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(I didn't ask permission to print names, so I'm not mentioning names here. But I know that my friend will see this and I hope will find some answers to the question raised. Thank you for asking, it's one closest to my heart. God bless!)


My dear friend,

Thank you for your question. I will try to answer it as simply and honestly as I can.

My life journey of many years has given me many valuable experiences for my learning and education. I count myself fortunate and truly privileged by it. Yet I have always understood this that ‘wisdom’ given us by the Lord isn’t meant to be hoarded or simply stored in the recesses of one’s mind nor heart. It isn't meant to be entirely for one's own personal consumption. It is there for a particular purpose and that is to be sent out to others where it could serve best, too. If it was only me to enjoy or benefit from it, there would be little served or gained. On the other hand, if it were shared with others --- sent out to work its purpose in other people’s lives,too,---comforting, uplifting, boosting, reassuring, consoling, encouraging, enriching, or building-up --- then its purpose would truly be served. We can do this in many different ways--- up close and personal, group interaction, or in writing, or through other ministries, etc. For my part, I do what I can with the opportunity present to me. Or maybe I should rephrase that to say --- I do what I can with the opportunity God sends my way.

Yes, human beings have their high and low moments and everybody needs an angelic hand in those low moments of our lives. I’m no exception. The low moments in my life are many and at certain points not far apart. I remember a favorite aunt once tell me that life’s miseries are meant to be spent alone. Even God agonized alone in his misery before his crucifixion. I have learned to live with that with all that God has equipped me with from within. I do not place my ‘hopes’ or ‘expectations’ on angelic hands to be always there when I need it, although it is indeed such beauty and comfort to see it there for you when you need it ….but that doesn’t always happen anyway. Unfortunately J But those angelic hands, as you nicely call it, are very much present in our lives yet not necessarily in human form. Angelic visits come to us in so many ways --- some unseen by the human eye but so deeply felt in the heart, and some felt in the gentle touch of nature or even in the stillness of the night. All serve the singular purpose of comfort and peace for our troubled moments. Thus we can say that even if we were meant to suffer misery alone, we are never truly alone. God, in His great wisdom, understands suffering so well that He makes sure we find His comfort in the sad moments of our lives. He sends this comfort to us wonderfully in so many diverse ways. This the heart knows and understands.

God has blessed you with the gift of wisdom, in great abundance, enabling you to give continuously and generously out to others. Yes, I understand that sometimes the giver turns weary and tired and too may go through its own difficulties just like the rest --- yet it does not mean that the well has run dry. All that the moment requires is to ---Stop awhile, rest and seek comfort from within, not necessarily or essentially from without. The wisdom which you send out to others is also meant for you. Be enlightened and strengthened by it. Remember how you have been ministered by it-- benefited from its counsel, inspiration, and guidance-- when it first came to you. Relive those moments. You see, Man is a fragile and fickle thing always so slow to learn and easily distracted that he needs to be reminded and taught over and over again. So go back to your well of wisdom and be refreshed by it. I do that often. That has nothing to do with pride or ego because the wisdom you have acquired isn’t you or yours ---but God’s. Thus go back to the source with your weariness and burdens and be refreshed once more. Then move ahead and do what you do so beautifully – sharing wisdom with others. Be the channel or instrument of someone’s inspiration, strength, hope, enlightenment, courage, and comfort through the wisdom you have imparted. As you bless others with it, you are blessed in return. God blesses a cheerful giver. May God bless you a hundredfold for the goodness of your soul.

I hope that this helps you in some way to find the answers you seek. I know this effort is imperfect-- well, it's because my 'lessons' aren’t finished yet.J You can be sure though that I’ll be back in here to share new insights with you when I'm done. J J I hope that doesn’t take a lifetime. . . Ciao for now!

Yeah, I better go--- my daughter’s after me for getting out of bed. Heheheheh. . . . :-)

posted on Wednesday, September 20, 2006 9:05 AM

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