Wednesday, October 24, 2007


How easy to think that life is drained dry of joy when feeling down in the dump. I’ve had those days. It never really goes no matter how you will it to. It keeps coming back to you like a bad dream or an irritating glitz on the face. Bad days are here to stay. I guess it’s there to put some balance in our life like telling us that life can’t be all nice and sunny every time. We can’t have it all as a familiar song goes.

So then what‘s to do? Walk around with gloom on our faces? Sulk and mope in our room? Drag people down to join us in our misery? Blame everyone and everything for how you feel or for what’s happening to you? Be angry? Isn’t that just how people behave when confronted with a bad day? I do.

I had a bad day today. Nothing worked today. Nothing I ever did got me the results I wanted or expected. So I was flustered and upset by it all. I got irked and disillusioned on how the day was turning out to be. It could be better but it just wasn’t. This day is hopelessly gone as far as I‘m concerned.

But is it really gone? Although it’s so easy to give up and let the bad day have its way, but must I simply give up and just label everything today as ‘Spoiled’ in big bold letters? Maybe-- just maybe there is a way to tip the scale to my side and perhaps save the day.

At that particular point, there was a knock on my office door and Glenda walked in wearing a huge smile. “It’s Timmy Boy’s first birthday and I’m giving him a party this Saturday. Glad if you could come”, she said. Fascinated by her smile, without a second thought I agreed.

What a remarkable smile, such smile one sees in birthdays, anniversaries, baptisms, debuts, weddings, graduations-- such joyous moments of happiness, fun, and laughter. I remember such occasions very well and how it filled the hearts with warmth and love all around. I remember enjoying the little one blowing out her first birthday candle on the Snoopy-designed cake; the shy smile of a blushing debutante (my daughter) on her first dance; the radiant face of the bride, (my niece); I remember so thrilled on my daughter's graduation day as I watched her walk onstage diploma in her hands-- the wonderful delightful times of my life. I remember them all now.

That’s how my day finally ends--with lovely precious memories. Already gone yet its sparkle undimmed and undiminished with each passing of time. Remembering brings back to life the first joys felt then. Golden memories, golden joys. I felt them now. It saved the day for me. All you need to do is remember—it certainly makes your day. Gosh, thank God for beautiful memories.

posted on Wednesday, October 19, 2005 9:49 PM

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