Thursday, October 25, 2007


This is the earliest morning walk I am able to muster up in my whole morning walk history -- unbeatable in my record – by me and just now. Because I don’t think that I could and would duplicate that at any other time after this. The warmth of the bed covers still hold a strong attraction for me at any time. :-)

Anyway, with ear phones stuck in my ear and listening to my favorite music, I walk my regular familiar paths in the neighborhood. It’s an ordinary neighborhood with ordinary people living ordinary lives. And because it is situated on a mountain range we, better than those living down the valley, are able to enjoy the company of lush trees and the pleasure of free-flowing breeze at any time of the day. Even in the heat of an intense sweltering hot summer day, an unexpected breeze suddenly blows refreshingly cooling our senses and offering us much welcome relief. :-)

Here we go, as I round the first corner I see…

- A middle-aged housewife watering her small modest garden … Such a lovely garden kept lush and green, flowers in bloom in every nook and cranny of the small lot all cared for by her nurturing hand.

Come to think of it, isn’t that quite so much what a human being needs– this kind of nurturing in his body, mind, and soul? A human being can’t always cope fully alone by himself in this world of continuing change and challenge. Can you imagine just how a well-meaning encouragement, hope, faith, care, inspiration, stimulation, motivation can do wonders to another person weak in his own resources, power, and strength? People need nurturing too and other things besides– homes, family, children, old folks, friends, relationships, ambition and dreams, business, projects, organizations, companies, towns, countries, pets, environment, etc and etc. Life and all that it affects undoubtedly need nurturing and constant care no matter what. How can there be continuity in our lives if everything is allowed to wither away and die left alone all by itself?

- A young girl sweeping away fallen leaves … Quite in an efficient and meticulous way she swept the fallen leaves on the ground bringing them all to a mound on the side of the road. What does she do with this? It’s either put them all in the garbage can or lights them up with a match stick to burn away in flame. I suppose she does this every morning everyday.

Funny to think of it, but can we do the same with the clutter in our lives or those in our minds – hearts – souls? We have gathered so much clutter though life that we can’t see nor think nor feel straight anymore. Everything seems shrouded or clouded with dirt, suspicion, perversion, doubt and mistrust, twisted and slanted, distortion, untruth and lies, envy and jealousy, ego and pride, and sometimes downright evil. Oh don’t tell me that it isn’t true cause all you have to do is look around you and see what’s happening near and far. The world is a big mess and we have made it so. And the funnier thing is, we blame a lot of things outside of ourselves, pointing our finger to failed institutions, policies, laws, systems etc and etc – like we have nothing to do with the state of our world or life. Think again. Who runs the affairs of the world? Who runs these institutions we so speak of? Who runs life in this human form? People! And people is you and me and others more – all of us! So if nobody (meaning us people) would at least try to clear up that clutter, we are all going to explode without and within – and the world in one big bang! Maybe this is what is meant by the ‘end of the world’??? Quite a pessimistic point of view I must agree, but doesn’t that make some sense too? Think about it.

I come round to the next corner… and see …

- A wrinkled old man bent down over a heap of dry leaves and other debris and lit it up in fire. That done he stepped back and watched the flames gobble up and destroy everything it laid its consuming fiery hands on. Yet fire has many good attributes to it too – cooks our food, warms our cold bodies, heats up our homes in winter, and other beneficial things in the name of development and progress.

What about the fire in the souls of men and women? Is it a fire which consumes itself in its small narrow self-centered world? Or one which can scorch without thought or conscience anyone who draws near? Or does it blatantly pave destruction along its way? What kind of fire do people nurture in their hearts?

One thing I know… Raise the fire of good in your hearts. Fan the flames to better other people’s lives, warm them with your goodness where they are cold and neglected by the world. Let your fire burn fiercely in pursuit of better hopes and dreams not only for yourself but for others too. Take your fire to greater heights where your light can best shine through to others in service and compassion. Let yourself be on fire for the right reason ---with peace and harmony, honesty and truth, hope and faith, brotherhood and fair play, mercy and gentle compassion for the underprivileged and deprived, determination and hard work. Shine brightly for others to see how blessed is the fire of good in life!

Finally I come to the bend rounding the last corner leading back to my house... I see

- A scooter coming down the road in my direction on a slower pace. Two men were on it, one younger-looking drove and the older one sat behind him. Apparently the older one was carrying on a conversation blabbering on something which the younger one quite didn’t share enthusiastically. Actually he appeared bored by it all. Just as they were passing past me I saw the kid (he looked not yet over his teens - cute too I must say!) puff-out his cheeks and slowly let out a silent air of exasperation and resignation. Seeing it I almost bowled-over with laughter and missed my step. :-)

Well, that quite ended my early morning walk in a bright funny mood, didn't it??! And nothing too can ever beat a good tall glass of ice-cold lemonade right after, not cappuccino this time nope --- And last but not the least a fun romp with my darling dogs!

Ciao for now! Until the next –ish, meantime let your light shine! God bless you. :-)

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