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What I can say is simply my perception or view of what destiny is like. It runs parallel to the idea of a bridge in the picture posted here. A bridge that’s there before you… ready for you to cross… no other way ‘round it for you to get to the other side but through it. That’s destiny… a predetermined route to somewhere or something.

Is everything in our life predetermined? Perhaps --- to a certain extent. Preset by birth as white, brown, or black race or color… or tall short thin fat… those things are predetermined by a Supreme Being – our Creator. It stops where one begins to exercise God’s gift of free will and choice. Being rich, poor, ignorant, educated, catholic, protestant, successful, failure, popular, outcast, smuggler, philanthropist, etc. are things which we become by pure choice and free will, ours or that of another person, far from being predetermined by so-called fate or destiny. It’s all about the choices we make in life. "Within each of us lies the power of our consent to health and sickness, to riches and poverty, to freedom and to slavery. It is we who control these, and not another. " --- Richard Bach (Illusions)

If we suffer as in… losing our wealth, businesses flounder, marriage failure, a child is born a handicap, relocate to a foreign country and regretting it later, abuse life situations, murder, accidents, etc. … those are not found in the stars. They are caused by us making the wrong choices and decisions or by others making their own mistakes which in turn affect our lives. It’s a small world and we all stand connected (like it or not), so whatever one does, well or bad, could affect other people’s lives and vice versa, directly or indirectly.

Well then we could pretty well ask ourselves this --- is it my destiny to suffer illness? As I understand it, illness is the result of a person’s poor attention to health or the proper style of living. Undisciplined abuse of food choices, in laziness to exercise, in wrong attitudes, or negligence in doing the right thing, etc. bring about a cumulative effect on one’s body through the years. Diabetes (or some other disease) may be waiting just round the corner for such a person. I don’t look at illness as destiny. Always there is a reason behind something happening for good or bad. It still boils down to somebody making choices or decisions running contrarily to goodness or well-being. One holds the choice to be healthy or not.

Destiny may be that ‘bridge’ laid out for one to cross head-on. But WAIT before you cross it, there is something you should know…. that right there is the option NOT to cross it… because you CAN seek other ways to get to the other side or to another location perhaps, categorically speaking. Meaning create your own dream – your own goal – or build your own bridge to the future. The act of ‘seeking other ways’ is that act of carving out your own destiny. When you do that, then the idea of destiny transforms itself into ‘choice’ - The active use of free will. And the definition of destiny then immediately loses itself in it vanishing into thin air. You have taken control. Your life truly becomes yours.

Destiny – what then do you want to make of it? -An in the stars thing or… your own thing and creation. The choice is yours.

I am doing this post for a dear friend. The original content was a reply to his email. I didnt seek his permission though to print his name so I won't, but he did want me to post this. That's why it's here now with a few editing to suit the overall text. I know that we all have differing views on the subject and no one is wrong. My experiences are different from everybody else's and vice versa. So take this as perhaps an addition to what you already know. Thank you. Take care and God bless! :-)

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