Thursday, October 25, 2007


Whatever we find ourselves in we always have a choice, whether its the humdrum choice of a toothpaste brand at the supermarket or the crossroad choice of taking that rickety bridge to dreams or having your pet dog sleep on your bed.

I wake in the morning and from there my choices begin. I think of how to get out of bed --- bouncy like my daughters were as kids before or sensually as in my first day of the marriage. Whichever way would surely set the mood and mode of the rest of the day. I decide to get up out of bed cheerful light and bouncy - yes! Now don't ask me bout the other one cause that I think would need a lot of help from a box of chocolates, roses, some mood music, and perhaps Estee Lauders Pleasures.

But something comes up two hours before lunch --what to cook! Ah wait, let me rephrase that -- what dish should the maid cook for lunch. That sounds more real cause this ole lady here by family consensus is 'unwanted persona' in the kitchen. They say am a lousy cook. I say I dont cook! Or should it be said this way --- I dont cook! Or I DONT cook! Or I dont COOK! Sheezz! They all look the same to me.

But I was never given the chance to develop cooking skills even if my mom was the best cook ever this side of town. I was thrust into the work place as a young teenager. Dad was ill, Mom took care of the home while I took care of the family coffers. Yup, prematurely thrust into something I shouldn't be doing at that early age yet but -- I made it my choice. It was my choice too to finish school on my own paying my way through with a job at the school admin office -- Choices and even more choices as I would later find out in life.

It never stops, it never ends. You make choices morning noon and night, alone or with company, with family friends or strangers, in health or sickness, in wealth or poverty, with humans or with animals, with living or non-living things, with yourself. The choice is always there. It moves us from yesterdays to todays and on to tomorrows. It brings us from one action to the next, good or bad. It moves us farther or closer to our dreams and goals. It can lead us forward or backward. It can fortify relationships or break it apart. It can bring a loved one closer or push the person away. It can make good friends or create enemies. It can pardon faults or magnify them. It can build fortunes or make it crumble. And the choice is there too to be good -- or bad.

Everything starts with a choice -- like achievements begin with a dream. And that again involves choices.

Be careful the choices you make though; weigh it carefully. What may be so trivial or insignificant to you may mean the whole world to another person or to the people you love. Your choice or choices not only can change your life but will certainly affect the people around you and maybe change something in their lives too.

Wrong choices can happen too I know and that cannot be taken back or withdrawn. You did it; its there. What to do? Stand by your choices; don't shift the blame to others nor find a convenient escape goat to cover up for you. Opt for objectivity, see your mistake for what it is and learn from it. Understand that a mistake cannot be ignored, cast aside, disregarded, hidden, nor glossed over by any possible brilliant excuse because a mistake will always stand out like an ugly sore thumb to one and all. Be humble to admit that you have been wrong and make serious effort to avoid it recurring at any time again. To quote -- "Once is enough for a wise man." - Unquote.

But if you were given a choice between others and yourself --- choose you. Because if you have you sorted out first and foremost, then the rest can be ably take care of for better or best. If your day begins with a choice, your choice should always begin with you. Don't let anybody or others do it for you, no matter what they say that its all for your own good or welfare. Thats baloney because choices are influenced by personal preferences or desires. Therefore its certain that there is something labeled "they" in greater measure and not much of "you" in what they did. It's your life; take it where you want it to. You can't live your life with or through other peoples choices. This is you make it YOUR choice. No matter how difficult tumultuous chaotic or complex the situation can be, remember that you always have a choice. And choosing what to do under any circumstance is your sole freedom privilege and responsibility -- and if I may add to that --accountability.

We always have a choice but do try to make it right every time.

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