Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Whatever you may want to do, no amount of pushing, pleading, threat, blackmail or whatever trick employed from up your sleeve – can make a person give you what he/she doesn’t have from within, especially love. You think that a good heroic deed would persuade that person to love you as you want to be loved? Or filling up her room with red roses 24/7 would do the trick? Or rushing to the rescue taking her father to the hospital in the nick of time and paying those bills, too, would bring her over to you at last? Perhaps—but are you sure it would be for the right reason? Of course, she will appreciate the thrill of being wooed, the good deed, and the thoughtfulness displayed on each occasion, but she will still fall for the other guy just the same. WHY? Simply because she loves him, silly! It’s the other guy she loves, not you, even if he wears his ugly tie askew most of the time, is late for dates, his manners sloppy, a no-brainer, and hates her parents to death.

And you punish yourself now because of that?! C’mon, it’s not your fault and neither is it hers. It’s just the way things are—you love her and she loves somebody else. You want her to love you but she can’t and she won’t. How in heavens can she give you something which isn’t even there in the first place? She’s been trying to tell you but you wouldn’t listen or understand. Man, give her credit for honesty. All that you see is ‘your love for her’. Now she’s berating herself, too, thinking that she’s so bad not loving you back after all the nice things you’ve done to and for her. Hey, that’s unfair! If she does decide to love you- that would be down right stupid because that can’t be love. It could only mean that she owes you a debt of gratitude for favors received or it would simply be a response of appreciation or admiration for what you do. Or rewarding a 'kid' for a job well done? Ugh! Who says that’s love!

Hey, see this. Can a baby suck milk from her mother’s dry breast? Even if the baby poured out all her energy sucking, she won’t get a drop because it’s dry! All that the baby will ever succeed to do is hurt her mother. And that’s what you’re doing now—hurting the very person you say you love. You’re making her feel uneasy, uncomfortable, and guilty-- all because she can’t give you back the love you want or think you deserve?

C’mon, wake up! You can’t push love. It can’t be pushed because love happens when it does without any help from us. So let go! Move on, there's some nice sweet lovely girl out there just waiting to be found --waiting just to love you and only you. :-)

posted on Thursday, November 24, 2005 7:36 AM

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