Thursday, October 25, 2007


Friends have asked me if the Writing Game we had last June could make a come-back stint someway and sometime soon. I thought bout it and realized that having such a game where people come together to play and share is indeed an enriching experience. So in honor of those who have posed that question and for us to see each other again here, I'll make a Special Edition with this writing.

The same guidelines work in this edition but this time no restrictions on the number of lines. The only concern will be the o3 server..... I hope it does not dampen our enjoyment of the game with its uncooperative nature.

By Vani's request, here are the Guidelines:

- I will be posting a particular yet an
- When you see this, REWRITE IT in a way you want it
to show or be read.
- No limits to its length. Let the creative juices flow.
- No quotes or famous lines but just YOUR own thoughts.
- Your messages will then be POSTED IN THE BLOG.
After you have placed it in the Comment Section.

Here it goes, folks.....


If only... I had a trailer, I'd go on a road trip round the country with buddies...cross the islands to Boracay. :-)) Lots of sun, sea, and sand! (Sunshine)

If only , we could live life for more than once, we could make our lives better! (Phoenix)

If only... I had a trailer...I would not be sleeping at one place, called home...would be another Gadhafi! (LP53)

If only i had a re-wind mecha-nism in life like VCR i wud be able to set right my past b-lun-ders :) (The Bard)

If only...I had you the world could finally stop spinning ... and my dead end road would finally have a new beginning. love kkrushna

"If 0nly, I knew what exactly I want in Life instead of Everything" ;) (Lust4Life)

IF ONLY the determined attempt + favor of destiny I will be CEO of Honeywell ( Big Dreams of a small kid :P :P ) [ Vani :) ]

if only i knew what happiness is i wouldnt have traded my "time" in persuit of it.........time to go to work........ (Vish)

if only i knew when my glass would be full n spilling n I shall be doing all that I should.... (Savy)

If only... I wud be fair to life rather than expect life to be fair. (Navin)

IF ONLY..... I had known,what life had to offer before I came into this world. (On uncle's letter) - If Only..... I can understand the meaning behind it n Implement it n make make my life fruitful/joyful. (Mini)

If only I was more focussed , I would have achieved much more in my life! (Frenchita)

IF ONLY - I had tons of money to indulge in a cruise to Alaska - book a suite at the Al Burj, go on a trip of the Palace on Wheels and take up a villa in switzerland. That's all i want! :) (Jojo)

May be i can add...:)
If only... O3 works without a hitch... our lives would have been a bit different at least.:D:D:D:D NO retyping comments, No reposting posts, No invisible posts, No exchange of commenters' ids. :D:D:D My journey at o3 would indeed have been smoother.:) (Jitu)

Lols! This got me laughing, Jitu. :-D ---But, folks, let me put this on record -- Jitu helped me restore my missing blog. This wonderful person does not only write beautifully but has a big heart. :-)

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