us but rather from within. God set life in that extraordinary mode for a very specific reason. This is for us to mature – develop – grow. The unpleasant circumstances of our life bring out our talents and skills of survival – it transforms us into persons of courage and strength, of diligence and perseverance, of wisdom and faith – the kind that God wants to see in us.

He wants us to grow in faith, in trust, in spiritual power and stature so that we are able to surmount the often impenetrable circumstances of our mortal life. Thus it can be said that the material and physical world only plays second fiddle to the spiritual growth of man and his soul. All that which transpires on earth work separately or collectively towards that sole purpose or end --- top of the line Spiritual strength and power. This is the spiritual blueprint of our lives – Becoming the person of trust, prayer, obedience, courage, strength, power, and faith which He wants and enables us to be. Armed with it, we begin to understand and experience that life despite its difficulties --- becomes perceptively a rewarding challenge, amazingly. Active waiting on God moves it forward every time.

Rejoice when God makes you wait --- for He is doing something magnificent in your life.

He just did ----- in mine. :-)

posted on Thursday, September 13, 2007 6:51 PM


In every winter's heart is a quivering spring and behind the veil of each night is a smiling dawn. (Kahlil Gibran)

Nature reflects life. Its four seasons no doubt signify some bit of relevance, if not wholly, to the things we go through in our days spring, summer, autumn and winter. I am here now in the winter of my soul.

I took the usual early morning walk the other day trod through the same old paths round the neighborhood settled by the side of a mountain range. The walk started off glumly I must admit. Fresh from the hospital episode concerning a member of the family I was still left in a daze and hadnt quite got back my sense of equilibrium. As usual I had my ear phones stuck in my ear with the same morning-walk-music playing while I followed the paved roads up and down the mountain side. I felt relieved that there were no friendly faces met along the way because I wasnt too sure what face I could show to them. There was so much to think about and so much to do that I felt I didnt have anything left to spare for other things besides. Apart from feeling drained by the past weeks event (thats the understatement of the year lols!), I was now trying hard to recoup new strength for difficulties lined up ahead. Anyway in that early hour of the morning always the whole neighborhood would have their hands full busy with their respective morning chores which apparently worked well to my favor then.

The music didnt appeal to me this time although it was the same one which always enthralled me in my other walks. In fact I wasnt listening to it. I was looking down not up as if counting my steps to nowhere. The looking-down stance was on purpose as I didnt want to meet eyes peering at me with questions no matter how well-meaning they may be. I just wasnt in the mood for it. Some other times perhaps but not this time.

I reached an incline so had to look up as I heard a vehicle coming towards me I moved to the shoulder of the road for it to pass. On looking up in that split second I felt a strong tug in my heart. And suddenly everything seemed to be so clear and real to me right there---

the tall trees greener, the flowers by the side of the road brighter, the cloudless skies bluer, the rising sun warmer, the morning breeze cooler, and the birds singing cheerfully louder. And even the music in my ear seemed sweeter and pleasant. All seemed to bear down on me with a hug. .. a huge bear hug.

I felt a smile on my lips knew something or someone was at work that very moment. :-)I walked back home with these thoughts.......

Can you imagine having the universe come down to you for a bear hug?

Or envision how God can use ordinary things for an extraordinary moment just for you?

Or sense a Mighty God speaking to you saying that all is well and not to fear because He is in control?

Can you think of a better reason not to say that God held my hand that morning and walked with me?

Can you truly say to me that God did not touch my heart and talked to me right then and there?

Can you honestly tell me that God didnt say that He loves me miserable unworthy bloke that I am?

God just did to me. In my darkest winter God surprised me with spring! :-) New life, new growth, new hopes, new tomorrows.

And thats what God can do to you too and many times over as you may need. Believe this. I believe.

With great pleasure I would like to put down here a lovely poem sent by Rekha who meant to help ease me out of worries and give my soul some rest. It's a beautiful poem -- inspiring and warm. So much like Rekha, a wonderful person and friend.

Dear Rekha,
thank you with all of my heart. God bless you.

Here it is.

In your darkest hour
When loneliness and despair overtake you
I’ll be there
In your darkest hour
As the fear and the doubt overwhelm you
I’ll be there
I am The Light shining in your soul
And the hope living in your heart
I am the dream you cling to
When your life seems torn apart
I am the friend walking by your side
And the family who loves you
On this long and bumpy ride
You are not alone
And you are not forsaken
Even in your darkest hour
When you feel your heart is breaking....I'll be there
I am with you in the good times
And when laughter turns to tears
I’ll be there in the days…and weeks…and as the months turn into years
You are not abandoned
Your spirit…strong and true
And even in your darkest hour
There are friends and loved ones…..and My strength to see you through.

By Mike Hall

posted on Saturday, September 08, 2007 10:05 AM