Sunday, November 4, 2012


WORDS --- They can build you up, take you down, disappoint, make you happy, hurt and sad, wonder, and too scare you. In short, words are powerful. Putting it to the test, I paid attention and listened intently when people talk to me. Indeed, words alone have no life, but derive life from the content of the heart. Goodness rooted in the heart translates itself in words one uses -- these words which fly out on virtual wings of compassion and truth. On the other hand, bad intent makes even the sweetest word ring untrue as it operates under the shadows of venom nestled in the heart. It stings hard and deep.

Be careful the words you use with young children. What you say will determine the attitudes they will be carrying with them unto their adult lives. It will influence their perception of the world and the people in it, shape beliefs of right or wrong, their relationships, work habits, ambitions and dreams, and how they would relate to their God. It will definitely define their personality and character. So be careful the words you use with them - it makes a big difference in their lives. And, will eventually redound to yours, too. 

Be careful what you speak. It can mean the world to another person. It can make or break him. Be careful what you write. It can influence great minds and poor minds alike. Both lives will be affected in some way you will never know as their minds 'wrestle' with the words or the beatings of your heart. 

Someone wrote a nice quote which in essence says - 

'Be wary of what comes out of the mouth as it would always spring from the heart. The content of the heart determines the genuine quality of words spoken.' 


  1. It really helps to stop and think before we speak. Or sometimes to say nothing at all!! Love Di ♥

  2. So true, Diana. Lovely to see you drop by. Wish you a wonderfully blessed day. God bless. Big hugs!

  3. Yes surely, we should speak wisely not bluntly like many of us do in day to day life! Sometimes one mistake costs dearly in future. Thanks! :)

  4. Hi, My journey! Nice to see you. I would like to call you by your real name, Anil, if you don't mind. :-) Thanks for dropping by. It's so appreciated. Blessings!

  5. Yes sure, call me Anil only! Thanks for dropping by in my blog! Cheers take care :)

  6. Thanks you! Have a wonderful day!:-)