Wednesday, October 24, 2007


You see that? It’s beautiful, isn’t it? Yet how often do we selfishly hold time as our ‘personal property’-- like it’s there to exclusively serve our personal pursuits. And that nobody or nothing is ever allowed to encroach or infringe upon it. We use our brains to think ways on how to spend our time wisely—putting in hours for appointments, meetings, clients, pursuing advance studies, seminars, travel, making calls, even playing golf. I won’t argue that those things are important. But look again – what’s missing there?

Think about this. Has your little girl come to you in your study den asking you to help her with her homework but you brushed her off saying you’re busy? Or when your 4-year-old came to you crying pulling at your skirt, while you were on the phone chatting with your girlfriend, because he lost his marbles? Or when you called your wife to tell her that you’ll be late for dinner because of a deadline on your anniversary night? Or when you replied to your Mom on the phone that you have a plane to catch and can’t talk? Or when your officemate comes to your office cubicle visibly distraught and meant to talk with you but you rushed off to the meeting? Or when a lady dropped her packages on the street but you didn’t stop because you were late for your train? Or when you promised to drop off your sister’s letter at the post but didn’t because you were catching up on lunch with your buddies? There’s more, so much more.

We are actually not time managers, but time hoarders. We hoard time like it was going to run out on us, like there was never going to be enough of it. C’mon, can’t you see that God spread out time in hours, days, weeks, months, years? All our life we got time but we’re using it in the wrong way. Do you notice that the balance tips over to ‘time for self’ – and not time for others? Aren’t we leaving out the most important things in our life – our loved ones and relationships? You know something, time will always be there, but the people you love and treasure won’t. Life is short—theirs and yours.

Give of your time to those you love and who love you. Time, like love, isn't meant to be hoarded but given away for others' good. If you want to create precious moments to keep and look back to in your declining years-- give your time today. Believe me, it's the most precious gift you can give to others and-- yourself. Because whatever you wholeheartedly give away-- comes back to you a blessed hundredfold.

God bless you all. :-)

posted on Wednesday, January 25, 2006 9:05 AM

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