Thursday, October 25, 2007


I would like to take this opportunity to thank sincerely wonderful friends who left encouraging messages and support in the previous blog. You will see who they are there. :-)

There are so many things we take for granted in life, but please not the friends who stay by your side in times of trouble. Treasure them cos you don't get these special people everyday. They are God's gift to you. May God bless you all -beautiful hearts- with tons of good things in your life!

I don’t like carnival rides, especially so that I easily get dizzy with the slightest spin or whirl, slow or fast. But that doesn’t rub me of the thrill of watching others enjoy ecstatically those rides one after the other. Their excitement and enjoyment is so much fun to watch… with a bag of popcorns in hand of course -- Makes me wonder whether it’s the ride or the popcorn that’s really giving me that high.

But there’s a kind of ride that I will never get used to although it’s the one I most often get to ride on --- but not by choice. It’s a ride which life heaps upon me without any warning or hint. It simply plops me on the hard seat and sets up the engine to high gear….. And there I go up – down – all around – over and under in break necking speed… riding the huge roller coaster ride of life. Nope, it doesn’t make any stops for any reason I may ever think of or concoct – and believe me I do. It’s this kind of ride that will make you want to yell at the top of your lungs “Somebody, stop this thing --- I want OUT!!!”

That’s how I felt last week.

I won’t dwell on the details of that particular episode in my and my family’s life. I would rather want to ferret out the insights or lessons derived from it, to wit…

FAMILY is the steady solid pillar of support and strength for anyone. In the deep of the night when things seem to bear down harder and there’s no one there for you, it’s the family that gives you that sense of hope courage and strength. It’s the family that loses sleep over you as it stays by your side every night watch, that puts their work aside as you are placed in the forefront of their lives, that seeks out ways and means and miracles to give you the much desired relief, that selflessly sets aside hurts bitterness resentment and the times you weren't allowed to bring home a boyfriend (my daughters' dad is quite strict on the subject of boys lols!), and gives you all the love affection and care you need and even more. You'll never get a bunch of wonderful people all in one place as a family is.

FLEXIBILITY gets you through the humps and bumps without feeling much of the pain (you learn to adapt - adjust). You bounce back from a disappointment or frustration without feeling the prickly pangs of despair. Flexibility gets you moving and doesn’t let you remain stuck in one place. It teaches you to go with the flow - not putting up foolish resistance and false courage.

FAITH Believing that there is a Supreme Being who is in control of everything sets your eyes steadfastly on hope. God reigns supreme. We may not always understand his ways his thoughts nor his timing, but we know in our hearts that he never leaves a prayer unanswered. Never! He answers a prayer but we must understand that he answers it his way. Faith, no matter the size of a mustard seed, is all that he requires from us. Let us learn how to give him that faith. It's not easy, never is... but it's the key to peace and calm.

WE ARE STRONGER THAN WE THINK WE ARE Unbelievable? Maybe to some, but it is what it is – we are truly stronger than we think we are. Something within us pushes us to take one more step, make one more call, plan where it seems impossible, and makes us rise every morning and trek down the same difficult path again. We can stand tall in the midst of turmoil and strife. We can hold our neck above the lashing waves and swirling waters and not get sucked underneath. It’s the indomitable spirit of man that rises to the occasion – unbending resolute tough determined and feisty. God did not create fearful hearts. Yet as we are creatures of habit... bad habits... 'not to fear' becomes a huge challenge to us. But when we learn to overcome fear, the doors to blessings open up wide and clear.

TENDER HEART Yet it’s not always tough and feisty that gets you through though, not always. Sometimes it’s a tender heart that knows how or when to bend to the wind and wait out the storm. Not everybody can be strong 100% of the time, some may buckle down under pressure and stress, some will tire and weary with the battle. It’s a tender heart that can ease the weariness away; help it renew its courage and strength; help it rise from every fall; and restore your heart to where it should be. You can use this with others and with yourself.

FRIENDS It’s a lonely world and life without friends. In times of distress a person needs a friend to walk with him by his side. Just being there in that moment is so much already. Saying a kind word, a sympathetic look, a touch – these things can make such a huge difference in the troubled day and life of a person. There are no small efforts in this area -- every good thought word or deed is a treasure. Give generously of your heart; you’ll never know just how much kindness and compassion could help another towards recovery and healing.

SENSE OF HUMOR What a sense of relief to be able to smile and laugh in the midst of one’s troubles. There will always be lighter moments even in strife. It is a gift to be able to see it and seize it and enjoy it heartily – alone, with family, with friends. The world may seem to have tumbled down on you... but somewhere there is something you could laugh at. Or maybe yet try laughing at yourself.

These things did its role in helping us go through our difficult moments in one piece. But above all that, we anchored our hope trust faith and strength on one source ---- our magnificent God.

We’re back home now but the rough and tough roller coaster ride isn’t over yet. In fact, there’s more twists-and-turns up ahead but we will take it one twist-and-turn at a time. Anybody got a pill for dizziness? This is going to be a long wild tough ride. :-)

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