Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I have read a nice post here re: Longing to talk. I wrote him what i thought about it, too. Would anybody like to share-in ideas?

I go through that, too, a lot. lol Funny that with all that people packed-in tight in the big city -- not one soul is there when you need him or her. Busy, busy, busy! Sometimes not even your family is there for you. So i have decided that i should learn to live with myself - like myself - love myself. And to be happy with that, i must make sure that the 'me' is worth loving. lol So i have embarked on a program of self-development. The prime objective is to be a better self to like and love. Thus i read lots of books, pursue projects or activities which would bring out latent talents and abilities -- drawing, singing, playing the guitar, writing. Develop myself to be a people-person..not good to be sulking or moping alone.. so socialize. With this, pretty soon I'm hoping that i'll be having lots to talk about that people would come to me enjoying that kind of conversation.. and company I hope LOL. Fact is, I don't want to worry bout not having anyone to talk to when i need someone to be there. I'd like to learn to like the company i'm keeping--- me. We -people - have our separate lives to live..often taking all of our attention.. so that doesn't sometimes give us spare room for other things. So the bottom line is-- you the person --and learn to live with that, with yourself. :-) God bless you. Ciao!

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