Wednesday, October 24, 2007


A good friend once suggested that I write about ‘love’. Well, that should be a good subject. Who hasn’t fallen in love—or is in love right now. Let’s see, what should it be:

Love conquered—Love lost—Love betrayed—Foolish love—Love and tears—Love and tradition—Love from a distance—Eternal love—Young love—Love and hurt—Family love—Sibling love—Religious love—Romantic love.

Hmmm... I could rattle off so many more and so could you, too.

Yet my friend did get me to thinking. Like everybody, I’ve read a lot of romantic novels and articles, heard interviews praising love or bonking it, talked about it with close friends and a few strangers in gatherings. In all these, one thing stayed in my mind long after all these stories had gone – that love is both sweet and sour rolled into one. Is that strange? Some might even ask how in the world can it possibly be when love is, as commonly known to be, all about being happy, feeling cute, adored, treasured, pampered with generous affection and goodies, cuddlesome like a teddy bear, and everything else nice. Now how could ‘sour’ be ever part of that?

But don’t tell me that it’s all going to be gooey stuff, sugar and spice and everything nice --- because that isn’t always so. Oh yes! Some days it’s going to prick your red heart or kick your stubborn butt over something which you should have done but didn’t because you felt that he or she should have done it anyway and not you. That and more can turn those feelings sour.

But this is not all about young love. Love is not a respecter of ‘age’, social status, race and color, education and position, or religion. And we behave in love as all have before us and those following after us would still do.

We lose sleep over it, lose appetites— comfort and money, buy expensive gifts, sail the many seas and climb the highest mountains, junk traditions, make changes you normally wouldn't do, make changes in yourself which leave you flabbergasted!, and butter up to her or his parents whom you 'hate' because they espoused views opposite yours and didn’t like your nose —at all.

Still we all love falling in love. Even if we experience pain and hurt… we keep coming back for more. Take this old old song ….

Fools fall in love in a hurry
Fools give their hearts much too soon
Just play them two bars of ‘Stardust’
Just hang up one silly moon.
They’ve got their love torches burning
When they should be playing it cool
I used to laugh--- but now I understand
Shake the hand of a brand new fool.

Yes! Don’t we all?! :-)

posted on Friday, September 16, 2005 2:19 PM

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