Sunday, December 21, 2008


This new post is in the other blog also. But I'm having it here too for my Tapestry friends. It's with a heartfelt greeting for the lovely holidays ahead. :-)
That’s a line I heard from the movie ‘Patch Adams’ which I saw on DVD. I won’t be talking about the movie here although I must say that it was an inspiring and a feel-good viewing experience.

What impact do you have on another? Is it one lovely thing or something opposite it? Because Mom would push this thought on me as I struggled with my angst in high school -- that always there are two things to everything -- Like you can’t enjoy coffee without cream (well, that’s me), or a table without a chair, or drive a car without gas, or have honey without a bee, or live a happy life without some share of sorrow or pain, etc. Life comes in two’s – it may be complementing or otherwise but definitely something is there which tells you that ‘one’ is not really alone, that there’s more to just one.

When you go about your daily business thinking that you’re doing fine by yourself minding your own affairs, think again. Because even by the mere fact of your standing there on the corner waiting for your bus you impact another person who may be merely looking at you or simply passing you by at the least. You may be shaping his thoughts. Because you have your life experiences etched on your face and that is what the other is catching.

Oh some of us may use the milder term ‘impression’ as it looks far appropriate to them. But I would stick to the word ‘impact’ because it best expresses what happens when people collide with each other in this high social traffic called life. People crash, collide, contact with another being going from here to there. Lives intertwine directly or indirectly, visibly or not, or meet at some point or another or leave something behind. This could be very brief, fleeting, or even linger for some amount of time until it is asked to move on by some unknown force.

In that process something happens. Something from you transfers to the other and stays there or vice versa. It forms our thoughts, opens up our eyes, and nudges our hearts.

I was in this party last week, a reunion of old colleagues (a tight group of about 20) from the company I worked with for twenty years. As all reunions are there were plenty of smiles, guffaws, laughter, teasing, nostalgia, and memories for everyone’s picking. And of course – food! While everybody was feasting on a spread of mouth-watering delights I, seated close to the end of the long table, ‘feasted’ my eyes on the people there. My file of memories opened and names instantly popped out. Oh yes, each one had indeed made an impact on my life and had managed to form my thoughts on several things seen and observed in life. I was never the same person with every encounter and experience. Something was shed and something was gained.

Every human being has an impact on another. You can count on that because God did not mean us to live solitary lives. We were meant to collide, crash, touch, link, connect, interact, or impact each other’s lives. Because only with another or each other can we grow into the persons God meant us to be.

With this thought, I would like to say this to everyone here in BLOGSPOT, visible and 'invisible'…

Thank you for coming into my life and helping make it better – making me a better human being to myself and to others. May our magnificent God pour out His blessings a hundredfold upon you and yours this Christmas and through the years ahead.



  1. Ellen!

    I'm so sorry it has taken me some time to get back to you, as a college student my life has been very tied up. I just wanted to share my appreciation and love for your words, it was quite interesting how I stumbled upon your blog. It was a friend's birthday and I was looking for a "feminist type" quote to put into her card, because she just comes off as a true woman to me and stands true to all women with her strength! That's when I came across your blog and your words, "Let me quote these beautiful words of Julia Ward Howe, When I see the elaborate study and ingenuity displayed by women in the pursuit of trifles, I feel no doubt of their capacity for the most herculean undertakings." Sure you didn't say that quote, but your appreciation and desire to present those words created a domino effect, and ever since I have been intrigued and inspired by your blog - though I do not make enough time to read it as much as I would like to - I definitely plan on turning to it :) Have a beautiful holiday!!! Your words only reflect the beautiful person you seem to be in real life!

  2. yah...Have u seen the movie "The walking life" There had been a servy about a CROSSWORD PUZZLE.

    Some group of people in a test enviorment were given privious days crossword which were from popular daily a was solved by thousands of people around the world...
    The test group was able to solve the crosswords to more levels if those were solved earlier...they say that answers were in the air...No one told them the answers but its just brain waves..sort of stuff...may be fiction...but amazing...

    BTW this is a different thing...
    there is a theory...
    "Every thing is alive theory"
    That says...everything in this universe is Alive let it be dust, water, house, computer etc...
    everything has a LIFE INDEX. Molecules oscillate, collide and interact with each other...
    also things have more LIFE INDEX based upon there Complexity index.
    More the complex is there functioning more the live they are..
    Not just human beings impact on other...object also have.
    BTW marry Xmas thanks for dropping in my blog...the comment I had posted to you was really +ve. even I want to write more and fast and creative...So I said that...

  3. Hi Vera,

    Welcome to my world :-) ..just my little corner of this huge wonderful world of ours. There's so much I hope to share with you and others who would be interested. And too I hope to learn from everybody with their rich treasure of experiences, insights, and observations of life-people-nature-world. It's all there waiting for us to gather its fruits for our mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical growth. And as one author has said... 'that it would take dozens of lifetimes to learn them all, so why not learn from one another..' -- or something to that effect lols! :-)

    Thank you for being here and sharing your warmth and friendship. May God continue to bless you with your fond hopes and dreams in life. :-)

  4. Hi Abhishek,

    That was interesting indeed! :-) Oh yes, life resonates in everything around us. And each one impacts the other in many diverse and interesting ways. This is what makes life so intriguing and full of wonder and awe. This is your full source for writing - a vast treasure chest of ideas, topics, and interest. And remember when you write... write on or about the things your heart resonates to.

    So glad you have come with your usual intriguing bits of information and news which I truly welcome. Thank you. God bless you and your family not only through the holidays but all through your lives. :-)