Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I don't really 'wonder' about how God works his business of running our lives...nor question it. I'm just glad He is running it and not some evil being whose interest is simply to steal my soul in the worst possible way. I've tried looking hard at the 'unfairness' of things happening to us in life...try to see beyond the obvious. Not really to try to 'understand' God because no one really can. But more so to find some reason my human mind could understand. I then saw that pain in the human condition if allowed to prolong indefinitely-- could inflict or cause more pain and suffering to those involved. So i guess God in his divine wisdom and understanding, which is way above our own limited human wisdom and understanding, sees this and moves to ease this pain. And in our shortsighted view we wonder why. Loved ones die young, good fortunes are lost, lives are changed. But you see, God sees the bigger picture of our lives-- while we see just a teeny-weeny square. Imagine what we're missing. We must not forget that God is a loving God as all religions teach. This love is the love we were raised and taught to believe and trust with our lives. In short then, let's trust God to know what he's doing--He loves us all so much. No doubt about that otherwise we wouldn't last a minute alive!

And as for 'karma', it's found in the holy book that 'whatsoever you shall sow, so shall you reap'. Like the boomerang of Australia, it's the boomerang of life, whatever you throw out to people and the world -- comes back to you unchanged. Do good, good comes back to you. Do bad, so will you have it in return-- too.

posted on Saturday, December 03, 2005 4:40 PM

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