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My friend asked me a couple of days ago on the phone “So how was the month to you?” He was referring to April, the month gone by. I simply mumbled a convenient reply to that but, funny it did make me think long after the phone chat ended. What really was it like to me? How ‘bout you indulge me with your patience and bear with me awhile while I do a review of the month that past. Let’s go over this together…..

On the first day of the first week, my youngest daughter who now works with a top local modeling agency took me to my first ever fashion show. Great!, my eyes were literally glued on the gorgeous and exquisite designer clothes parading down the ramp in front of me. Yup, not on the emaciated-looking ramp models who did a good job of making me squirm with my height, flab, and rags lolz! That was an experience which rekindled an old and long forgotten dream of designing clothes--- sweet nostalgia.

On the second week, the worn out roof of our house went under the capable hands of two amiable middle-aged carpenters. But it took five days of hammering and drilling which frankly almost shattered my eardrums. Not helping any, the summer heat seemed to intensify my discomfort at that. Gosh!, how I hoped hard then that the work would be finished pronto. It finally did on that momentous Saturday, indeed the relief that came after was beyond words. But one really good thing--- I’ll be welcoming the rains in June with a big BIG smile! That, I guess, makes it worth it all. Lolz! On this same week, too, my second daughter celebrated her __th birthday. She’ll shriek at the thought that I mentioned ‘numbers’ here lolz! Oh she’s still in her twenties. J Just like a song goes … “..Collect the memories while you may. Remember, do you remember the times of your life….”

The following week was traditional as the whole country observed the church traditions of the Holy Week… starting with Palm Sunday and ending on Easter Sunday. In utter contradiction to the week-long observance though, many opted to hie-off to some cool beach resort or some other popular vacation spot here and abroad. It somehow points out to me that ‘change’ does not respect set traditions, norm or beliefs. Yes, times are indeed changing. Around this week, too, I got the thrill of seeing my post featured on o3’s home page along with other featured articles. What pleasure and delight --and such honor! Felt like a kid in kindergarten school earning her first star! :-)

And on the last week --- Goodness!, I was down in a big slump. Would you believe that??! One whole week of yuck! – drained of all the tingling excitement of the early weeks, or so it seemed. Why? How? Oh never mind the ‘reason’ for it – ’twas just ordinary as any John or Jane would have or contend with. Yet ‘twas just there and won’t budge no matter how I tried --- and it does turn a person into one miserable slob. I unquestionably felt miserable.

This I have learned --- never let five blah-blah days shove out the door the other twenty-five days of wonderful beautiful memorable exciting events, experiences, and memories. No, don’t let it! Cause we don’t have to dwell on ‘bad days’, misfortune, ugly people, tough times, and rough moments. These are only a few ‘irritants’ as compared to the awesome and overwhelming good contained in our days. “Don’t let small holes sink your ship.” That’s what Mom would tell me. “Don’t let small irritants of the day faze or daunt you. It can’t hurt you if you won’t let it.” Some people may tell you that it’s hard, but at least give it a try. I don’t think a good reason ever exists not to want to try. Let’s try to learn how to do this then--- let’s shift to appreciating the God-sent highlights and moments of our life – be it seen in an hour, a day, a week, a month, or a year. These are the treasures worth keeping and would truly last us a lifetime. These are the things of value which we can return to over and over again. These memories lift you up when you’re down, make you smile when sad, give you strength when you feel there’s none, show you perspective when you think you’ve lost it, and give you hope when you feel lost. And not the least, looking back at these gentle memories will make you so grateful for your blessings--- you’ll end up thanking the Lord for everything. And that is a very VERY good thing!!!

So in summing up the month that past--- I think it was simply fantastic. I was so blessed having so much to thank God for. You know what-- April was apple pie, pasta, cappuccino all rolled up into one!!! Lolz! Now pray tell me, how was yours?? J

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