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JUNE is the 6th month of the year and this year is 2006. I like to remember this. It’s a special milestone in my life— it’s my birthday month. It’s not a perfect life, but good. ‘Been through the long stretch, lived the good and the bad times life threw my way, gathered baskets of pearls and still ‘gathering’. :-)

I’m in a celebrating mood and mode lolz. Let’s have some fun! I would like to engage friends, or anyone who would be interested, to invest a teeny-weeny bit of his or her heart, time, and effort in this game --- to be ‘LOVE ANGELS’ for this first week of June (June 2 – 10).

The goal: To deliver ANGEL LOVE to someone each day for 1 week

What: Angel Love –-- expressions of kindness,
generosity, loyalty, comfort, empathy,
compassion, forgiveness, joy, good cheer,
understanding, devotion, support, etc.

How to: 1. Zero-in on your target person.
2. Appraise where he/she needs love.
3. Decide how best to express Angel Love.
4. Deliver.
5. Return to this post and record your
accomplishment in the Comment Box, like so:

By: (Your name. First names only)

Target: Mary
Angel Love: Comfort in her sorrow

Target: Neal
Angel Love: Helped with his sales pitch.

Target: Sachin
Angel Love: Found him a place to stay.

Target: Mom
Angel Love: Surprised her with a bouquet of flowers
today. No occasion.


The game ends at the stroke of midnight of June 10, Saturday. The record of accomplishments will be reviewed and tallied here in my post to determine the highest record of Angel Love deeds committed by one person. The winner will be the inspiration and his deed or deeds the topic of a new post in his or her honor penned by yours truly. Okay, the game begins NOW! :-) Good luck.

One more thing before I go, I know that a few may draw back shy of joining this, but please don't. Don't lose the opportunity to make another person's day burst with sunshine, love, and good cheer. It takes only a tiny-little-sometimes insignificant-often ignored bit of love to make another person's day. Remember how you felt when somebody wonderfully made your day, too? It's something like it -- perhaps even more. You can make it even better - much better. So let me know you will. Just say “COUNT ME IN!” :-) God bless you!


June 3 - lostpatrol, frenchita, and Mini zeroed-in on family, neighbor, friends, strangers, and pets! DecentMonkey first to report an ALD has yet to post it in here. We're waiting, DM!

June 4 - Template Guru' Vrij chalked-up four AL deliveries. Am sure o3 friends will appreciate the template thing he just did.

June 5 - Good morning! These quotes tell about YOU - o3 Love Angels. Read on. :-)

- Give of yourself as the Angels do and wonderful things will come to

- An Angel is a kind and lovable person; one who manifests goodness,
purity of intention, and selflessness.

- An Angel's art is his HEART.

- Angels have a hidden agenda - LOVE.

- Sometimes your best friend is actually an Angel in disguise.

- Strangers may enter your life for a short time but the healing they
bring can last a lifetime.

- Angels around us, angels beside us, angels within us.
Angels are watching over you when times are good or stressed.
Their wings wrap gently around you, whispering you are loved and

May God bless you all! :-)

Here they are! More Angel Love deliveries from Frenchita, rpramod, and DecentMonkey. Frenchita appears to be taking the lead now. Hey, guys, read up (comment box) on what they did -- warms the heart so. :-)

Vani posted her Angel Love Deeds. I would like to include here her comment which I think is so typical of Vani - humble and sweet. To quote --“ :) honestly, it seems very strange to talk about your deeds. feels like you are blowing your own trumpet“. It may sound so to some, but it's not done in that context; we're doing this to celebrate the innate goodness of men and women everywhere-- and to share this goodness with a greater number of people near or far. And you know what, folks? It's Vani's birthday week, too. Let's wish her a Happy Birthday! Another birthday is coming up on the 4th week -- Mamsi's! who's also in our game now. :-)

Yup, more Angel wings flappin'! More blessings on its way.

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