Wednesday, October 24, 2007


So I’ve made 50 posts already since I first started the blog last September 2005! My thanks to Sumit who first called my attention to this. The post on special people (#50 - Each Connected-In a Very Special Way) seems to be now an unintentional but fitting way to celebrate a milestone in the blog-- because, indeed, special and wonderful people are what I found here. When I made that piece, I meant to honor the individuals who stood out as wonderful influences in my life, then and now. Yet it was a partial list so-done due to the restrictions of space and consideration to the readers, lest it ran the risk of boring them. The original list is actually long. But I guess the message there was well-received and understood by many. (See Sumit’s space for an interesting read on that theme.)

This then is a most fitting opportunity to acknowledge those who have come to my blog, read the posts, and took time to express their appreciation with their brief notes. Thank you very much. Certainly not to leave out, Raj, a wonderful friend who introduced me to this site that significant day in September. Thanks pal! Also to the men and women behind o3 --- thank you for helping us create friendship bridges around the world. More power to you!


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