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Inside my tote bag is a small green notebook the size of the palm of my hand. Have chosen the color green as it is my favorite along with blue, pink, and lilac. Nestling comfortably inside my bag it goes with me wherever I go. And when taken out of the bag and set down on the table at my favorite coffee bar, it cues Thor to bring over my usual coffee and apple pie on the side. Further this trusty companion sets itself up as a handy do not disturb sign to keep nosey strangers at bay. They dont dare come close when they see me pen in hand with my nose buried deep in the pages of my notebook. It works all the time. Lol! Within its lined pages are written bits or fragment phrases, fragmentary thoughts which chew at an idea for a possible writing task. How do I find it? I dont know its like a bulb which lights up when an idea walks in. These fragment phrases lie there for quite awhile sometimes before I can come back to it and work on its whole. Right now it looks like my tiny green notebook has just a few more leaves left to it, thus a quick visit to the book store along with other errands will be lined up for my day tomorrow, until then. Lets now take a glimpse and try catching snippets of thoughts inside its pages.

IN YOUR EYES (Dedicated to Lucky)

I want to see your eyes.. Light up when you see me Hold me in the moonlit night. Laugh at my foolish ways. Care for my pain and sorrows .Understand my confusion. Love me through my imperfection. I want to be special in your eyes. I want to be your world.. Your life, Your all, Your everything in your eyes.

CATCH ME IF I FALL -A weary plaintive cry.

I want to take my entire dream into the present - I cant wait for tomorrow, I want it all now yet life wont let me. It pushes me hard and harder over an immeasurable stretch of time and over rough and jagged roads it has chosen for me flicking its whip like a stern uncompromising taskmaster. It doesnt care. Nobody cares if I be torn, battered, bruised, beaten or hurt from slugging it out on the floor alone? Tell me, if I should stumble a thousand times, pray tell me who would catch me if I fall? (Anonymous)

Wow! Exhausted isnt he or she?! Yet come to think of it, whenever life does something like that to us (it did the same to me) we always think its a bad, bad deal were getting from it. But is it? You know, there's more to gain from using all of your faculties and energies towards a definite goal. It hones talents in you and brings it to a better state. Nothing is put to waste with that. So then exhaustion catches up with you but of course it will and it does. The body, mind, and emotions have its limits yet the wonderful thing about it too is that it can recharge itself given the chance. Life is never a villain to our dreams. If it gives us a hard time, it does so for our ultimate benefit and good. We in the long run would reap the reward from all that hard work. Like gold is tested through the fire, we too must go through the furnace of hard work and difficulties before reaching our goal. But that doesn't intend or mean to melt us down to nothing but rather it buffs and polishes us until we sparkle and shine through with improved and better talent, skills, and abilities. This undoubtedly will take us straight to our dreams and goals. That's for certain.

As to who will catch you is when you fall ten, hundred, or a thousand times? I know that God will. When you lose yourself each time, God will find you every time. He's more than enough for your every need -- a father, brother, friend, provider, counselor, healer, and loyal companion all through your journey. So then --rest your weary mind and heart in His presence and be restored to strength once again.


I hear my neighbors car gearing up for another day of work for the man of the house. And soon after it had gone the washing machine kicked alive and whirred away with the mornings laundry under the watchful eyes of dear old housewife. In a bit the school bus screeched to a halt at the gate to fetch its ward and carry him off to school. So thats life. Is there more to the routine and drudgery of the day?

I believe there is. But you have to be willing to learn if you want to transform a jaded boring day into one of wonderment and pleasure. It's an old lesson that of learning how to appreciate our world and all that it contains. Can you just imagine how something wonderful could happen to you anytime? It can. Thats not an empty promise. The possibility is there in your day. When you open your senses to the things around you, you will see how ordinary things are instantly transformed into things of beauty, awe, wonder, marvel, and magic. Theres more to life than our plain ordinary days -- so much more. But you should be willing to find it see it. You can make it all yours --- everyday. Set your heart to it.


There is so much Id like to do with my day and life. Id like to do them all. Id like to go on that long desired trip, buy a piece of land for a farm, build another house, drive my dream car, and spend a vacation in Amanpolo. And so does everybody else with his own version of desires and wishes and dreams I am sure. So whats wrong with that? Nothing; in fact, its all good. All magnificent achievements started with one simple dream. And I believe that inside all living breathing normal person is a special dream or dreams just waiting to be born. So bring out that dream no matter how absurd it may seem to others. Because there is a big fat chance that you just might have one or two or three coming true. So try! Make that dream, build it with deep desires, and work it. Then one day near or in the future you will finally hold it in your hands and you will be thanking yourself that you even tried. And if that somehow should take you a whole lifetime, at least you can say to yourself I tried! Oh brother, I tried!! You know what, in my book thats just as good as having it all come true.


Nope it doesnt, except when youre putting on your shoes. Because as far as I can look back in the past, I went through a dozen backbreaking tries before I finally got it right or made it mine. I remember one time not so long ago doing twenty drafts before I finally got the writing right. It must be the same case with others too. And with something which you desire so much you will do certainly everything you can within your power or resource to get it. That includes even doing it a hundred times over just to get it right. But with something worth doing its worth trying every bit every time. So if something doesnt work the first time you tried, brother, give it another shot! It just might work this time!


It wont budge Oh am not talking about refrigerators or sofas or some other heavy piece of furniture around the house. Because if I grunt and heave long and hard enough I can make it move albeit with the risk of breaking my back in the process. But the thing that wont budge no matter how hard you try is a huge rock of imminent failure right smack across the road youre traveling in life. It just wont budge. So you kick and push and shove with all of your might, bleed your brains dry thinking of something that would do the trick, and yet it wont move. Give up? Dont! Youve got it all wrong. The rock or hurdle or test or whatever else it may be called isnt there to end your journey for you. It is there just to shake you up a bit maybe shove you to try a different approach, some thinking out of the box, so to speak work-in some fresh idea or new plan or new insight which could help you look at the dilemma or your difficult journey in a different light. Perhaps zero in on what you may have been forgetting or ignoring for the past several times. There are zillions of neutrons (is that what its called?) in your brain and youre using up only 10% of it (so weve heard it often said). So get those neutrons to work and make that thing standing in your way to progress budge!!

WISH UPON A MOON (Childs whim)

My evening sky sparkles with zillions of twinkling stars. All for me Mom would say. And I could have all the wishes I would want to make with every shooting star that would blaze its trail across it. She taught me this poem

Starlight, star bright Wishing on the first (shooting) star of the night Wish I may, wish I might Make all the dreams come true tonight.

Every night I would then look up to my sky and watch for that shooting star cause I had a fond wish to hang up on its tail. Many nights I would sit at the steps of our front porch looking up searching the heavens for my special star. Only the moon kept me company each time standing by like a good trusted friend. One night at the usual front porch I gazed up to the night skies hoping to see my elusive shooting star but.. the sky seemed different --brighter this time. Yet its light came not from my stars. I looked.And there I saw peeking shyly behind a faint mist was my friend moon -- so big round bright and pretty! When she saw me gazing up, she slid away from the cloud and revealed her full brilliant light. Something crossed my mind then and I heard myself say

Oh friend moon, shining so prettily and bright. Wish I may and wish I might Make all my dreams come true tonight!

There you go just a handful of disjointed thoughts. Ill come back for more with my little green notebook soon. Until then, take care and God bless you. :-)

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