Wednesday, October 24, 2007


“The family reunion was going on well unto the night. Except that the little ones were one by one dropping off to sleep and carried to the guest room by their doting parents. When the kids were all finally tucked in bed, the adults returned to the living room for more chat and coffee. Sitting round Grandpa were aunts and uncles, sons and daughters-in-law, and the older grandchildren. Grandpa, visibly happy and content, surveyed his ‘clan’ delighted with every bit of news on their achievements, plans, and dreams. Even the boring and monotonous bits and pieces of everyday routine seemed to give him pleasure.

I sat from a distance closer to the window watching Grandpa. A widower of three years still beaming with the same zest for life which he was legendary known for three generations. Grandma once before proudly said-- ‘Molo takes life by the neck and shakes it like hell!”. Molo was her pet name for Grandpa Romulo. Yeah, Grandpa never lacked for dreams. He was an accomplished pianist, painter, teacher, writer, poet, and traveler. In the same way he had pushed himself to achieve what he had wanted to be, I hear him now pushing everyone to pursue their fond dreams further quoting this from Dale E. Turner --- DREAMS ARE RENEWABLE, NO MATTER WHAT OUR AGE OR CONDITION; THERE ARE STILL UNTAPPED POSSIBILITIES WITHIN US AND NEW BEAUTY WAITING TO BE BORN. “

This was a story I had started many years ago and never finished. The page I wrote it on lay limp and forgotten in my files for a long time-- until yesterday. I was rummaging through folders looking for something when this caught my eye. Dreams are renewable –wonderful, isn’t it?

Where are you now in your life? Fulfilled dreams, failed dreams, half-filled dreams…or you’ve given up on your dreams. Whatever it is, don’t stop now because you can have new dreams to replace the ones you have lost. Or take up where you’ve left off and get on track again. And if you’re one of the lucky ones who have had their dreams come true, nothing can stop you from building new ones again and be off to new adventures once more. I like that idea of searching and peeling off ‘untapped possibilities within us’. The thought is an exciting one that regardless of age and perhaps circumstance a person can build dreams again and again. The possibilities are limitless and its accompanying challenges fascinating.

A famous writer has said that ‘A thing of beauty is a joy forever’. To be creating beauty ourselves by tapping the potential within us must be awesome. And I certainly would like to have that kind of joy forever. How bout you? :-)

posted on Monday, January 09, 2006 3:50 PM


  1. Hey Ellen,

    You were always here, huh?

    Ok, plenty of catching up to do for me.

    Will be dropping by......

  2. Hi Phoenix,

    I know that I have replied to this message (October) in your blog. But I decided to also put down a reply here cos it didn't look right to have a message with no recorded reply to it.

    :-) Take it on your own sweet time. The catching up would be easy as all the blogs are posted up front, all it would take is selecting what you want to read and click on it. ..and presto you're there!

    Will be seeing you around.
    Take care and God bless you.