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The entries in the previous editions (from the very first one last June) were such a wonderful steady source of inspiration, wisdom, precious insights, and fun. We have achieved far more than we have sought or expected with this writing game. Kudos and thanks to everyone who contributed to its immense pleasure, delight, and fun.

Here's another one to nudge your minds with. :-)

when I look into the mirror I see..A happy reflection :) (Savy) time when I will look into the mirror I will remember you...:)) (Shrawan)

When I look into the mirror, I wonder, how much of the truth does it speak. Does it show me all my faults or does it hide? Does it appreciate my good and magnify? (Phoenix)

... a FOOL! (LP53)

myself.. (Busybee)

When I look into the mirror, I see the chocotale marks left on it by my kiddeos... and go looking for the rag... LOLOLOLOL... (Jitu)

I look at that beautiful back ground :D (Naveen)

...god grace..n thank him for hu n wht i am :) (Bobby)

When I look in the mirror I see a mischevious ,intelligent and good looking girl staring right back at me !! (Frenchita)

When I look into the mirror I see that I AM THE CUTEST OF THEM ALL ;) Love. (Divya)

WHEN I LOOK INTO THE MIRROR I SEE..... Me & My Dreams :-) (Envisage)

when i look into the mirror,i see...
a small me
a poor me
a silent me
but an enthu me
above all,
a fighter me. (Manini)

When i look into the mirror ... i see a happier Sumit. (Sumit)

I see myself and wonder if it was the same person who was a lot thinner and was even lighter than now.. but then i say to myself.. "Not bad, after all!!!" (Kamesh)

when i look into the mirror...i see.." RAMBO -minus the machine gun and ofcourse....the muscles..."...:D :D :D (Imran)

When I take a fleeting look at the mirror and decide to give it a skip... I remember your post and take a second peek just to have a look... and i see someone with a twinkle in her eyes looking straight back... I smile and tell her... "Ok. Next time I am at ellen's I'll tell her about you." And she smiles back at me.:) (Jitu)

a person who needs to slim down a little more, increase her sense of style a little more & improve the frills here & there a little more :D :D :D :D :D (Sindhu)

I see a very capable person who does not live up to expectations and capabilities due to laziness and procrastination ! (Vrij)

When i look into a mirror.... "I have to be revived with smelling salts and splashings of water." (Khalid)

WHEN I LOOK INTO THE MIRROR I SEE ... nothing but 'the virtual me'... as no one even me also} can see 'the real me'... (AmitMakwana)

when i look into the mirror i see.....a person who i know very well. (Rekha)

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