Wednesday, October 24, 2007


A friend kidded me about telling his story by piecing together several songs. I said ‘why not?’ and it turned out to be such fun. So here’s his ‘story’ and the songs. (Hey, buddy, maybe when she sees this, she'll understand. You know, love can be sweeter the second time around. :-) I know she still is the Queen of your heart. Good luck! ...)

So here's your song, or songs....

-And once in every life you find someone that’s right
And when you say forever it’s true
That’s the love I found in you.
(The Love I Found in You - Jim Brickman)

-I am a man who will fight for your honor
I’ll be the hero that you’re dreaming of
We’ll live forever knowing together
That we did it all for the glory of love.
(The Glory of Love - Peter Cetera)

-And when I’m in your arms I need you to know
I’ve never been this close
You give me strength, you give me hope
You give me someone to love, someone to hold
When I’m in your arms I need you to know
I’ve never been, never been this close.
(Close - Aaron Lines)

-I know the color of love and it lives inside of you
I know the color of love, it’s in the image of you
If it comes from the heart then you know that it’s true
It will color your soul like a rainbow
And the color of love is in you.
(The Color of Love - Boyz II Men)

-I’d rather have bad times with you
Than good times with someone else
I’d rather be beside you in a storm
Than safe and warm by myself
I’d rather have hard times together
Than to have it easy apart
I’d rather have the one who holds my heart.
(I’d Rather - Luther Vandross)

-Baby, please try to forgive me
Stay here, don’t put out the glow
Hold me now don’t bother
If every minute makes me weaker
You can save me from the man that I’ve become
Looking back on the things I’ve done
I was trying to be someone
I played my part and kept you in the dark
Now let me show you the shape of my heart.
(Shape of My Heart - BackStreet Boys)

-Lonely won’t leave me alone
Why tell me why
Lonely won’t let me fall in love
Oh everywhere I go always by my side
Lonely won’t even let me fall in love.
(Lonely Won’t Leave Me Alone - Jermaine Jackson)

-I’ll always look back as I walk away
This memory will last for eternity
And all of our tears will be lost in the rain
When I’ve found my way back to your arms again
But until that day you know
You are the queen of my heart.
(Queen of My Heart - Westlife)

-Well, I’ve learned to let you go
And if you lost your love for me
Well, you never let it show, oh no.
There was no way to compromise
So now we’re living separate lives.
(Separate Lives - Phil Collins & Marilyn Martin)

-Cause what hurts today, in time will fade away
When you told me goodbye, I felt so betrayed
Find the courage to move on.
One day I’ll replace the love I’ve lost
I’ll find a way – One day, I’ll be okay.
(I’ll Find a Way - Blu Cantrell)

The End.

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