Wednesday, October 24, 2007


“Winning is the result of having a winner’s mind and a winning positive ‘can-do’ attitude. Winning has everything to do with being in the right place at the right time as well as being ready to grab the opportunity and take the challenge to win. Winning takes determination and persistence. And as with most things in life, it takes practice to perfect, too.”

That’s lifted from an article in a magazine I was reading as my hair was being pampered, softened, and beautified by a wonderful affable beautician-friend. This was my quarterly visit to her shop and the package included a manicure and pedicure, too. Most women would do this monthly but monthly I can do by myself. The thing is coming here to the parlor is more therapeutic than simply punching holes in my wallet. I live my cares and woes outside the parlor door and simply bask in superb pampering and pleasure. Temporary, still it’s a good option for a mini-vacation other than a big expensive trip to Boracay.

My beautician-friend as she works on my hair chirps away on the latest Hollywood juicy bit in her sing-song voice like Tweety, that lovable cartoon character. But I love this Tweety and I love my friend. I knew her since she first started in this business. It was nothing like this at all. Her first shop then was small and spare. She had only one person, a cousin, who helped her with her small base of regular customers. Some days I would catch her staring out the window with thoughts lost somewhere. I knew the bills were piling up and the challenges grew bigger as life became difficult. But this petite lady had spunk; she knew what she wanted. A year ago, she held an office job, saved a portion of her pay each month, and against the advice of family and friends left it. Thus began her journey to a dream-- her own shop. She took out a loan and added it to her small fund. With determination, perseverance, and sensible money-management, she bit-by-bit put together what she now proudly calls her ‘Beauty Haven’.

My friend came out a winner. That’s the stuff winners are made of. Winners don’t sit around sulking or moping. Neither do they fear failure or think ‘I can’t do it’, ‘It’s impossible’. Winners try to make it happen and keep on trying until it does happen! Even when the odds seem huge and insurmountable, nothing will faze a winner permanently. My friend didn’t buckle down under that load. Yet it’s okay, too, to stop, sit, think-- looking out the window like my friend did. One will need to do that – recharge, energize. But go back into the fight one should with renewed strength, courage, and determination. There is no easy way to do it but through the struggle. Sleepless nights, furrowed brows, ulcer pangs, time-problems, people-problems, dearth of resources— those are but a few of the challenges down that road. My friend knew yet doggedly pursued her dream working her skills to perfection with every trial and test. She made her dream happen! She’s a winner and a happy one. You see, winners are made not born. Don’t we all love success stories!

posted on Sunday, November 27, 2005 10:00 AM

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