Sunday, May 31, 2015


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"Success comes in a lot of ways, but it doesn't come with money and it doesn't come with fame. It comes from having a meaning in your life, doing what you love and being passionate about what you do. That's having a life of success. When you have the ability to do what you love, love what you do and have the ability to impact people. That's having a life of success. That's what having a life of meaning is." ---- Tim Tebow
Often we associate success with big bank accounts, huge mansions, flashy and expensive cars, impressive roll of connections, heaps of titles to a name, being on the society pages of the daily papers, the namedropping of famous names-celebrities-personalities, and all the curious trappings of wealth ---- all spell m-o-n-e-y and f-a-m-e. That's been fed into our brains by the media, by our schools, by our friends and peers, even by our parents. Everything that we try to do is measured against that list. If we don't make it on that list, we are immediately labeled 'failed'.
Oh those things are not bad in itself; they also have their uses. What is sad is that some make them the only measure of success. That's being short-sighted. It's not seeing the whole of life and the people in it as a huge landscape and panorama of diversity of brilliance and talent,... and awesomeness.

Life is awesome. Surely there are so many ways we can live that awesomeness and be successful at it. There is and can be no one label or tag for success. Anyone who lends his or her talent or gift to better other lives.........  or anyone who displays with authentic wisdom and clarity the magnificence of our God...........  or any effort, big or small, which gives life its awesome meaning is  ----  success!! That, for the record, tops anything and everything on my list.
God bless you! Be awesome.

(Tim Tebow, whose birthplace is Makati City, Philippines, is an American football quarterback for the New York Jets of the National Football League (NFL). Is known for sharing his Christian faith with fans and in clinics, hospitals, market places, schools, and orphanages.)

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