Wednesday, October 24, 2007


We both know life is never easy. You and I have each gone through odd and difficult times in our separate lives. Sometimes you tell me that you feel neither here or there. It’s like having pieces of this and that splattered all over the landscape of your punctured life. Such drama, aye? Yet I do know that no one could better know how it’s like than you.

But if you will just be still for a moment and look inward, you will find --- ‘hope’. Maybe it stands as a tiny ember but then its fire constantly burning – for you. Believe that in everyone this ‘hope’ burns steadily, albeit stubbornly, not so much unlike a soldier who doggedly fights a war which, may not even be his, but does so because he fiercely believes in a far greater good. Hope wants you to believe that there is something greater than us, something to look forward to --- bigger than our small lives. Better and good.

To quote:

“One day we will find our place, for all things fall into place,
For all things have a place, in the greater scheme of things.”

- Fr. Johnny Go, SJ

True, one day these odd and fractured pieces of our lives will all fall into place. Then we will begin to see that all was for naught but meant to complete the bigger scheme of things. You must see it this way because there will be more fractured pieces, more hurt and pain. We were not promised a bed of roses, not a life of ease. We came unto this world bawling our fragile lungs out because some masked monster in white uniform slapped our tender butt. But then, crying that furiously flushed out some sticky stuff from our lungs. So there was some good to that after all. Come to think of it, could it be then that all the pain and hurt we go through has some good in it after all? Perhaps leading us to the greater scheme of things? :-)

I’ll be seeing you soon.

posted on Sunday, September 11, 2005 4:21 PM

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