Thursday, October 25, 2007

ANGEL LOVE 3 - The Last Stretch

Readying this page for the last stretch. :-) Will be back here very soon. Bye for a bit!

June 10 --

Good evening. I'm watching the clock while I'm here at the computer. It's close to ending the game. But I got a wonderful surprise tonight. I welcome SmilingMe, a new friend and visitor in the blog...who took on a long journey at night to deliver Angel Love to a friend on her wedding day. :-)That's amazing! Also not to be left behind, Decentmonkey came and posted his AL. You know, I am sure that his visit to the home for the aged is noted down in the hearts of the old folks there. They are not too old to feel love and care. Nobody is ever too old to miss that when they see it.

Honestly, I am viewing the hands of the clock ticking away the minutes with sadness. The past one week we were privy to generous acts of good from various friends here in o3. They stood as Angels in disguise ministering Angel Love to-- family - friends - officemates - neighbors - strangers - even animals! Maybe the week alloted was insufficient because I feel that there were more that could have been part of this, if only given enough time. But what started out as a simple 'game' has turned out to be a fitting tribute to the goodness inherent in men and women in our midst. Some of my friends (jaded unfortunately) tell me that all good is lost in our modern material greedy selfish and cold world. Well, they're eating their words now because they have read all these Angel Love deeds accomplished by a gathering of people of diverse personalities near and far. :-)

I remember these words from somewhere long ago although I may not quote it exactly but in essence it says: “Don't hold back in doing good. Don't hide the light within you -- let your light shine through and out to a needy soul or souls.” That's right cause you'll never know just how much it would mean to them. You could in a very special way help restore their faith in mankind, in themselves, and in GOD.

June 11 --

Allow me to quote these several beautiful lines penned by J.E. Javelosa, to wit:

---We look around and see many things breaking down, disintegrating. Our mindsets about ourselves, relationships, government and institutions. There is a negative force that breeds upon itself, often coming from the great virus of the ego where only greed, self-centeredness and power become the keystones upon which lives are played out in the game of survival. This is the primal energy that surrounds us today...

---Values are forgotten or thrown to the wind....or values allow themselves to be compromised in giving the selfish ego its supremacy.

---It is a negative energy which, imploding upon itself, destroys the very fabric & nature of what the Spirit is about---goodness-generosity-integrity-understanding-compassion.

---Wasn't it Ghandi, the great leader of peace, who said that for change to happen, we must be the change. or the Zen saying that goes 'start at the place where your own feet stand'.

---When the interior becomes steadier, our center becomes grounded in gifts of the spirit such as peace and love. Then something magical happens-- we act towards the outside world, not react, but act positively, consciously and purposefully. Suddenly we are awake. Suddenly we are in the Light, with the Light and we become lighter. Further fruits of the Spirit will be expressed ---- generosity integrity and compassion. When we touch another person's life with these, they too will be moved to change. When all of us strive and aspire towards this, a deeper revolution happens and true transformation begins; in our (families), communities, in our government and country, and with Mother Earth too. WE ARE, AFTER ALL, TOTALLY CONNECTED AS ONE.

With that I take my leave for a bit. I shall be back to post my part of the game. Take care, everyone. God bless you all! :-)

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