Thursday, October 25, 2007

WRITING GAME - Edition 10 The Last Edition I REMEMBER..

THOUGHT #10 (Last Edition) - I REMEMBER..

So here we are at the end of the line. I feel so fortunate and privileged to have enjoyed such an enriching experience with you in the game. Neither can it be ignored all the wonderful and inspiring messages received from you. Everything was simply magnificent. Thank you, my friends, for making this birthday month of June very special. This shall always be remembered for a long time in my heart. God bless you all!

And for the __nth time ---


Have learnt in recent times to thank God rather than question Him as to the reasons behind a situation :D (Sindhu)

..that GOD is always with me...regardless if I acknowledged him or not. (LP)

This is the one with most answers....I will take the liberty to list out everything that comes to my mind and not just 4-5 lines...this being the last edition,I hope the liberty is granted. so here goes:

I remember ..
1)my first crush
2)my first Nancy Drew book
3)my first Sherlock Holmes mystery
4)the first time I completed a Crossword Puzzle
5)the first song I played on the Guitar
6)my first kiss
7)the time I felt God's presence all around me
8)the first time I shed a tear for somebody else other than me
9)every kind word/gesture I came across like it happened yesterday

the person i truely love even though she is not wif me.
the first raindrops falling on my cheecks
the frnds I grew up with (Bronel)

I remember ..........the beauty of nature. (abx)

" I Remember Not To Give Up When That is The Only Thing I Wanted To Do " (Lust4Life)

I REMEMBER..nothing! abosultely nothing! i don't look back and don't strain my memory much! (AmitMakwana)

...nothing. (Jay)

Well Ellen,
Whenever i m on o3 i remember to visit your blog and pen down all the appreciation i have for u. These days its difficult for me to have a better appreciation for your writing skills or picturing skills. twnmplu! (Pearl)

I remember the happy moments I spend with my family. I remember God for everything He has given me. (Perfect Guy)

...and i still remeember the fist time i came to you page.... (Vish)

I remember...
those moments when I felt HIM so close to me.... AND...the day when you started this fabulous game that stimulated penning skills for many O3ians :-) (Blogesh)

i remember to thank god for all the little and the big things i have been bestowed with..thank him unfailingly for it all :-) (Thisisme)

I remember myself...very faintly... (Sridhar)

I REMEMBER... the days i spent in my hostel wid my lovely roommates n ya ofcourse college days... (Janu)

I remember to forget the things I don't like, I wished they never had happened... (Sharad)

I remember....good times, and not so good one's too :D:D (Navin)

i remember ..that i was an insecure kid ..needed more love than i got. (Frenchita)

I remember what I want to......and also what I don't want to :)) (Lavina)

I remember how each time, the smallest of creations humbled me, so have rendered the cloak of my ego, into the cover of humility.

kudrat kay har ek goshay mien kayanaat nazar, aayee hai
issliye apnee aukaat ko hayaa say dhaknay mien samajhdaree hai. (Khalid)

i remember... what i had to go thru to become a person what i m now!! (Rups)


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