Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Write because it’s fun, because you enjoy the creative process. –Stephen Coonts

I liked this when I first saw it and have kept coming back to it since. There can’t be anything much more fun and satisfying than writing. Amazing how a blank page could be filled up with snippets of my thoughts. And how it can jump out of the page and carry me off to a different world of wonder and delight. You know what, after finishing a piece, I look at it once more with incredible appreciation of the finished work. Nope, it’s nothing smug about it; neither is it ego or pride. Rather it’s simply an honest enjoyment of doing something you love doing. It’s not even perfect and it stands a lot of improvement, but who cares. I don’t care. I don’t do it to compete with someone . . . or much less present it as a masterpiece to a body of critics. I write --- for me.

There’s magic in the printed word. There’s magic in writing. I relish the idea of my thoughts taking form in print and which I can go back to over and over relieving precious moments or exuberant experiences which otherwise would simply remain stored away in the far recesses of my mind-- oftentimes forgotten in time. Also I thrill at the prospect of creating a story from a single thought. And when I’m in it forming the story, putting it together, creating --- I feel transported into a world of my own creation where everything I touch comes to life. Magic! Magical!

Mr. Coonts was correct in saying – ‘write because it’s fun, because you enjoy the creative process.‘ That’s the only reason and the best reason for writing that I know of.

Time to go; my pad and pen are waiting. Ciao!

posted on Tuesday, October 11, 2005 7:49 AM

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