Wednesday, October 24, 2007


The past weeks have indeed upset the otherwise pleasant and peaceful o3 existence of several bloggers in here. (It’s not necessary to mention names now because I think everyone has just to move on after this). Apparently one person was causing this havoc on almost everybody’s blog. But the unpleasant and unwelcome events which occurred one after the other only managed to reveal a most beautiful thing – that of the wise, understanding, loyal, affection, generous spirits, forgiving hearts, and sense of brotherhood of many people here in the blog site -- those directly affected by the incident and those who lent their tenacious support to the affected. That was beautiful indeed!

Another outstanding surprise came in the persons of Duh and Jack (I believe both have no blogs in here). Duh for rising in fierce defense of someone without hesitation at all although that someone was a complete stranger to him. Such beautiful spirit I would be proud to have for a friend anytime. And … Jack. He showed more wisdom and courage and humility than anyone I have ever known in my whole life. Rare is the man or woman who comes to terms with his or her mistakes, admits it to self and in public, learns from it and resolves to begin anew. Wonderful! These two gentlemen are the stuff the world needs lots of today. Further, these two and the rest who gave their unflagging support through words of encouragement in their comments in the particular blogs affected -- have shown us that there is hope for our civilization – that the values we were afraid were gone are still very much with us. We thank you – Duh and Jack – through you we were made to see and experience all that. May your tribe increase! God bless you both! God bless everybody in o3!

Oh, one more thing tho, I think God has, by this incident, simply showed us how it's like to love others. He sure works in strange ways, don't you think? :-) Now let's not put this lesson to waste - let's continue to spread this love around, near or far, regardless of color, culture, or creed. :-)

Now let’s get back to blogging, okay? Get writing, folks!! :-)

posted on Sunday, February 19, 2006 8:02 PM

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