Wednesday, October 24, 2007


A long time ago when I was yet a student in literature class, the professor gave us an assignment – to compose an impromptu child’s prayer. He gave us ten minutes. That was to be our exam--Would you believe that?!! Anyway here’s what I wrote (saw this in my old files, too.)

Dear God,

My mommy can’t answer these, can you?
Why does the sun rise in the east and not in the north?
Why is the rainbow an arc and not a square?
Why is the sky blue and not yellow, my favorite color?
Teacher says if the sky was yellow,
I won’t be able to see the sun in it.
But that’s okay; the sun won’t mind it, would he?
But why is daddy older than me?
Can’t he be my age so that we can play all day?
And why is mommy always telling me to do things?
Can’t she do it herself? She’s smarter than me, you know.
Now why do priests wear dresses and pants underneath it?
Can’t they make up their mind yet?
Oh, mommy’s calling, I gotta go.
Send me your answers tonight
I’ll be back here at seven
See you then.

P.S. Oh, I passed the exam. And thereafter every time we meet along the school corridors I would see his eyes light up with childlike glee and amusement. :-)

posted on Thursday, November 24, 2005 1:02 PM

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